Chapter 506

Dreams and Visions

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!

Dreams and Visions



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who keep the COMMANDMENTS

of GOD, including the 7th day SABBATH, AND the FAITH of JESUS.


it is the spirit of prophecy.

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!

Dreams and Visions 506, Vision No. 1


   (1)        Fiery coals

shower from the sky

over Martinique

in Fort-de-France

   (2) I departed into vision. I am in Fort-de-France. There are brothers and sisters in the “remnant” faith that are in the capital.

   (3) I was instructed when I saw them that some of them have ceased to watch, and have gone back to their vomit in the seventh-day adventist church. There were very few left in this little group.

   (4) Unmindful of the warnings of the Lord, their lives were without faith, without love for God and the neighbor, and without preparation.

   (5) In the vision, it was morning. It was very calm,
when I was attracted by the sound of a trumpet coming from heaven.

   (6) I looked up toward the sky, and I saw a threatening sky, as though a thunderstorm was being prepared.

   (7) I had this vision that the sky, like a mass, was coming down upon the earth. I shuddered. And I heard this voice, saying:

      My grace is

        sufficient for thee!

   (8) I looked again, attracted by what was going on, and that I did not understand, but it made me afraid of being outside and not sheltered.

   (9) I realized that I was going up in the vision. I found myself in an

OVEN heated to over 300o C. (572 F.).

   (10) My spirit came back to the earth, and the air was very hot. Oxygen was lacking, I was suffocating; I cried out: “Air, air! I do not breathe any more!”

   (11) A voice sounded around me:

      My grace is

        sufficient for thee!

   (12) Suddenly, the air became light. I no longer felt the oven over my head. I was ready to traverse this plague. The sun looked sad.

   (13) When I saw this little group of this “Remnant”, I realized that there had been a terrible shaking, causing almost


to return to the seventh-day adventist church. There remained two (2) persons who held fast.

   (14) The others apostatized by going and seeking a religion at the SDA, an easier road in this church:




          –Love of money and

               of the world.


Dreams and Visions 506, Vision No. 2

   (1) In a vision to be transmitted to Brother Roy Lemke, Jesus asked him to review the message of 1888 of Ellen White, followed by an


   (2) I saw, this “remnant” were sure that they were in order with God.

   (3) I lost sight of this group, and I noticed that the air was becoming hotter and hotter, to the point of losing your life.

   (4) At this very moment, a shower of burning pebbles started falling from the sky.

   (5) In this vision, I saw stones falling as a rain mixed with fire, and burning up everything on their way.

   (6) As these stones were falling from the sky, the stones on earth caught fire, the asphalt on the roads liquified; everything was paralyzed.

   (7) There were fires everywhere; flames were getting to the cities and villages. Everything was on fire. I have seen a horror of apocalypse. Everything was paralyzed, destroyed. The fire burned the pebbles; on the roads, the tar was being liquified.

   (8) I have been inspired that the birds and the animals have fled from the wrath of God:


   (9) No one was able to do anything for anyone. There was weeping; there were tears, crying and gnashing of teeth. It was an oven that had come down over Fort-de-France, Martinique.

   (10) Jesus said to me concerning the seventh-day adventists: If the righteous barely escape, those of Laodicea will not escape!1

   (11) Everywhere these meteorites were sowing desolation. I saw these stones piling up everywhere, everywhere heaps of stones were on fire.

   (12) It was inspired to me, it is


                     A WRATH

which was spreading over the seventh-day adventists, and over the ones without God as well.

   (13) But the more concerned were the SDA. This wrath was directed against the


It is on them that GOD, AN


 had sent his wrath.

   (14) I was hot. My skin was burning. I feared in this vision of losing my life. God spared me.

   (15) In a few places, one could see a landscape as under the effect of a nuclear bomb. Everything was charred (burned to ashes).

   (16) Everywhere there was the smell of gases, smoke from these heaps of stones that came down from the sky, with radioactivity radiating out of them into the air.

   (17) A voice came and sustained me, saying:

      My grace is

        sufficient for thee!

   (18) The iron twisted under the effect of the heat exceeding that of an oven at 300o C. (572 F.).

   (19) I heard in the distance: “It is the end of the world! We no longer have an island. This is the END! Who would have believed that it would come at this time? The Island of Martinique is no more.”


Dreams and Visions 506, Vision No. 3

   (1) Each time I heard this voice,

      My grace is

        sufficient for thee,

I no longer felt the effect of the heat upon my person.

   (2) I departed into vision; and I saw that Martinique was not the only one to undergo this wrath.

   The Island of REUNION also

        WILL FALL under

               THE WRATH OF GOD.

   (3) I saw and perceived some people, the seventh-day adventists, who were saying: “Why did the pastors prevent us from believing Dreams and Visions of Jeanine Sautron?”

   (4) There was crying, weeping. Accusations were directed to the pastors, the SDA conductors. They (the members) realized that these people had barred from them the way to these Dreams and Visions messages.

   (5) They shouted in their despair: “You had said to us that it is a false prophet. PEACE, PEACE, the END is not coming now.” See Jeremiah 8:11.2

   (6) We are not saved.”

     The summer is ended,

     the harvest is finished,

     and we are not saved.”

Jeremiah 8:20.

   (7) They realized, in their helplessness, that they have offended the prince of life, Jesus, the son of God:


      This SDA people have

               NO SHELTER.”

   (8) These are the words of Jesus.

   (9) They cried out: “There it is, what has been predicted is being fulfilled under our eyes, and we are not saved. We are


   (10) You have been invited by Jesus in Dreams and Visions of Jeanine SAUTRON to save your lives, however you have made the mistake of putting that off
for later, that is to say, too late for

your own salvation.

   (11) Before the wrath to come, Jesus said to me that

   it is imminent!

     None of you SDA will escape,

   because you have been judged



Dreams and Visions 506, Vision No. 4


   (2) These are not my words. These words are the testimony of Jesus, the PRINCE of life, that you


   (3) You had thought that there would be solely Mrs. WHITE, Ellen. Who are you to decide upon the destiny of his people?

(4) He said:

You have rejected

     the spirit of prophecy

          of Ellen White and

             the Dreams and Visions of

               JEANINE SAUTRON.”

   (5) What else can the Lord do for these seventh-day adventist churches?

(6) JESUS,



You have no shelter:


   (7) Jesus revealed to me that there are only two (2)
persons in EUROPE who have believed and have been sealed with the seal of GOD. The Lord is offering them a shelter in OREGON.

   (8) These two persons are part of the “REMNANT”
that came out of apostate Laodicea.


Jeanine Sautron