Chapter 512–2

Dreams and Visions

Thursday, July 7, 2016

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which keep the COMMANDMENTS

of GOD, including the SEVENTH-


and the FAITH of JESUS.



               IT IS THE SPIRIT


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 512–2, Vision No. 1







      (2) The birds of the sky, the fish of the seas and of the rivers are dying.
It is not the


It is the smoke

                     from the pit of the abyss.


      (3) My messenger said to me, “Come, I am taking you to Amazonia, in the Amazonian forest, which is the lung of the earth.

      (4) When we got there, I did not dare enter into this deep forest.

      (5) He said to me, “Come, follow me; look and touch nothing.”

      (6) I saw snakes hanging up over the branches of the trees.

      (7) We walked, and arrived at a place where there were no trees, allowing us to see the sun.

      (8) I saw wild ducks. I was astonished that they were there. They were drinking a dirty, blackened, polluted water, that was coming out of the earth.

      (9) My messenger said to me, “This water is filled with all kinds of viruses, germs and poisons. Do not go close to it.”

      (10) I saw rabbits coming to drink there. There were also sparrows and creeping animals. — He said to me, “Stay here, I am going to see farther.” — He reminded me, “Touch nothing, not even the trees.”

      (11) Happy to have waited for him, he rejoined me and said to me, “Come, follow me. We are going to see farther.” We arrived at a place, and he asked me to observe.

      (12) I saw all kinds of birds arriving to drink and eat. My vision remained a long time on the ducks, and I no longer saw them. My vision focused on the number of birds of all kinds, including roosters and chickens, geese, barnyard ducks which were counted among them. All the birds of the sky were gathered there.

      (13) I asked him the question, “What brought them here to this lost place?”

      (14) — He replied to me, “It is the hand of God that brought them together here for the vision, as he had gathered all the animals of all kinds in Noah’s boat. Thus, these birds are here for a very particular reason.”

      (15) “Look, but most of all, do not approach them, do not make any noise. From here we see them well.”

      (16) There were wild ducks. Birds and birds, what beauty! I had to keep silent so as not to scare them.

      (17) I noticed that all the birds came to drink and went away. They were coming in great number. What beauty! I would have liked for these birds to stay longer, but I saw that, after drinking water, they were progressively going away, a few at a time. There were only barnyard roosters and chickens left. I was sad, for they remained alone, and the others were gone.

      (18) He said to me, “It is silent. That appears strange to you, this is the process of the end of all living things upon the earth that has commenced. These birds, and even the roosters and the hens, are contaminated by the smoke, gases, viruses, coming from the smoke of the pit of the abyss of Revelation 9, verses 2 and 3. Everything upon the earth, even the humans, all the birds and the beasts of the fields and forests, are contaminated by the viruses.”


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 512–2, Vision No. 2


      (1)My messenger said to me, “Now they are contaminated by viruses, gases, dangerous, terrible fungi, as if it were radioactivity that you do not see. The process of the end has started.” — I watched these birds going away one by one.

      (2) He said to me, “Now the countdown of the end of the world has begun; it is on the go. The birds, the animals living upon the earth and in the seas, and even humans, are affected with cancers of all kinds.”

                        –The water

                     –The air

                     –The foods

are polluted. All have started to bear these fruits, letting the inhabitants of the earth see that the end of all things is at hand.

      (3) “For God has commenced on the earth his just judgment,” said this angel to me, the wrath.”

No one will escape!

No one will escape

                        this wrath!

      (4) The men living upon this earth will be also like these birds; they will die by the dangerous viruses. Toxins in the water, and gases, and cancers of all kinds will kill them like radioactivity.

      (5) There will be sudden deaths of barnyard animals by the thousands, pandemic upon the earth. The pandemic will spread throughout the earth:

No one will escape!

      (6) In the vision, I was far from these birds. I wanted to come closer. —“If you approach them,” said my messenger to me, “you will die, poisoned. You will have cancer, you will have cancer.”

      (7) He explained to me, “Their bodies spread the viruses and contaminate other species. This wrath of God will let nothing appear that these phenomena come from the pit (well). It will be subtle. Nothing will show that they are dying. However, something caused them to die. It is the chemtrails of the smoke from the open pit. The cancers come from these chemtrails.”

      (8) He said to me, “It is mysterious, silent, odorless, like radioactivity. You do not feel it, you do not see it; however, death is around you. And the righteous will survive by the grace of God.”

      (9) Thus a pandemic of these viruses, carried by these birds, will contaminate people; and it will be a distress that no one will be able to alleviate.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 512–2, Vision No. 3



      (2) Standing beside Jesus in the abyss and before this pit which was throwing out toxic gases, vapors and smoke, Jesus revealed to me that viruses came out of this pit. These viruses are deadly, like radioactivity, in this abyss. This pit spreads cancers.

      (3) He revealed to me that the AIDS virus, and many other viruses have come out of this well and spread in the air, contaminating the animals, and also men without restraint in their sins. AIDS is a virus of the wrath of God on earth. It is through the viruses that the world will be in a distress that no one will be able to alleviate.

      (4) In the vision with Jesus, I felt there was a water pressure around us like water swirling and enveloping us. I saw Jesus’ hair and clothing floating so much that he told me, “My grace is sufficient for thee! I am Jesus, the son of God, I am the Eternal Creator, the God of the universe.

      (5) I was trembling. He reassured me: “Your heart is beating, you live, but you cannot breathe. You are here in the abyss with the son of God, the Eternal Creator. All things were created by God. We were three persons:

the father, I the son, and the holy spirit.”

      (6) At that very moment, I found myself before Jesus, the son of God, the great I AM, the Eternal One. My life was in his hands. I could have died in this vision, but Jesus was ever watching over me.

      (7) He said to me, “Look at this pit. We were very close to it.”

      (8) My vision coming closer, I saw a huge mouth, and a jet of smoke, gas, steam coming out of this well. A roar resounded in this place. It was the power of the jet coming out of this well; and we were, Jesus and I, wrapped in smoke, gas, and steam that were coming out of it. I saw the colors of the rainbow mingling with this troubled water in this abyss.

      (9) From the abyss I raised my eyes and saw, from this pit a wide ribbon of smoke, like a broad chemtrail of smoke, rising from this pit and bubbling. This hot ribbon of smoke, filled with toxic gas, all kinds of viruses, fungi, which were imprisoned in this pit, were coming out and spreading into the sea and in the sky.

      (10) This chemtrail was a ribbon of smoke which was going up very high in the sky, and spreading, and falling back down upon the earth.

      (11) It was strange in the deepness of this abyss. I was able to see in vision such a spectacle, invisible to the sight of men. It is a privilege to see that, in order to be able to say, like Jesus explained it to me: “It is not the


      It is the OPEN pit (well)

of the fifth trumpet

of the Revelation of John. It is the just judgment of God upon the earth:

It is the chemtrail of God,

the chemtrail of cancers,

like radioactivity.

      (12) Such were the words of JESUS. It is the just judgment of God.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 512–2, Vision No. 4


      (1) In this abyss, Jesus said to me,It is the end of the world! The count down has begun. Everywhere we will see the consequences of the fifth trumpet.

      (2) The END of the world

IS near!

      (3) The earth is changing appearance. She is dying.”

      (4) I lifted up my eyes. I saw that the sun had a fire power stronger than usual; and on the earth, a drought made the ground like concrete. Europe will burn.

      (5) Jesus said to me that there will be signs in the sun, the moon, and the stars.

      (6) My mind came back to the earth. I saw a terrible drought. Everywhere the soil became like pavement. The water evaporated from the soil. The cultivable soil became sand. Nothing could be planted in it anymore. Everywhere famine, wars, social crises, lack of means, the families were dying under the famine and lack of water and food.

      (7) I went into vision with Jesus.

      (8) I saw a husbandman who was ploughing his field. It was large and vast.

      (9) He took a handful of soil into his hand and said to me, “This is sand. The fields will be like sand. With the smoke of the pit, nothing will grow.”

      (10) Jesus, the prince of life, said to me,

The end is near!

            The countdown

                        has begun.”

It is the end of the world!

                 It is nearer,

                          nearer than we think of it.”

      (11) I went into vision. I was in France.

      (12) There was no more food. The great supermarkets were closed. There was no more water, food. Families with their children were waiting for food in the parking areas.

      (13) I saw, it was as if there was a war. There was nothing anymore to eat. I saw that every family had a ticket entitling them to a ration of food, according to their needs.

      (14) I saw buckets filled with broths, with soup. People were served in their mouth, a mouthful of broth so as not to die. Provisions lacked. It was famine.

      (15) I saw everywhere the Catholic priests came to tell the parishioners to pray. They were praying in the streets. I saw bills and bills of money, rolling upon the asphalt, carried away by the wind. It was sad. Pure water was lacking, everything became toxic, filled with viruses, bitter mushrooms.

      (16) It was a time of trouble; as if France had suffered a war, leaving nothing anymore for families with their children other than a ticket for so many kilograms of food per person, a time of trouble!

      (17) Jesus said that the world is dancing around its coffin. He wanted to tell me that the world is not ready for this crisis that will swoop over them like the pains of a pregnant woman.

      (18) The things will come rapidly,” said Jesus, the prince of life, like the pains of a pregnant woman:”

No one will escape!

      The rich like the poor,

               there will no longer be life.”

      (19) I have seen this time of trouble, which the world is not ready to face: famine, lack of water and food, no more pasta, no more wheat. The first to die are the bees. These insects are the first to disappear. The countdown has begun.

            The ruin will be sudden

and unexpected.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 512–2, Vision No. 5


     (1) I was shown, the bees will be the first to disappear in the nature. This is in the cup of the wrath of God. And even if they are resistant to the viruses, their honey will be POISON. They will gather pollen from flowers that are poisoned by the pit of the abyss, and their honey will be poison.

      (2) Another scourge surprised me: venomous flies formed a green blanket upon the ground. Why did a blanket of flies get on the ground?!

      (3) They were programmed to kill pets. They were searching, attracted by the smell of domestic animals. They had a dart to kill. They moved on the soil like soldiers, divided by bands.

      (4) I was terrified by these flies. I lost the vision.

      (5) Jesus revealed to me that there will be killer flies. They will kill the domestic animals, the horses, the dogs, the cats. In the scourges of the wrath of God, they have been programmed to kill.



      It is on the earth.

      (7) Jesus said,

No one will escape!


      (8) This is the end

                of the world.

It is approaching.

It comes!

      (9) It will be before the world within a few months.

      (10) Jesus has revealed through Dreams and Visions:

It is the end of the world!

It is approaching!

      (11) It is late!

      (12) The fifth trumpet


the END of the world.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 512–2, Vision No. 6

     (1) The smoke of the abyss is like a huge chemtrail which surrounds the earth and poisons it. It is divine. The chemtrail envelops the earth.

     (2) The whole earth is concerned regarding this chemtrail that the men do not see. It is divine, prophetic. It is smoke that poisons.

     (3) I saw a few scourges in the visions. Jesus said to me after the opening of the seven seals, if he would show me all the seals in vision, and their terrible consequences, I would die during the visions.

     (4) I would die, this is why he spared me from showing me the wrath of God upon the earth.

     (5) The prophecies are revealed.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 512–2, Vision No. 7

      (1) Jesus spoke to me of Daniel, that he almost died at the time of a vision. This is why Jesus gives me what I can bear and see, just what is needed.


Jeanine Sautron