Chapter 512–3

Dreams and Visions

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Holiness to the Eternal Creator!




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Holiness to the Eternal Creator!

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 512–3, Vision No. 1

      (1) In the revelation of John in Revelation 9, verses 1 to 3,The fifth angel sounded the trumpet, and I saw a star fall from heaven upon the earth: and to him was given the key of the well (pit) of the abyss. And he opened the well of the abyss; and there arose a smoke out of the well, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the well. And there came out of the smoke LOCUSTS which scattered upon all the earth.Revelation 9:1-3.

      (2) The locusts described in the book of the Revelation of John, Chapter 9, verses 1 to 3, are not locusts like insects. They are not the locusts that eat grass upon the earth.

      (3) These locusts that John saw, they are intelligent divine creatures, endowed with a terrible strength of destruction: an instrument of combat.

      (4) In the vision, I saw these impressive creatures everywhere. I was not afraid of them, for they were divine creatures, endowed with a great intelligence.

      (5) They were smiling at me and approaching me, when one of them smiled at me and said to me, “I know you; you are Jeanine.”

      (6) I was surprised that this strange creature knew me.

      (7) She said to me, “You have received the gift of prophecy.”

      (8) I was very surprised to see a man’s face, and curly hair like women. And I was attracted by her hair with rainbow colors. — I remember seeing this mixture of colors in the abyss with Jesus — she had in her hair a little hallmark [an authenticating seal] like gold that was shining. It was beautiful to see.

      (9) This divine creature smiled at me. I was paralyzed before this big mouth, which opened like the mouth of a lion, and fangs like lions’ teeth, walking away from me.

      (10) While distancing herself in the vision, I was surprised that she had the tail of a scorpion. That is when I began to have a fear of this creature.

      (11) The locusts were in the supermarkets; they were everywhere, in the streets of New York, Paris, and where I was in vision. I recognized them by their tails of scorpions.

      (12) Their approach did not leave me indifferent. I recognized these creatures by their tails of scorpions at every street corner. From time to time I met one of them. She looked at me and smiled at me. They wait for me at the red light in the cities and protect me on pedestrian crossings.

      (13) My messenger said to me, “They know who you are. They know that Jesus speaks to you in the Dreams and the Visions;
and furthermore, they know your name, Jeanine, and that you went with Jesus to see the well of the abyss, from out of which they came.”

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 512–3, Vision No. 2

     (1) Then, in the vision, I saw one of the locusts walking away from me. I was paralyzed, frozen: I knew that it was a being with a man face, the hair of a woman, but I did not expect to see before me a living machine, of iron like a tank, with iron wings.

     (2) I say well, that it was a living machine, like an iron tail, and darts on each side; I would say, a tank entirely of iron, but in the form of a scorpion.

     (3) Iron wings rose and beat very fast;
they were not of flesh, but of iron, and were beating; and the noise of their body and of their wings made me think of a tank moving, a powerful chariot moving, a noise to break your eardrums.

     (4) I saw, as they move their tails, the earth shakes, everything shakes. It is like an earthquake. Terrible sonorous vibrations cause the underground water to come out.

     (5) I was afraid. Where I was, I saw that everything was thrown down in the supermarkets, buildings were shaking, and I heard a muffled noise like a tsunami arriving.

     (6) Everything was falling around me. The hills sagged. Water, streams and torrents came out of the earth and embankments [dams], causing severe flooding. I saw landslides.

     (7) I saw the locusts at the pedestrian crossings on the main streets, at the traffic signal lights in New York, tormenting those passing by.

     (8) They were everywhere: In the manifestations of the salaried workers, in play clubs. And fires were lit upon the earth, for all the hurt was in their tails.

     (9) It was impressive and terrible at the same time! Wonderful creatures! A living machine with the noise of a chariot in movement.

     (10) I saw that they were everywhere upon the earth, in Europe and in the distant countries. The hurt that they were doing was to plunge the men into torment through:

           –Heavy rains         –Flooding

           –Tsunamis             –Earthquakes

           –Storms                 –Fires

     (11) In the vision, I was doing everything to avoid them, but it was impossible; they always found me again.

     (12) It is impressive: On the top they have a man’s body, below they have a scorpion’s tail, and they have arms like wings which beat at an impressive speed. It was beautiful to see, impressive and terrible!

     (13) Jesus allowed me to see these creatures on the earth. They are present and torment the men. The fifth trumpet is among the humans, and is doing its work of destruction.

     (14) These locusts are here to torment the men. It is the just wrath of God upon the earth. All these catastrophes of rain and flooding are the work of the locusts, who are tormenting Europe and the other parts of the world. They are everywhere, and even among the political men, taking the peace away from the inhabitants of the earth. They are also elsewhere in the other countries of the world. They pursue the youth, the party-goers.

     (15) Their tails and their wings emit sonorous vibrations that cause the underground rivers to burst, provoking terrible inundations. The large rivers swell, and the rivers overflow: It is the torment. Houses are under water, and there are a lot of material and human losses.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 512–3, Vision No. 3

      (1) The smoke coming out of the well of the abyss kills the climate, the glaciers, the birds, and everything that is in the air. The viruses, the germs, the dangerous mushrooms, it is the work of the pit of the abyss. It poisons the earth.

     (2) The LOCUSTS have other functions pertaining to themselves alone. Their works are to destroy the towns and villages through inundations, storms and heavy rains. All the hurt is in their tails.

     (3) I saw a little hill coming down under the vibrations of their tails. A section of this hill was carried lower, with the houses on it;
and torrents of water were coming out of this hill, like a wave of twelve meters, like a tsunami, dragging along everything on its way. Nothing was left.

     (4) I saw the desolation. I lost the vision of this frightening scene.

     (5) The locusts watch for and seek where they can hit with their tails. They are everywhere to torment men.

     (6) Everywhere in Europe and in the distant countries, the locusts do much harm with their tails.

     (7) They came out of the well of the abyss for a work of destruction. They will leave no respite to the wicked.

     (8) It is the just wrath of God, for God will bring upon this earth his righteous judgment.

     (9) And the saints sealed with the seal of God, no evil shall befall them. The locusts protect them from the wrath of God.

     (10) The wrath of God

                       is upon the earth:

      (11)No one will escape!

Only those will be spared who have received


Jeanine Sautron