Chapter 509

Dreams and Visions

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!




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theREMNANT,” who keep the COMMANDMENTS of GOD, including the 7th day SABBATH,

and the FAITH of JESUS.



Holiness to the Eternal Creator!

Dreams and Visions No. 1

   (1) In my youth, I have received many dreams and visions. I had such a close relationship with Jesus that we were body and soul.

   (2) There is a vision that I kept in memory, and with which I live every day of my life. It encourages me and gives me strength in the fight of faith; and I would like to share it with you.


   (3)        The 144,000

on the sea of glass.

   (4) I went into vision. I lost all contact here with this earth. I saw a sea of glass mingled with fire, that was moving about gently, forming waves upon which was passing the breath of God. 1

   (5) I was for a few minutes before this vision of the sea of glass, when I saw coming at a distance upon this sea a crowd which had palms in their hands. 2

   (6) Little by little the crowd was growing in my sight. It was now close to me in the vision, in front of me.

   (7) This crowd was waving their palms, and I saw that their voices were coming out of their chest. They were singing a song, a beautiful song.

   (8) I saw, their clothes were white, of a dazzling white like Jesus’ garment, without spot, pure.

   (9) I looked at these persons, and something on their faces caused me to see that they had gone through the great fight, the fight of faith; and they had won


   (10) This crowd was singing the victory,


   (11) Their song was so beautiful that I felt my hair shivering. I was ecstatic before them! I wanted to say to them: “I am Jeanine, I am here before you.” But this crowd was singing, singing with all their strength.

   (12) While they were still singing, I saw this crowd which was distancing themselves from me in the vision.

   (13) How I would have liked to go with them! I was weeping. I looked at the crowd, and they disappeared from my sight.

   (14) The sea of glass, mingled with fire, kept on waving with little waves, moved by the spirit of God. And I lost the vision.

   (15) This vision was so glorious that I cannot describe it.


Dreams and Visions No. 2


   (1) It was about four (4) o’clock in the afternoon on Sabbath upon the earth. I went into vision.

   (2) A man presented himself to me and said, “Fear not. I am your messenger. Jesus is asking you to come to heaven to meet him for the Sabbath.”

   (3) This angel took my hand; and I saw that we were under the canopy of heaven.

   (4)Fear not,” said he, “I am with thee.”

   (5) I saw that the sky was beautiful, a beautiful blue, and of several colors. Billions and billions of stars were shining in the dark night and lighting the canopy of heaven.

   (6) I marveled! How beautiful the glory! Glory! Glory!

   (7) My messenger said to me,“We are arriving. Look! We are arriving at the corridor of ORION. Here is the way to arrive at the door of heaven.”

   (8) This angel with large wings was moving like a bird;
and myself beside him, I was hovering, and he was watching over me.

   (9) “Behold, the corridor of ORION,” he said to me.

   (10) I saw that we were entering a large corridor. In the sky there were billions and billions of stars.

   (11) He stopped and said to me, “Look at the sky; it is beautiful!”

   (12) I cannot describe it, it is too beautiful!

   (13) Through this corridor we arrived at the entry. The angel was flying and moving. And as I was in vision, I could not do like him.

   (14) I realized that this corridor was very beautiful, full of stars. What beauty! What beauty!

   (15) I saw that the stars were not above the corridor, but within the corridor. This entry is very big and vast.

   (16) The glory of God was resplendent in this corridor, and the sounds of the harps were resounding. On each side of the corridor—I would say that it looked like a monument— big stones (meteorites) weighing about two tons, were standing one beside the other, well set, as if a man’s hand had placed them all in good order. 3

   (17) This corridor, decorated with stones on each side of it, was intriguing me. I was a bit cold. There are no words to describe them, but I marveled at these stones, I marveled!

   (18) I was about to touch one of them, and when I wanted to put my hand upon one of these stones, that we call here “meteorites”, he (the angel) said to me, “NO! If you touch one of them, you will die instantly.”

   (19) The angel who was accompanying me was flying with his large wings, and passing between these stones and touching them. I was astonished that he did not die.

   (20) It is then that he said to me, “You are not translated yet; you cannot come here now, nor touch these stones.”


Dreams and Visions No. 3

   (1) It was beautiful to see! I was ecstatic. This angel with unfolded wings, was moving like a bird in this corridor luminous with glory. He moved the air with his wings that were surrounding me. I cried out: “Alleluia! Glory! Glory!”

   (2) He came toward me and, taking my hand, said to me, “We are now going to meet Jesus.”

   (3) I was trembling. I saw that we arrived at a resplendent door. If it were not for the grace of God, I would have lost my life.

   (4) The angel stood before the door. He knocked, and it opened. I saw him presenting a golden card to have access to heaven.

   (5) I entered into heaven. How beautiful! I was in the glory of God. Angels, with their golden harps, and the twenty-four (24) elders were present. Hymns of praise were heard. It was huge! There were choirs of angels. All was beautiful, perfect. It was glory and praise!

   (6) Then this angel left me. And I saw Jesus coming to welcome me. He said to me: “You are welcome! Here you are in the house of God. You are in heaven with God. It is Sabbath here.”

   (7) When I went into vision upon the earth, it was Sabbath; and I arrived in heaven in Sabbath worship.

   (8) Jesus was by my side. He presented to me the twenty-four (24) elders, who arose and prostrated themselves before Jesus.

   (9) Harps. . . What a beauty! Heaven was celebrating the Sabbath. God was praised and adored.

   (10) When he received me, Jesus said to me,

My grace is sufficient for thee!

   (11) It was grandiose! All the choirs were in adoration before Jesus.

   (12) I bowed. What respect! Seeing Jesus loved, adored, and to praise him who gave his life for humanity!

   (13) He showed me the scars of the cross in his hands and on his forehead, and on his side which was pierced; the scars remained.

   (14) Jesus said to me,



three (3) persons in the same person.”

   (15) YOU HAVE SEEN GOD, 4

the Eternal Creator

of the UNIVERSE!

   (16) The time of the vision was coming to an end. Jesus had my messenger come, and said to him to take me back through this same corridor by which I came.

   (17) He said to me,If you are faithful, you will come here in the felicity of God the father, the son Jesus, and the holy spirit.”

   (18) He repeated it to me, “If you are faithful, you will be with the 144,000.”

   (19) I retained these words: “with the


   (20) The angel took my hand. And I lost the vision.

Jeanine Sautron