Chapter 508

Dreams and Visions

Sabbath, June 11, 2016

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!




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 theREMNANT,” who keep the COMMANDMENTS of GOD, including the 7th day SABBATH,

and the FAITH of JESUS.



Holiness to the Eternal Creator!

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 508, Vision No. 1






   (2) Jesus said to me:


     will complete


               OF ELLEN WHITE.”

   (3) Then will the END come.

   (4) I am transmitting this vision of this GIFT.

   (5) Jesus, the prince of life, asks me to inform the whole world, of this GIFT that I have received from him.


   (6) In this vision, an angel presented himself before me and said to me: “Fear not. I am your messenger in the Dreams and Visions. I am taking you to heaven to meet


the SON of God. He desires to speak to you.

   (7) I found myself in the glory of God. I was taken to the heavenly tabernacle, in the most holy place.

   (8) When he saw me, Jesus said to me,

My grace is sufficient for thee.”

   (9) He ordered my messenger to leave us.

   (10) Jesus said to me:

      I am the son of God,

      the Eternal Creator.

   (11) He stated his identity:

      “We are three persons in one same person:


        I, THE SON,


   (12) We are three (3) persons in one (1)
same person
.” It is thus that he said to me that he is


   (13) I have seen GOD,

          the GOD of the UNIVERSE!

   (14) He said to me:

My grace is sufficient for thee.”

   (15) Jesus was presented to me in his priestly garment, with a fuming censer that he was holding in his right hand. In the glory of this place, the stones were radiating with all facets of colors on his chest and on a turban that he was wearing upon his brow. This place smelled good.

   (16) He said to me, I have chosen and called you for this work. You will have Dreams and Visions, that you will transmit to Laodicea and to the whole world.”

   (17) He asked me to sit down and said to me:
Listen to me attentively. It is an important and solemn work before




   (18) He asked for another angel. This angel was tall, strong, impressive, with wings folded on his back. It was
strange! I saw a bird man.

   (19) This angel was an angel in service. He was impressive. I was troubled by him. Jesus asked him to leave in order to speak to me.

   (20) My mind was opening gradually as Jesus was speaking to me. 1

   (21) He said to me,I am going to anoint you for this work, which is:


   (22) You will combine your writings with those of Ellen White, which will come and complete the Dreams and the Visions. I will give you brothers and sisters to be with you in this work.”

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 508, Vision No. 2

   (1) Jesus put down his fuming censer beside the altar, and he called this tall and strong angel with large wings folded on his back, and Jesus said to me,

   The moment has come to

endow you with this GIFT.”

   (2) He asked this angel to bring him a cup with oil. Then he withdrew, leaving us alone, Jesus and I.

   (3) Jesus said to me, Kneel down.”

   (4) I obeyed him like a child. Then he prayed aloud. With clasped hands, I bowed my head. Jesus was praying to his father, for I heard,


   (5) After this prayer was ended, Jesus poured out this oil on my head, upon my shoulders, and I felt it running down upon my face.

   (6) He said to me, Before my FATHER, me, the SON, and the HOLY SPIRIT,

   I anoint you with the


   (7) He (Jesus) said to me to still remain on my knees, and he prayed again to his FATHER,


   (8) I saw him, his hands raised. He prayed aloud. After that, he asked for the same angel to come, the tall and strong angel with impressive wings folded on his back, and he told him to bring a little book.

   (9) This angel obeyed and came back with a little white book, that he left with Jesus, and withdrew.

   (10) Jesus presented to me this little white book, and asked me to take it in my hands. Then he said to me,
Now you are going to swallow this little white book.”

   (11) Jesus was by my side, and he let me decide on my own to obey him. A brief time went by, and I decided to truly swallow it.

   (12) Jesus encouraged me and said to me: Daniel has swallowed the little book; and Ellen White has swallowed the little book; and Ellen received the GIFT of prophecy.

   (13) That very instant, I put the little book in my mouth, and I realized that it was not difficult to do it.

   (14) But Jesus said to me, It will be sweet to you like honey in your mouth.”

   (15) After putting it in my mouth, it was like he said, “sweet like honey;” but after swallowing it, I was distraught; I could no longer breathe.

   (16) My grace is sufficient for thee,” said Jesus.

   (17) It was bitter, bitter, bitterness. I begged of him, “Water, water, give me water!”

   (18) Jesus, lowering his face near mine, looked at me in the eyes and said to me, “Now you are going to


      You have received the

               GIFT OF PROPHECY.”

   (19) You will have enemies. I will fight them for you. Be faithful! I will speak to you through the Dreams and the Visions. I will instruct you for Laodicea and the nations about the great day of the Eternal which is drawing near.”

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 508, Vision No. 3

   (1)Afterward, the pain from this bitterness disappeared. Jesus was waiting for it to vanish away. He was waving his censer, and the smoke coming out of it was perfuming this place.

   (2) It smelled good. I was still on my knees. I felt a profound peace. I was relaxed, appeased, and the bitterness was no more.

   (3) He said to me that he had put sweet-smelling plants in the censer in order to relax me. He anticipated it so that after the consecration I would feel good with him. There was much sweet-smelling smoke in this place.

   (4) I wanted to stand up, but I could not. I felt a weight that was heavy upon my shoulders, and crushing me down to the floor. I was trying to get up.

   (5) Jesus saw that I could not get up. I had just started weeping, when he had pity on me. He put his censer down and said to me,

My grace is

     sufficient for thee!

   (6) Looking at me in the eyes, he said:

   Without my grace

you can do nothing.

   (7) This grace was very important for this work; and he gave it to me.

   (8) In the name of the Eternal,”

said he,          ARISE!

   (9) I got up and stood on my feet. And Jesus shared with me the name of the perfume that he had put in his censer, but I forgot it.

   (10) It was a place of peace and serenity.

   (11) Then he said to the angel, who was strong, impressive, with his wings folded on his back, to have my messenger come.

   (12) He presented himself, and he received the order of bringing me back to the earth. In my presence, Jesus
entrusted him with this mission to be my messenger.

   (13) But before that, Jesus encouraged me in a vision, where he presented to me Brother Roy LEMKE. He was still young.

   (14) He and you,” he said,

will be together

in this publishing work.

   (15) Then will the END come.”

   (16) Jesus encouraged me for this work and said to me, I will be with you. I will give you brothers and sisters to work with you. Be faithful! I will speak to you through the Dreams and the Visions.

   (17) Then this angel received the order of bringing me back. I felt that he took my hand. And I lost the vision.


Jeanine Sautron