Chapter 510

Dreams and Visions


Monday, June 13, 2016

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!






which keep the COMMANDMENTS

of GOD, including the SABBATH,

and the FAITH of JESUS.





Holiness to the Eternal Creator!

Dreams and Visions No. 1

   (1) The seals having been broken, the trumpets having been sounded in heaven, and the roaring of the thunder heard,

   JESUS said to me,


of humanity


when the sixth angel sounded the trumpet.
The angels wept.

   (2)A green horse 2 was brought before JESUS, and, with its rider, it departed for the earth.

   (3) In the Revelation of John, Chapter 8, verses 10 and 11, it is said:

And the third angel sounded the trumpet, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a torch, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; and the name of the star is:


and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter. 3


   (4) I saw JESUS looking toward the earth. Tall and majestic, his vesture of a dazzling white; 4 he was in vision, according to what I saw.

   (5) He was looking toward the earth, as if there were something that was drawing his sight toward her.

   (6) Then he came toward me. A little white book was set before me, and he said to me,

   Jeanine, take the little book

of prophecy with you.

Depart for OREGON,

to be with your brothers and sisters of the Church of Philadelphia, the “Remnant,” and Brother Roy Lemke, the responsible person for this work. Take the little white book with you.”

   (7) He (JESUS) revealed to me that:

Europe will be destroyed.

   (8) And he said to me,

You are going to depart and leave


   (9) JESUS made this revelation to me, that there will no longer be EUROPE:

Europe will be annihilated.

   (10) This star named in the Revelation of John, Chapter 8, verse 11:




        OF FRANCE:


   (11) This star will fall over Paris.

   (12) He revealed to me by his words that:





all the European countries will be destroyed as well by the WORMWOOD.

   (13) They will not be spared.

   (14) The most hit will be:






   (15) JESUS revealed to me that


          has touched slightly the earth

in order to draw the attention of men upon the fact that their reprobation5 time is short.


Dreams and Visions No. 2

   (1) Europe will be charred.

   (2) JESUS said to me,

EUROPE will become Hiroshima!

She will be annihilated under the impact of the             WORMWOOD.

   (3) JESUS said to me,

   God remembered the

HOLOCAUST of the Jews,

THE SHOA of 1943 – 1944 of Hitler.

   (4) God remembered the holocaust of his Jewish brothers and sisters with their children. He has seen the pain of this people. They were

            MARTYRS of Hitler.

   (5) He (JESUS) remembered their pains and the death of his Jewish brothers in


   (6) This is why JESUS spoke to me of the SHOA, and said to me that


   will swoop down over EUROPE.

   (7) Her JUDGMENT is NEAR.

   (8) No one will escape!

said the LORD.

   (9) He will avenge their blood.

      Justice will be

            rendered to them.

Dreams and Visions No. 3


   (1) I was taken to see the wormwood by my messenger, who was accompanied by two other angels with outstretched wings. They said, “We are going to see. Let us show to Jeanine this


   (2) We arrived at the place. I saw a huge stone of at least one (1) ton or almost two (2) tons, which was still smoking.

   (3) The smoke that was coming out of this stone filled where we were with smoke, and these angels were hastening to get me out of this place. It was an enormous rock that is called here a


   (4) This rock came out of the corridor of Orion. It is placed over there. It is part of the stones, one of the stones placed by God, and that form this corridor. When I was entering into this corridor, it was as though I was entering into a monument.

   (5) This      WORMWOOD

is placed in the corridor of Orion. At the appointed time, it will come out from among these stones and will come and hit the EARTH.

Its name is:  WORMWOOD.

   (6) I was in this smoke, toxic gases, radioactivity,
which were coming out of this stone. My brain was in ebullition (boiling or bubbling up). I was hurting because of the toxic gases.

   (7) My messenger said to me, “Kneel down.” And the three angels together were beating their large wings over me. I was able to find my breath back again. They asked me whether I was well, and I smiled.

   (8) When I saw this meteorite, my messenger said to me, “Come, follow me, it is dangerous. You will die suddenly.” They rushed me out of this place.

   (9) I saw that there was no longer anything, a


I no longer saw the stone. 6


Dreams and Visions No. 4


   (1) A few months went by. I went into vision.

   (2) I saw a landscape like


Everything was destroyed, wiped out, cleaned up, a desolated landscape. There were left only a few charred trees, stocks without leaves, phantoms in the night.

   (3) I was in vision in this desert and sad place. No more houses, and it was night. The moon was dim. I was afraid, and I did not know where I was.

   (4) A man rejoined me and said to me, “Do you know where you are?”

   (5) And I saw that two (2) other men joined him. I recognized that they were the three (3) angels who were with me before the meteorite struck.

   (6) They said to me, Here, where you are, it was Paris, yes,



the capital of France,

disappeared, blown away, destroyed, wiped out, like a castle of cards!

   (7) They were hastening to get me out of there, lest I die from the abundance of the radioactivity, that I did not see.

   (8) They said, “Let us get out of here, Jeanine, let us depart!”

   (9) And I lost the vision.

Dreams and Visions No. 5


   (1) After seeing that the capital,


was no more, that she (Paris) had become a lunar landscape, sad, blackened, I went into vision, and I found myself in



   (2) I saw in this vision, that there was no more life. There were a few inhabitants in the streets. The capital became desert.

   (3) All the cars, the trains, the airplanes, nothing worked anymore. There was such a level of radioactivity that all that was electronic could not work anymore.

   (4) High quality cell phones piled up on the streets. I heard that there were a lot of suicides, distressed parents.

   (5) There were a few persons, but poisoned. Their children were dying. The radioactivity and the gases caused people to die at home.

   (6) I saw the lake of Geneva; it had changed color, and had become bitter. I saw fish coming up to the surface of the water and dying before me. It was sad.

   (7) Those who could displace themselves were using boats. The people were trying to surmount the hardships, but they were overtaken by the radioactivity. There was no more life. The city was dead. There was no more water.

   (8) I raised my eyes. I looked up and I saw a large building; and on it was written:


   (9) From up there, through the windows, bags, bags and bags of money bills were thrown down, and were flying away. These bills were flying everywhere like butterflies, and falling down below on the ground.

   (10) I saw that they were bundles of dollar bills and of 100 E (one hundred Euro) bills.

   (11) The people were distressed. They did not know anymore where to go. They were walking over these bills. They had lost all their value.

   (12) I heard, “There is no more water, the water is bitter, acid, toxic; it has changed color. From blue it became green.”

   (13) I was inspired: “End of politics, the pride of the great! End of the pleasures of this life!” They seemed to have resigned themselves to their fate.

   (14)    God overcame.


Jeanine Sautron