Chapter 505

Dreams and Visions

Friday, May 20, 2016

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!

Dreams and Visions 505, Vision No. 1


   (1)           MESSAGE

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   (2) As the Sabbath was about to end, and that the sun was withdrawing to leave the place to the night, Jesus
instructed me on the final scenes of the “remnant” of Philadelphia.

   (3) He said to me that the scenes of the seven (7) seals are going to unfold one after the other:


   (4) The angel in service, to whom the Lord handed the scroll of seven (7) broken seals, read it.

   (5) While reading one broken seal, I realized that he was relating a terrible scene for the “remnant” of the Eternal.

   (6) He stopped and, the face distraught, he said to Jesus:

They are ready,

they are ready!

   (7) Distraught, Jesus said to him to continue the reading.

   (8) As I was about to write, the son of God removed the reading from my mind. But I remembered what Jesus said to me before separating from each other:

He opened his heart to me.

   (9)It is not those who keep Sunday and who have the pixels in their flesh; it is not of them that John is talking about here.”

   (10) Jesus said to me, “We are to walk according to our beliefs, but the danger is, the

7th-day adventist people.

They are already with the ANTICHRIST. They are doing the work of the antichrist.”

   (11)You will be hated because of me by this people, and the dragon will go and make



It is you and your brothers and sisters of the Church of Philadelphia, the ‘Remnants’.”


   Dreams and Visions 505, Vision No. 2

   (1) And the dragon was wroth with the woman, my bride, the ‘remnant,’ and he will go and make war with the ‘remnants’ of my posterity.”

   (2) Here Jesus gave me the explanation and said that the danger is more with the seventh-day adventists than the Catholics, Protestants, Evangelics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc., people.

   (3) The danger is within this seventh-day adventist church more than the people of the world who do not have the Sabbath of the Eternal.

   (4) Jesus declares: “These denominations will witness that the seventh-day adventists have made war with their own God, Jehovah.”

   (5) The stars

will fall,

said the Lord.

   (6)Who are these stars?” Said he, “they are the directors of the seventh-day adventist Ellen White Estate; and with them the pastors, followed by the members of these seventh-day adventist churches.”1

   (7)They will pursue you, and they will take you before the tribunals (courts), and they will hate you because of me and my name and my father who is in the heavens.”

   (8) This people are with the antichrist.
Such is the revelation from Jesus.

   (9) This people will take Jesus for satan, and satan for Jesus.

   (10) They are waiting for the return of christ, the messiah. They will be duped (deceived) by the impostor, the satan himself. This impostor will stir up the seventh-day adventist people against the “remnant” of the Eternal.

   (11) Then will start the persecution against the “remnant” of the Eternal, his posterity upon the earth, by the seventh-day adventists.

   (12) SATAN with a KNIFE in his hand, will be at the head of this seventh-day adventist people. This people with him will make this little “remnant” pass through attack by knife.

   (13) Jesus said to me,

Have no fear.

Not a single hair

will fall from your heads!

   (14) The seventh-day adventists are with the antichrist against the Dreams and the Visions of Jeanine Sautron. This persecution will unfold before

the whole UNIVERSE.”

   (15) Satan with a knife, with these directors, will league against this little “remnant” to suppress them from off the surface of the earth.

   (16) Satan, the antichrist, will be at the head of the adventist directors and pastors.

   (17) Then Jesus made this declaration to me:

      No one will escape

in the plagues!

While still standing on their feet, their eyes will melt in their sockets, and their tongue will fall into rottenness in their mouth.

No one will escape!


Dreams and Visions 505, Vision No. 3

   (1) In a vision, satan the antichrist, with a butcher knife, was advancing toward me to kill me.

   (2) I saw the stars falling from the sky. I was under the plagues of the seven (7) seals. It was slaughter upon the earth. In the forests, the fields, there were smoke and gases. The earth was a furnace. The absinth burned the earth.

   (3) Satan, being afraid to die, saw me and flung himself at me with his butcher knife.

   (4) I was trembling, I no longer felt my legs; they were like wisps of straw. As I was about to fall down on the ground, my protector angel stood beside me, an extremely strong angel, and I was looking, and through his sweet and tender voice, I recognized Jesus who was standing in front of satan.

   (5) He (satan) left me, threatening me with his butcher knife and saying to me, “I am not done with you; I am not done with the ‘remnants’;



Look at this knife; I am going to annihilate the ‘Remnant’
of the Eternal.”

   (6) He said to Jesus, “It will be a fight between you and I in the person of your saints, the ‘remnants’.”

   (7) As he was going away, I said at this moment, impelled by the spirit of God:

You are already


   (8) He said to Jesus, “I will not abandon the fight. The antichrist is in the world with the seventh-day adventist people. They have rejected the blood of Jesus, trampled his love; they are guilty of the blood of the Lord, guilty of the ‘remnants’ and of the Jews. I will come back for the holocaust.”

Jeanine Sautron