Urgent warnings from Jesus through Dreams and Visions by Jeanine Sautron!

Nuclear holocaust!

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—Escape for your life!—

Hear me, O Judah, and inhabitants of Jerusalem, remain steadfast in the Eternal Creator your God, and be steadfast; remain steadfast in his prophets, and prosper. 2 Chronicles 20:20.



Jesus asks the Jews to return to Israel in order to save them from the devastator, who will bring back the shoah in Europe! 

Watch DV515–1 Jesus calls his Jewish brothers and sisters to escape Europe

Read DV515–1 Message addressed to the Jews to leave Europe–Dreams and Visions August 7 2016

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For my Master Yahweh (the eternal creator) will do nothing unless he reveals it by disclosing his wonderful counsels to his worshiping servants the inspired prophets. A lion has roared. Who will not fear? The Master Yahweh has spoken, who will not prophesy? Amos 3:7-8.

On May 7, 2016 the LORD JESUS began to broadcast to the world warning messages of judgment. His people are called to forsake sin, to come out of the fallen churches and to follow him.

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DV543 Hell is coming, ANTICHRIST destroys Jerusalem with a  F-10 nuclear tsunami!

ISRAEL, WITH ITS CAPITAL, JERUSALEM, DESTROYED BY THIS ANTICHRIST, THE EXECUTIONER OF THE JEWS. HELL ON EARTH IS NEAR. THE 144,000 WILL BE SHELTERED. DV 543:1:1. (As it is written in: Revelation 3:10, 19:21, 2 Peter 3:7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, Daniel 9:27, 11:31, 12:11, Isaiah 24:1-23, 46:1-9, Psalm 101:8, 68:2, 37:10, 20, 22, 28, 37-39, Isaiah 34:1-4, Deuteronomy 32:35-44, Zephaniah 1:2-18, 2:3, 2:11, Jeremiah 25:29-38.)

Jesus gravely said to me, “You are going to give this message for the Jews”: “The shoa comes back, followed by a genocide with knives, revealed in the seven seals that have been broken.DV 543:4:18.

All those who have observed and are observing the true Sabbath of the Eternal, sincere and faithful Jews, by name or by faith, will be persecuted. They must flee, depart from this country of Israel to save their lives and that of their families. DV 543:5:17.

Addressing the “remnant,” this little Jewish “remnant,” he said, “When you see the apostasy, the abomination in Israel, FLEE! Depart from this country! Depart!” “This message is for the Jewish brothers and sisters in the world, and for the ‘remnant’ of Philadelphia in the world: Depart from Israel! Go to the country of Roy Lemke in Oregon! The refuge is in this country.DV 543:7:4, 5.

My vision got closer to this pyroclastic surge on the earth. It was a wave of bubbling smoke, a nuclear pyroclastic wave. This nuclear pyroclastic wave was advancing like a tsunami all over the earth. It spared neither the continents, nor the islands of beauty, nor the seas. This wave passed over the seas and went from one continent to another continent, and from one sea to another sea, leaving behind it desolation, hell on the earth. DV 543:9:27.

Listening to the songs of the bride, Jesus said to me, “I am going to fetch my bride NOW. I am leaving heaven. I am preparing myself to remove her from this hell. I am going to fetch my bride. She is ready. She has prepared herself. I am going to bring her near to me. The fight ended.DV 543:12:6.

DV542-2 The Nations Abolish the Sabbath and the 10 Commandments of God.

The ten commandments and the 7th-day Sabbath, abolished by the false messiah, the false prophet, and the religious leader.

The nations will fight against the Eternal. The war will be open against the Eternal, against the commandments of God, and against his saints, for salvation comes from the Jews.

Jesus said to me: “The time of this world is of a few hours. No more time!DV 542-2:1:1-3.

Jesus said to me: “I am God, the God of the universe; I know the end before the beginning. The earth will pass away. Write the prophecy. Publish it to the whole world, in all the languages: The earth will pass away. It is near at hand, imminent!DV 542-2:4:17-18.

DV540 The ark of the son of God was removed from the earth.


Now that the work is terminated by Jesus on YouTube and the Internet by Roy Lemke, this ark no longer has its place or usefulness here upon the earth of the living: The door was closed forever. The world has been judged. The appeals of grace are finished: Jesus left the earth. DV 540:2:11, 12.

DV539 Pain awaits the world. Jesus sent the greenish horse of Revelation 6:8 to earth.


The warning will be revealed to the whole world concerning the prophecy which is on the way to be fulfilled.” “This message is that there is in this world a nuclear and human bomb. It is a kamikaze. He is among the peoples. It is a living bomb, a bomb of flesh with a power similar to the nuclear: Two billion people will die, that is, one-quarter of the earth.DV 539:4:11, 12. “It is a virus from the laboratories who produce viruses as weapons of mass destruction. It is a weapon of war created by humans.” “Now,” said he to me, “This deadly virus, without antidote, is no longer the business of men. It is divine.DV 539:9:8, 9.

No hair will fall from the heads of all those who bear this divine seal. They are protected. Fear nothing.DV 539:7:14.

I looked. Heaven was sad. Heaven was at half-mast. I lost this vision in sadness. DV 539:10:6.

DV538. Saints sheltered from the plagues.

The ruin is imminent! It will be sudden and unexpected. God the father has shut his own inside the heavenly tabernacle. They are sheltered from the plagues. DV 538:1:1.

The Lord knows his own here on this earth, shaken by the six plagues that are falling on the earth. He has sheltered them.Angels are deployed in force,said Jesus to me, “to watch over them and protect them.DV 538:8:19-20.

With Jesus, all is peace and rest, and those who are in Jesus Christ are in him for ever. They will NEVER more come out of his heavenly temple, for the love of Jesus, and his fidelity, have shut them in forever. DV 538:7:23-24.

Too late for the inhabitants of this earth, God has withdrawn his protection from them. The door of heaven is closed forever. DV 538:8:23.

DV537. The Destiny of this world has been sealed by Jesus.

The Destiny of this world has been sealed. No one can be saved any longer. Jesus, the son of God has definitively closed the door of his ark on the earth, leaving the world to the power of satan and his demons. Jesus has left the earth. DV 537:1:1.

Regardless of their denominations, JESUS placed the essential focus on the Sabbath, the true day of rest, on Saturday, the Sabbath: from sunset Friday until sunset Saturday. They were in front of this ark, but they did not enter into it because the day of rest, the Sabbath, disturbed them. The day of rest, the Sabbath, is the message presented by JESUS to the world today. DV 537:5:23-24.

JESUS, full of love, did not reject them; on the contrary, he pitied them. His voice was sweet, but his words were full of pain. He said to them,Who are you? You know me? I do not know from where you come. You know me, but I do not know you.DV 537:9:5-6.

The door of grace is closed to the world. No one can be converted any longer. This door was closed to the antediluvians in the past. Today it is closed to this world, whose destiny has been sealed. It is the END. No one can be saved. The world has been judged. DV 537:10:20-23.

DV533-2. Sarin Gas: Terrible prophecy revealed by Jesus in the sixth trumpet!

Sarin gas: prophecy revealed by JESUS, the son of God, in the sixth trumpet. It is a terrible prophecy! No one will escape! DV 533-2:0:1. Jesus revealed: In the opening of the seven seals, the sixth trumpet resounded in heaven, announcing the mass destruction of one-third of the inhabitants of the earth: No one will escape! It will be sudden and unexpected by the inhabitants of the earth. They are ready! They are ready! All is ready for this mass destruction unknown to the inhabitants of the earth. DV 533-2:1:7-8.

DV533. Sarin Gas in the Sixth Trumpet of Jesus

Sarin gas: prophecy revealed by JESUS, the son of God in the sixth trumpet. No one will escape! DV 533:0:1. Jesus revealed: In the opening of the seven (7) seals, the sixth trumpet resounded in heaven, announcing the mass destruction of one-third of the inhabitants of the earth: No one will escape! It will be sudden and unexpected by the inhabitants of the earth. They are ready! They are ready! All is ready for this mass destruction unknown to the inhabitants of the earth. DV 533:1:7-8.

DV532. SARIN gas – MUSTARD gas: Prophecy revealed by Jesus

Sarin gas – mustard gas prophecy revealed by JESUS, the son of God in the sixth trumpet of Revelation. No one will escape! DV 532:0:1. “The SARIN and MUSTARD gases will be as powerful as the nuclear. They are ready: No one will escape!” “These weapons are ready. Two (2) billion inhabitants will die by these weapons (of cancers of all sorts, of all kinds of allergies).” “The pestilence of human corpses will go up to the sky!” DV 532:1:7-9.

DV531.    Jesus, the son of God is at war with the nations. No one will escape!

JESUS, the son of God, is at war with the nations. No one will escape! It is the end of the hour. The time of the nations is finished. JESUS has come to fight the nations with a double-edged sword coming out of his mouth. JESUS advances as a warrior to defeat the nations: Their time is terminated. It is the END! DV 531:1:1,7.  

DV530-3.  Woe to the earth!  Woe to the earth!

The protection of God is for those who have been sealed with the seal of God on their foreheads. The protection will be for his Jewish brothers and sisters, sealed with the seal of God; while the radical Jews who are not sealed are going to be burned ALIVE. I say again, “ALIVE.” They will have no protection.

Escape for your life! Do not look behind you!” I feared to see the wormwood coming. This is the end, announced by JESUS. The END of the world is near. JESUS COMES! Be ready!Keep your crown,said JESUS. There is no more time. JESUS comes!

DV530-2.  The shoa holocaust by the antichrist is coming to Paris.

The antichrist is in Paris. The shoa is coming back, the holocaust of the Jews. Revealed by JESUS. Daniel 12:11, 12. Many Jews are going to perish.

I will not allow those who have received the seal of the living God on their foreheads and who are to be a part of the 144,000 to be put to death.” “I will not allow one single hair to fall from their heads.” “I will not allow the gold to be consumed by the fire.

DV530-1.  The shoa revealed by Jesus–The holocaust of the Jews is approaching.

The shoa revealed by JESUS. The holocaust of the Jews is approaching. It is imminent. Hitler, born of a woman, is coming back. He is an antichrist. 

The shoa, ARMAGEDDON, the pixel, the RFID, the nuclear: It is the END of the world! It is the END of the world!” cried JESUS, “It is imminent! It is imminent!

 DV528-3.  A new JEWISH HOLOCAUST / (SHOA) with crematory ovens FOR JEWS is IMMINENT!

‘Thus spoke the Eternal, “the shoa, the holocaust of the Jews, will come back into all the European countries and into all the countries on the earth. The immigrants will not escape, nor the seventh-day adventists. They are without shelter. This people have rejected JESUS, the son of God, and have sinned against his holy spirit. This people were rejected because of their lukewarmness.”’”

JESUS said to me, “There is no more time for the Jews, the immigrants, and the ‘remnants’.” “It will be at your own risk and peril. Depart! Do not look behind you. Escape for your life!

 DV528-2. The worm is in the fruit. The torturer of the Jews is in France. He is an anti-christ.

‘Thus spoke the Eternal: There is no more time. The end is near. It is imminent! The shoa, the holocaust of the Jews and immigrants, of the sects and blacks, is approaching.’ ‘Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Woe to the earth!’

The son of God is calling the Jews and the immigrants to leave Europe, and depart for Jerusalem, Israel, and then make the ascent toward Oregon, the country of Roy Lemke: Oregon, toward the “remnant,” who keep the SABBATH and the faith of JESUS.I am offering you a shelter in this country,” said Jesus: “Depart!”

 DV528. The 6000 years are terminated

 JESUS declares: “The 6,000 years that God gave to satan to have dominion over the earth with his demons, this time is finished.” “…satan, the devil, knows that his time is counted. He will destroy the earth with its seven (7) billion inhabitants, for the time has come when he will no longer dominate the world.”  “The peace and the Sabbath will come back into the universe.” 

 DV527. The crematory ovens are going to be rekindled

“I noticed that the crematory ovens were rekindled for those who would not submit to the beast and his mark I was inspired that this group of persons were the brothers and sisters of Jesus. Sealed with the seal of God, death had no power over them.

 DV526.   Satan in person and the nuclear

JESUS ANNOUNCES THE END OF THE WORLD. It is imminent!The antichrist will destroy the earth through the nuclear.” “The 144,000 are ready to traverse this time of trouble. They will be the survivors,” said the Eternal. God has shut them in. They are sheltered.Nothing will affect them, nothing,” said JESUS to me.

 DV525.    The demons are blood drinkers

 “Men, women, children, old men, will be butchered in order to nourish themselves with their blood.” “The inhabitants of the whole world will tremble! These demons are demoniac angels.

 DV521.   The 144,000 Revealed by Jesus sealed with seal of God–Jesus comes

They are the true worshipers of the seventh-day SABBATH.” “They have received THE SEAL OF GOD upon their forehead. They have been justified by obedience to the Sabbath.” The Lord said to me, “I have shut them in. The indelible mark of God is on them. Their destination is inscribed: GOD, New Jerusalem.DV 521:4:16-18.

 DV520-2. The angel of the 7th cup of the wrath of God sent to the earth 

The earth with all the continents will be destroyed by powerful tsunamis. All the islands, big and small, will disappear from the surface of the earth. The big islands with their towers will fall with terrible crashes..” DV 520–2:2:7.

 DV520-1.   Six cups of the wrath of God poured out upon the earth

Thou art worthy, Lord, our God, to exercise this judgment. It is the world of Sodom and Gomorrah.DV 520–1:2:7.

THE MEDIATION OF JESUS IS TERMINATED IN THE MOST HOLY PLACE. IT IS LATE!  “I am no longer a sacrificer (priest) for the sinners of the world. This work is terminated.“I continue to plead by my blood for those who have been sealed with the seal of God.” “He who is righteous, let him be righteous still. He who is holy, let him sanctify himself still. And he who is filthy, let him defile himself still.” “I COME. Keep thy crown.

 DV519.   Laodicea seventh-day-adventist Church — Her lamp is extinguished

The doctrines, all the lights revealed to this Laodicea, are mixed with pagan doctrines and mixed with the strange fires of these pagan churches.” “Laodicea is an adulterous and harlot spouse. She has been repudiated by my heavenly father. She is with the antichrist and with the ecumenical churches. She bears his mark 666: synagogue of satan.DV 519:5:7-8.

 DV518.   DV518 — The Skeneeds 

The Skeneeds work with Anti-christ to begin Armageddon.
The Jews are called on to FLEE EUROPE AND GO TO JERUSALEM, ISRAEL IMMEDIATELY! There is no safety for Christians or Jews in Europe. The Skeneeds ARE COMING WITH KNIVES! Jesus says LEAVE EUROPE, THERE IS NO SAFETY FOR YOU IN EUROPE!

 DV515-1.  Jesus calls his Jewish brothers and sister to escape Europe. 

JESUS, the son of God, by love for the Jews, in order to save the maximum Jewish families and their children, says to the Jews who reside in Europe and in other parts of the world:Come into your home land Israel, Jerusalem. It is late!Do not look behind you! Escape! Depart before the coming of the devastator with his myriads of angels who are demons.Leave Europe! Here you have no shelter, no protection.Depart! Escape for your life!” “Save your family! Return to your home country.

 DV514-2.  Woe to the Earth! The antichrist is coming to war against Jesus and Jesus’ saints! 

 Woe to the earth! It is a war with the myriads and myriads of demons in person. The antichrist, the satan, called the devil, in person, with his demons is at the door! He is thirsty for blood, the blood of the Jews. The demons do not die, they are killing machines. “It will be a war against me (JESUS) and my saints who keep the seventh (7th) day Sabbath of the Eternal on Saturday.Redeem the time! “When this antichrist comes, he will hit with his fist. He will talk with his fist, you will recognize him. It is the satan himself, the devil, in person.” “The whole world will tremble! And it will be the END of the WORLD!

 DV514-1.  Jesus announces the coming of the antichrist is imminent.   

The antichrist is near, imminent! The end is near! Press together! Redeem the time!Sanctify my Sabbaths.” “Renounce yourselves, the idols. Touch nothing impure, and I will welcome you.” “Reform yourselves, renounce meat and sexuality.” “Be holy as I am holy.The devastator of the Jewish people is in Europe. He is near. This devastator is the new Hitler and is even more terrible than the old Hitler. “This Hitler with the beast with lamb-like horns and the antichrist (the devil in person) will reign for 3½ years, and even more. This abomination will be set up in Europe. ARMAGEDDON, the genocide with knives of the Jews, the immigrants and the seventh-day adventists upon the earth. They will be without shelter, like rats to be eliminated.

 DV513.   The church of Laodicea rejected by God the father. She is condemned.

The seventh-day adventists are going to perdition. This Laodicea has no shelter. The candlestick was removed from Laodicea and placed in the Dreams and Visions Center in Oregon whose director is Roy Lemke, leaving the seventh-day adventist church in the deepest darkness. The judgment of the living and the loud cry of the 3rd angel started with “Laodicea.” It was the last ultimatum of grace for this people. For 7 years, JESUS, the prince of life came among his people, the seventh-day adventists, and he found a rebellious, lukewarm people without faith, who did not want to know anything about him. JESUS, with cries of pain, his body shivering, implored again and again with his father in favor of the seventh-day adventists:Father, my blood! My blood! My blood! I want this people to come out of their lukewarmness and get to repent, and return to the Eternal Creator, if such is your will, and not mine to grant them still a time to come back to God, to their first love, love for God and the neighbor. The verdict of his father was “Condemned people: Death penalty. Repudiated.” JESUS loved her like his spouse. He could no longer do anything to bring them back to God. The sentence of his father was irrevocable. They are a CONDEMNED people, REJECTED by their God.  

DV512-3.  The locusts – intelligent divine creatures with a terrible strength of destruction.

 The locusts of Revelation 9:1-3 came out of the abyss. They have a man’s face, curly hair like women, the mouth of a lion with fangs like lion’s teeth. They have the tail of a scorpion. They are everywhere upon the earth. As they move their tails, the earth shakes, water, streams and torrents come out of the earth. They are here to torment the men through heavy rains, flooding, tsunamis, earthquakes, storms and fires. They will leave no respite for the wicked.

DV512-2.  The pit of the ABYSS: the earth warming up, the glaciers disappearing.

The process of the end of all living things upon the earth has commenced. The water is polluted by all kinds of viruses, germs and poisons, coming from the smoke of the abyss.  The air is polluted by the chemtrails of the smoke. It is mysterious, silent, odorless. It is through the viruses that the world will be in a distress that no one will be able to alleviate. “It is the end of the world! The count down has begun. Everywhere we will see the consequences of the fifth trumpet.” Bees will disappear. Their honey will be poison. Venomous flies will kill pets. 

DV512-1.  “The pit of the ABYSS IS OPEN.”

The pit of the abyss of the fifth trumpet of Revelation 9:1-2 is open. Everything is perturbed on the earth: the climate warming, ice melting, floods, greenhouse effect. It is the open pit that puts everything on the earth out of order. This prophecy concerns the whole earth: Famine, lack of wheat, corn and water. The famine is near. It is the wrath of God! It is not the CO². It is the prophecy of the 5th Trumpet, it is the process of the end of the earth that has started. No one will escape! The Church of Philadelphia has the key of the pit of the abyss. It is a divine key.

 DV511.  Jesus has his fan in his hand. He is calling his faithful to come out of the churches.

It is the last message that the PRINCE of life came to address to you! Go over to the side of the Eternal! Come out of all the churches that do not keep the SABBATH in order to form a holy people, the Israel of God upon the earth. You will have to learn in a few months: the Sabbath and holiness (the reform) before the great and dreadful day of JESUS’ wrath. Now is the time of grace for you! Come! Come out of the abominations!

DV510.  Jesus said to me, “The death knell of humanity has sounded.”

 This happened when the 6th angel sounded the trumpet. The angels wept. The (pale) green horse of Revelation 6:8 was brought before Jesus, and, with its rider, it departed for the earth. The great star of Revelation 8:10-11, named WORMWOOD will fall on Paris. All the European countries as well will be destroyed by the WORMWOOD. Most hit will be Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland. Europe will be destroyed, annihilated, charred, like Hiroshima! JESUS will avenge the blood of his Jewish brothers and sisters who were the martyrs of Hitler. JESUS tells Jeanine Sautron to depart for Oregon to be with the brothers and sisters of the Church of Philadelphia, the “Remnant,” and brother Roy Lemke, the responsible person for the work.

 DV509.  The 144,000 on the sea of glass. Their victory.

Jeanine Sautron sees the sea of glass mingled with fire, moving about gently, forming waves upon which was passing the breath of God. The 144,000 come upon this sea, little by little, waving palms, singing a beautiful song. Their clothes were dazzling white, like Jesus’ garment, without spot, pure. They had gone through the great fight of faith and had won the victory! In another vision Jeanine is taken to heaven to meet Jesus for the Sabbath in the house of God. It was grandiose! All the choirs were in adoration before Jesus.I bowed. What respect! Seeing Jesus loved, adored, and to praise him who gave his life for humanity!

DV508. The Church of Philadelphia has received the spirit of prophecy from Jesus.

The Dreams and Visions will complete the spirit of prophecy of Ellen White, then will the end come. Jesus anoints Jeanine Sautron with the spirit of prophecy. Jesus will instruct her in Dreams and Visions for Laodicea and for the nations about the great day of the Eternal which is drawing near.My grace us sufficient for thee!” “Without my grace you can do nothing.” Jesus says that Roy Lemke is to be together with Jeanine Sautron in this publishing work. Then will the end come.

DV507. Jesus came out of the Church of Laodicea in 1990.

It is now 26 years. Jesus came out of all the seventh-day adventist churches. These churches are dead in spiritual sleep, without God and without faith. The saints, Jesus faithful ones are called to follow him by faith and to come out! “Come out! Separate yourselves! Put yourselves apart! These churches have been vomited by Jesus. Jesus himself has named his faithful ones: Church of Philadelphia, the “Remnant” of the Eternal, Modern Israel of God upon the earth.

 DV506. Fiery coals shower from the sky over Martinique in Fort-de-France.

 The Island of Reunion will also fall under the WRATH of God. The Island of Martinique will be no more. Everywhere the meteorites were sowing desolation. Everything was burnt. This wrath is directed most against the seventh-day adventists. Jesus will put an end to adultery, fornication, fraud, love of money and love of the world. Jesus asks Brother Roy Lemke to review the message of 1888 of Ellen White, followed by an urgent reform.

 DV505. Antichrist seventh-day adventists war against the Remnant of the Eternal

The 7th-day adventist people are already with the antichrist. This people, and the dragon will go and make WAR AGAINST THE REMNANT of the ETERNAL.No one will escape in the plagues! While still standing on their feet, their eyes will melt in their sockets, and their tongue will fall into rottenness in their mouth. No one will escape!Satan is already vanquished!

DV503. The 7 seals are broken in heaven. JESUS COMES!

The earth has become Sodom and Gomorrah. I am going to open the seven (7) seals of my wrath so that all the inhabitants of heaven and of earth take knowledge of this act of wrath which is approaching.” “THE WRATH IS NEAR. No one will escape!JESUS comes to put an END to sin! Glory! Glory! Glory to JESUS!

The seven seals of Revelation broken

For my Master Yahweh (the eternal creator) will do nothing unless he reveals it by disclosing his wonderful counsels to his worshiping servants the inspired prophets. A lion has roared. Who will not fear? The Master Yahweh has spoken, who will not prophesy? Amos 3:7-8.

On May 7, 2016 the LORD JESUS began to broadcast to the world warning messages of judgment. His people are called to forsake sin, to come out of the fallen churches and to follow him.


DV502. Message addressed to the seventh-day adventist church of Laodicea 

A message of WRATH to a rebellious people, the most corrupt people among all the denominations upon the earth, abominable criminals in the eyes of God and of his angels, trampling his laws under their feet. Jesus found at their homes all the abominations of the surrounding nations. God’s judgment is at hand! No one will escape!