Chapter 503

Dreams and Visions

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Dreams and Visions 503, Vision No. 1

   (1)  Holiness to the Eternal Creator

Dreams and Visions


Jeanine Sautron

Church of Philadelphia,


   (2) This message is intended for the whole world, revealed by Jesus, the son of God:

The 7 seals are



   (3)     THE 7 SEALS ARE



   (4) Now this

return is



   (5)  The opening of the 7 seals

in heaven:

The 7 seals are broken.

   (6) I was standing near the great white throne, where Jesus was seated; and around him were the twenty-four (24) elders.

   (7) Near the throne of the lamb, I was called in this vision to be present at the opening of the seven (7)

   (8) I saw that an angel came with a scroll sealed with the seven (7) seals, the color of blood.

   (9) The angel handed the scroll to Jesus, and there was a solemn silence in heaven. I was standing in the presence of myriads of angels to witness this moment, which was


The opening of the 7 seals.

   (10) Jesus arose from his throne and, addressing the assembly of angels and the twenty-four (24) elders, he said this:

“It is now the solemn moment.

I am going to open the seven (7) seals of the Revelation
of John

   (11) As he was getting up, he raised his pierced hands, and presented them to his father, and said before the assembly of angels and the twenty-four (24) elders:

   (12) I have given my life, my blood, to save the men of the earth. The moment has come to put an

END to sin

and to the tyranny of satan, the devil

and his demons.”

   (13) The earth has become Sodom and Gomorrah. I am going to open the seven (7)
seals of my wrath so that all the inhabitants of heaven and of earth take knowledge of this

   act of wrath

which is approaching.


Dreams and Visions 503, Vision No. 2

   (1) Jesus, calm, sat again upon his throne. I saw him taking the scroll

sealed with 7 seals of red wax,

and, with his right thumb, made them pop off one by one.

   (2) He unrolled it, casting upon it a scrutinizing glance of wrath, of judgment as he was reading rapidly its content.

   (3) Then he handed this scroll to the angel in service, and asked him to read it aloud so that all the heavenly angels, the twenty-four (24) elders and Jeanine may take knowledge of the seven (7) seals.

   (4) I saw the scroll was unrolling as he was reading, when this angel gravely stopped and said to Jesus:

They are ready. They are ready.”

   (5) In this reading, little did I understand that the antichrist, the satan with his demons are ready to enter into war with the Most High, war with knives against his saints, and that he will establish his throne upon the earth.

   (6) The antichrist

is READY to appear

in person

upon the surface of the earth:


   (7) After the reading of the seven (7) seals, the scroll was rolled and handed back to Jesus. He arose from his throne and declared to the assembly of angels and to the twenty-four (24) elders:

   (8) My wrath is near!

               It is IMMINENT!

   (9) Everything in this scroll was read. The angels know now that



It is going to undergo the wrath of God.

   (10) Jesus said:

END of the

great controversy.”

   (11) This end of the controversy written by Ellen White, inspired by “the spirit of prophecy,” this controversy
comes to an end.


Dreams and Visions 503, Vision No. 3

   (1)   JESUS announces

his return upon

the clouds of heaven!

   (2) He comes to fetch his church which prepared herself, those who have received


upon their forehead.

   (3) His return is now revealed in:

Dreams and Visions


Jeanine Sautron

to his church and to

the inhabitants of the earth.

   (4) In this declaration of his wrath, the son of God presents his pierced hands and said:

Father, my blood!

My blood!

My blood!

   There is no more grace for the sinner and sin. His time of grace is finished for the whole earth.”

The wrath is near.

   (5) No one will escape,

          said the Lord;

             No one will escape!

   (6) It will be like the pains of a pregnant woman.

   (7) By this declaration, Jesus announces his RETURN, which is


   (8) The TIME

          left for this earth is just

a few months.

   (9) IMMINENT!

   (10) Jesus asks his angels to prepare to go and meet and fetch his bride upon the earth, those who have loved God and their neighbor.


Dreams and Visions 503, Vision No. 4

   (1) He (Jesus) said:

   There is no more Laodicea.

I have repudiated her.”

   (2) My church is: Philadelphia.”

   (3) Then the angels shouted for joy! It was an explosion of cries of joy, alleluias, hymns and praises!

Glory! Glory! Glory to JESUS!

   (4) And I even heard them singing a hymn of the “Remnant” Church.

   (5) What joy, what happiness! The angels were rejoicing with Jesus and the “remnant”, that soon there will be no more sin, evil, pain and death.

   (6) The sound of the harps was spreading throughout heaven. All heaven was astir!

   (7) I held fast in this vision.

   (8) Jesus looked at me and said to me:

My grace is sufficient for thee.”

   (9) I saw the scroll with the 7 hallmarks of red wax broken; and the angels were looking at it from a distance;
as out of fear, no angel dared touching it.

   (10) And I saw the angel in service taking charge of it. And I lost the vision.

   (11) The 7 seals

are broken.2

   JESUS comes to

put an END to sin!3


Jeanine Sautron