Chapter 513

Dreams and Visions

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!



Jeanine Sautron




of GOD, including the







Holiness to the Eternal Creator!

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 513, Vision No. 1


     (1) The Church of Laodicea

rejected by




     (2) The seventh-day

adventists are

going to perdition.

This Laodicea has no shelter”:

Revelation of Jesus.

      (3) At the river’s bank, Jesus said to me that I must prophesy now on YOUTUBE and internet, and publish by Roy Lemke all the prophecies coming from him (Jesus) about Laodicea, the seventh-day adventists, and for the world.


      (4) In a vision, it was the Sabbath Day. I saw the candlestick that had been placed in “Laodicea” was removed. “Laodicea,” which is the seventh-day adventist church, is in the deepest darkness.

      (5) The spirit of prophecy, which speaks to Laodicea and to the world, comes from the Church of Philadelphia, the Remnant.”


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 513, Vision No. 2


      (1) I saw, the candlestick carried by the third angel, was placed in the Dreams and Visions Center in Oregon, whose director is Brother Roy Lemke.

      (2) He received from the third angel the counsel of joining together the prophecies of Ellen White and those of Jeanine Sautron in the Dreams and Visions.

      (3) I saw the third angel presenting to Roy Lemke all the books of Ellen White. And all the books have been well arranged by the third angel in the Dreams and Visions Center in Oregon.

      (4) I saw him taking the book of prophecy, entitled


and instructed him, saying that the Dreams and Visions of Jeanine Sautron will come and complete the messages received from Jesus. At that time, he was young, and so was I.

      (5) I saw the candlestick with seven branches lighted this place, and my Dreams and Visions copies reflected the glory of GOD.

      (6) This angel said to Brother Roy Lemke:

      The messages

of Jeanine bear

the SEAL of GOD.

      (7) In the vision, I came closer; the third angel said to me, “Look! It is the hallmark [the authenticating seal] of God.”

      (8) I have no words to express the glory of God coming out of this seal.

      (9) The “Church of Laodicea” has no more master.

      (10) The judgment of the living started with “Laodicea”.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 513, Vision No. 3


      (1) I went into vision.

     (2) Jesus opened a seal before the angels and the twenty-four elders, and raising his pierced hands upon the broken seal, he said:

     The judgment of the living and

the LOUD CRY of the 3rd angel

have been opened at Laodicea’.”

      (3) This loud cry was the last appeal to repentance:

     If you are neither cold, nor hot;

if you are lukewarm,

I will vomit you out of my mouth.”

     (4) It was the loud cry at Laodicea. It was the last ultimatum of grace for this people. This loud cry lasted seven years. Then came the end of the loud cry.

     (5) Jesus, the prince of life, came among his people, the seventh-day adventists, and he found a rebellious, lukewarm, people without faith, who did not want to know anything about him. They rejected the message with the messenger.

     (6) Jesus granted to this seventh-day adventist people seven years to come back from their lukewarmness and from their sins.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 513, Vision No. 4


     (1) It was a Sabbath morning. I saw Jesus present in the ‘Church of Laodicea.’ This vision allowed me to see him before the propitiatory altar (the mercy seat).

     (2) Jesus, the prince of life, was before this altar; and I saw him speaking with his father: “Father. . .

     (3) He has prayed for this people, asking him still for his grace; and he presented his pierced hands, raising them in his supplications:


                   my blood!

                       My blood!

                            My blood!

     (4)I have given my life to save the sinners from their sins. I have given since 1844 the spirit of prophecy for the seventh-day adventists to walk in the light coming from heaven.”

     (5)I have given my grace through my blood, the blood of the cross. Father. . . if such is your will. . . and not mine.”

     (6) This church has apostatized.


                   my blood!

                       My blood!

                            My blood!

     (7) From time to time, he rested, waiting for the verdict of his father. I saw him, Jesus, who was entreating again and again his father in favor of the seventh-day adventists.

     (8) This time, with cries of pain, his body was shivering, and he was imploring again and again: “Father, my blood!” —
with cries of pain —


              my blood!

                   My blood!

                       My blood!

     (9) I want this people to come out of their lukewarmness and get to repent, and return to the Eternal Creator, if such is your will, and not mine!”

     (10) The prince of life was asking his father to grant them still a time to come back to God, to their first love, love for God and the neighbor.

     (11) But I knew it, through the grace of Jesus, which was granted me: this people stiffened their neck. If only their eyes would open, if only they would see Jesus’ suffering!

     (12) Drops stood out on his forehead. His cries of pain caused me to shudder. I was about to weep, and advanced toward him, toward the altar; I was prevented from going close to him. I was only seeing him from a distance in his pains. . . . This vision was very painful for me.

     (13) Now and again, I saw him still before this altar, with his hands raised. I saw, the blood of Jesus was upon this altar; and I understood that at that time something important and solemn was taking place for the seventh-day adventists.

     (14) He (Jesus) set his hands on each side of the altar. Relaxed, rested, silent, he was waiting, resigned but suffering with pain, he was waiting for the


     (15) Then, he (Jesus) said for the last time, after so many supplications, he said again:


let it be your will,

                            and not mine.

         Let your will be done,

                            and not mine,

         in the heavens

                            and on the earth.

     (16) At that instant, I felt that he was, like an ADVOCATE, in the act of pleading still for grace for this lukewarm seventh-day adventist people, “Church of Laodicea,” which have insulted Jesus and trampled on the blood of the lamb in their churches.

     (17) A time, silent and solemn, went by.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 513, Vision No. 5


      (1) Then I saw, Jesus was calm, relaxed, after so many supplications, to still SAVE this seventh-day adventist people through his blood and grant them again a time of grace. Jesus was for the


      (2) I saw that he let his censer fall down on the ground. The verdict was announced, coming from heaven, from his father who is in the heavens:

            Condemned people:

                          Death penalty.


      (3) He remained stiff. And that was troubling me.

      (4) I was advancing toward him in the vision, without disturbing him, for I felt that the situation was very grave (very serious), and that he could not do anything more for this seventh-day adventist people, “Church of Laodicea.”

      (5) The spirit of God revealed it to me in the vision, the situation was grave, disturbing. I felt a break-up.

      (6) I was asking myself why his body, his whole being, was shivering and trembling. I then came closer to see him nearer, for I love him intensely. It is then I perceived that


the son of God, was weeping;

Jesus was weeping;

yes, Jesus was weeping.

      (7) I was sad and moved with compassion, and I was about to weep with him.

      (8) Jesus wept because this people of “Laodicea,” the seventh-day adventists, had just been


who is in the heavens: Death penalty.

      (9) He was suffering terribly. I was suffering in the vision. I was on the verge of tears when I understood, in his approach to still save her, that

     Laodicea has been VOMITED OUT

by her heavenly father.

      (10) Jesus loved her

like his spouse.

He was suffering with a great pain, in that it was a terrible separation from her; his DIVORCE with this people was complete, his separation from the seventh-day adventists.

      (11) And Jesus could no longer do anything to bring them back to their God.

      (12) The sentence of his father was irrevocable. No more priest, no more advocate for this rebellious, stiff-necked people. He let his censer fall down on the ground.

      (13) The sentence of his father in the heavens was irrevocable. Jesus was no longer their ADVOCATE:

                  A CONDEMNED people,

REJECTED by their God.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 513, Vision No. 6


     (1) At the river’s bank, Jesus spoke to me, drawing my attention upon what I am going to reveal to the world. He drew my attention upon this SDA people. He said to me that they will have no shelter when the “WORMWOOD” comes and hits


     (2) The seventh-day adventist church is a prostitute. She is registered with these

                       ECUMENICAL churches.

She is with the antichrist:

She is a prostitute.

     (3) She has been rejected by her God, and the blood of Jesus no longer redeems her. SHE IS FILTHY.

     (4)The prince of life, came out of APOSTATE Laodicea. It is a condemned people.

     (5) The son of God said to me that he knows each one of you by your own name. No one will escape the “wormwood,” nor the super-volcanoes.

     (6)You will be without shelter. You will be in the pains of the pregnant woman, for having


                   the son of God and

                            trampled over the blood

of the son of God.”

     (7) Not one of you will escape!” Such was his verdict.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 513, Vision No. 7


      (1) Jesus declares: “This Church of Laodicea which became apostate is with the antichrist. She is doing the works of the devil. It is a place of demons, of hateful and impure birds.”

      (2) The prince of life declares before his father and the twenty-four elders and the heavenly angels: His church is:


which has the spirit of prophecy

of Ellen White

and of Jeanine Sautron, AND

keeps the seventh-day SABBATH.

      (3) There is joy in heaven: There are hymns and praises, alleluias:

Jesus has a spouse:

Philadelphia, the Remnant”.

      (4) “Laodicea” has been repudiated by her God.

Jeanine Sautron