HTML pages of Dreams and Visions by Jeanine Sautron



DV 543 – Israel and the earth burned with fire–IT IS THE END OF THE WORLD

DV 542-2  – The nations will fight against the Eternal

DV 540 – The ark of Jesus has been removed from the earth

DV 539 – Rev 6:7-8 green horse rider tells about a deadly virus killing 1/4 of the earth

DV 538 – The saints are sheltered from the plagues

DV 537 – The destiny of this world has been sealed

DV 533-2 – Sarin gas prophecy revealed by Jesus

DV 533 – Sarin gas prophecy revealed by Jesus

DV 532 – Revelation 9:13 death of one-third population by sarin gas and mustard gas

DV 531 – JESUS, the son of God, is at WAR with the NATIONS. NO ONE will ESCAPE

DV 530-3 – WOE to the EARTH! The SHOA will come back! Crematory ovens will be rekindled

DV 530-2 – The ANTICHRIST is in PARIS with his soldiers to KILL JEWS with KNIVES 

DV 530-1 – The HOLOCAUST of the JEWS is IMMINENT! Depart from FRANCE!

DV 529 – The RUIN of JERUSALEM, Israel, by ATOMIC BOMB constructed by SATAN

DV 528-3 – Everything is CORRUPT. The shoa is IMMINENT. The END is NEAR


DV 528-1 – The 6,000 YEARS of SATAN and his DEMONS are OVER  

DV 527 – The CREMATORY OVENS are going to be REKINDLED

DV 526 – SATAN in person is at the door of the WORLD! A great WOE will hit the EARTH

DV 525 – BILLIONS of DEMONS are BLOOD DRINKERS. No one will be SAFE!

DV 524 – SATAN will exterminate ISRAEL with the NUCLEAR at the END of the WORLD

DV 521 – The 144,000 are SEALED with the SEAL of GOD. JESUS COMES!

DV 520-2 – The angel of the 7th CUP is waiting for order from JESUS. After that JESUS on cloud

DV 520-1 – The 6 CUPS of the WRATH of God POURED OUT. The 7th CUP is PENDINGHoliness to the Eternal Creator-Savior

DV 519 – Laodicea SDA church’s CANDLESTICK is EXTINGUISHED

DV 518 – The SKENEEDS (humans under DEMONS’ form) bloodbath (ARMAGEDDON)

DV 516 – PARIS taken hostage by ANTICHRIST and his DEMONS. WOE to the EARTH!  

DV 515-1 – All JEWS are called to return to ISRAEL. Myriads of DEMONS will devastate Europe 

DV 514-2 – Woe to the EARTH! Woe to the EARTH! The ANTICHRIST comes IN PERSON!

DV 514-1 – The coming of the ANTICHRIST is IMMINENT. SANCTIFY yourselves; BE HOLY

DV 513 – The Church of Laodicea rejected by GOD the father is CONDEMNED

DV 512-3 – The 5th ANGEL sounded the trumpet, the LOCUSTS, the SEAL of the living GOD

DV 512-2 – The PIT of the ABYSS, the EARTH warming up, the GLACIERS disappearing

DV 512 – The PIT of the ABYSS is OPEN. The LOCUSTS are coming!

DV 511 – Jesus is calling his people to come out of churches who do not keep the 7th day Sabbath 

DV 510 – WORMWOOD is coming, and the DEATH KNELL of humanity has sounded

DV 509 – The VICTORY of the 144,000 on the sea of glass. ORION, the WAY to HEAVEN

DV 508 – The Church of Philadelphia has received the spirit of prophecy from Jesus

DV 507 – Jesus came out of the Church of Laodicea in 1990. It is now 26 years

DV 506 – Fiery coals shower from the sky over Martinique in Fort-de-France The 7 seals of Revelation broken

DV 505 – The SDAs are with the ANTICHRIST. The STARS will FALL

DV 503 – The 7 seals are broken in heaven. Jesus comes to put an END to sin

DV 502 – Message addressed to the SDA church of Laodicea (prostitute)