Chapter 514–1

Dreams and Visions

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!






which keep the COMMANDMENTS

of GOD, including the SEVENTH-





             THE SPIRIT OF


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 514–1, Vision No. 1

   (1)      This message is

for the world and

the Church of

Philadelphia, the “Remnant.”









   (3) In this vision, I found myself in a temple for the Sabbath worship.

   (4) I saw Jesus. He came to me and said to me: “take off your shoes, for this place is holy.”

   “You will tell your brothers and sisters of Philadelphia to do like you and take off their shoes.”

   (5) Jesus began to speak in this temple, like in the inhabited world where I was in vision; it is Jesus who presided over the Sabbath sermon.

   (6) I was very attentive to what he was saying in this temple:

   “I am no longer in Laodicea, I have repudiated her. It was an adulterous and prostituted spouse. They (both men and women) are no longer my brothers and my sisters.

   (7) I am not going to speak to you in words of theology, that mislead the men, and which is a human invention. I am going to address you like a father speaking to his children.

   (8) Jesus was declaring his identity. He said: “I am Jesus. I am Jewish, born of Jewish parents. I am the son of God. We are three persons in the same person. I am God: the father, I the son, and the holy spirit.”


   Press together!

      Press together!

          Press together!

   (10) The antichrist is near.

It is imminent!

   (11)    Redeem the time!


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 514–1, Vision No. 2

   (1)He who is holy, let him sanctify himself still; he who is righteous let him practice righteousness still, and he who is filthy let him defile himself still

   (2)Be holy as I am holy, and touch nothing impure.”

   (3) Sanctify my Sabbaths. It is the sign between you and me. Love one another as I have loved you.

   (4)Renounce yourselves, the idols. Touch nothing impure, and I will welcome you. Reform yourselves! Reform your bodies and your minds, if you want to pass (or cross over) the threshold of the holy city,

   reform yourselves!

Renounce meat and


   (5) Be holy as I am holy.

   (6)All those who eat flesh of dead animals will not cross over the threshold of the holy city of God.”1

   (7) Sanctify yourselves

               Be holy, for I am holy,

said Jesus.

   (8)The fruit of faith is obedience to the holy laws of God, including the seventh-day Sabbath, on Saturday.

   (9) “Obedience to the Sabbath is righteousness by faith:

   I in you, imputed righteousness;

You in me, imparted righteousness.

   (10)It is by grace that you are saved through faith;
and that does not come from you, it is the gift of God.

   (11)You will keep my Sabbath because you love me. Love God. Love one another, it is the bond of perfection:

Love and charity.

   (12) Jesus showed us a golden card. He said, “It is your passport here below for heaven. Without this golden card you will not be admitted into the heavenly bliss.

   (13) This card is a gift of God, revealing the transformation of character to the likeness of Jesus

holiness, love,

the character of Jesus, gold tried in the fire.

   (14) He said: “gold tried in the fire,” that is to say, faith and love, to reflect his character.

   (15) Jesus prayed aloud, and I heard him say, Father, I want those you have given me to be forever with me.

   (16) Then came the praise; and the sermon ended, followed by prayer.

   (17) We all went out, filled with the holy spirit, regenerated by his words. Each one put his shoes back on.

   (18) He said to me, You, Jeanine, you remain with me. Put your shoes back on, then come and follow me.”

   (19) I rejoined him. He smiled at me, and we departed together.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 514–1, Vision No. 3

   (1) Jesus took me into vision in a calm place, in a great school classroom; there were no students.

   (2) He said to me, “Come in, sit where you want, but not in the back of the class. I want you to sit in the front, on my RIGHT.

   (3) I sat on the third bench. He said to me, “This is well.”

   (4) I looked. There was a great board fixed to the wall, and it is on this board that the prince of life was going to draw the diagram of Europe, of all these European countries.

   (5) He started with this word:


It is here, it is here on the map.

   (6) While he was speaking to me, I saw, and so did Jesus, that we were interrupted in this course when three persons came into the class, and sat in the front,

on the LEFT on the benches.

   (7) Jesus came to me and said to me, “My grace is sufficient for thee. Fear nothing. You are going to remain on this seat and listen to me.”

   (8) The prince of life looked at these three persons, and said to me,

The end is near:


   (9) I realized in the way he spoke to me that the situation was grave regarding these three persons together, sitting beside each other. These persons were in the course, but they did not know what Jesus was saying to me.

   (10) Looking at them, I had a fear in me. Jesus, seeing that I was afraid, said again to me, “Fear not. My grace is sufficient for you to enable you to hold on in this vision. My grace is sufficient for you.”

   (11)I came to instruct you about these three persons, who were born of woman, except one who was not born of a woman; that is the antichrist.

   (12) The end is near!

He says it often to me,

            The end is near!

said the prince of life,

It is imminent!


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 514–1, Vision No. 4


               IS IN EUROPE.

                        He is NEAR.

                              HE COMES.

   (2) Jesus revealed to me that he came in the Dreams and Visions to unseal this prophecy of Daniel 12, verses 9-12.

   (3) Many will do evil, and many will not understand.

   (4) Jesus said it to me,

   The end is imminent!

       The devastator is near.

  Listen to me attentively:

HITLER is alive,

HITLER is alive,

HITLER is alive.



               there is no more time.

                      THE TIME IS SHORT!

   (6) Jesus speaks to me of the little white book that I swallowed, and the words kept secret of the prophecy that Daniel talks about for the END of times, and that will be revealed by the Dreams and Visions.

   (7)This prophecy, I am going to unseal it now;
said Jesus to me, “listen to me attentively.

   (8) I saw Jesus, from time to time, looking gravely at the three persons who came into the class without asking to be invited, and who were sitting in front, on the first row, on the LEFT.

   (9) Jesus said again to me,

HITLER is alive,

HITLER is alive.

   (10)It is not the Hitler of 1943 – 1944. That Hitler died a long time ago. I am going to unseal the prophecy of Daniel from the little white book.

   (11) This devastator is even more terrible than the old Hitler, and will be the last one to cut the Jews out of the earth. The genocide of the Jews with knives is near:

        It is imminent!

The end is near!

   (12)It is not the shoa. The shoa was the holocaust of the Jews in Europe. It will be an open-air genocide, a genocide with knives. —
They will have no shelter. — The immigrants will not be spared.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 514–1, Vision No. 5

   (1)        THE NEW Hitler

resembles the old Hitler.


   (2) I looked at this man. Jesus, the son of God, said, “This new man resembles the old Hitler. He resembles him. He was born of a woman. He will walk with the satan in person.”

   (3) Before this man was born, Jesus knew him. He will be the DEVASTATOR of the Jews, of the immigrants in Europe.

   (4) Daniel 12:10-12 says: From the time when the perpetual will cease, and when the abomination of the devastator will be set up, there will be one thousand two-hundred ninety days.”

   (5) Jesus revealed to me, The devastator will reign for 3½ years, and even more, 3½ years to 4 years. This abomination will be set up in Europe.

   (6)The wicked will do evil, and none of the wicked will understand.”

   (7) “When this prophecy of Daniel 12:10-12 will be enforced, it will be

        the END of the world,

the END of all things

for humanity.”


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 514–1, Vision No. 6

   (1)        HITLER is alive:


the GENOCIDE of the Jews.

   (2) When the seven seals were opened in heaven, the angel who had to read the seals said to Jesus gravely, “It is ready; it is ready!


the genocide of the Jews with knives, and of the immigrants upon the earth.

   (3) The Jews will not escape in Europe or in the other parts of the world, nor the immigrants.

   (4)They will be considered as rats that are to be eliminated. Their social rank will not save them. This is what the devastator has in his mind. A Jew is a rat.

   (5)          ARMAGEDDON:

The earth is under the power

of demons.

   (6) I was shown, the antichrist, the satan himself in person, with his demons, will equip themselves with the uniform of the European soldiers.

   (7) The demons under human form will take the uniform of France and Switzerland in Europe. They will be everywhere in Europe, like in the time of Hitler in 1943 – 1944.


   (8) I found myself in a country; and I arrived there in vision under a beautiful sunshine. It was spring; it was still cold.

   (9) I saw that there was a park where people were coming for a walk.

   (10) I saw beside me a mother who was veiled, with her child who was sleeping in the carriage.

   (11) I saw arriving an army of soldiers, who were shouting demons’ cries, which were chilling my blood, an armed band which were passing in the streets.

   (12) I saw tall men, stepping like Hitler’s soldiers; and seeing a soldier who came out of his ranks to go to this veiled woman, I thought, “Why was one of the soldiers coming out of his ranks to go toward this veiled woman with his knife?”

   (13) He ran his knife through the body of the child, then came to the mother and did the same. This image was shown to me rapidly, as a flash.

   (14)I saw this same soldier take his place with the other soldiers, who were doing their genocide work. They were going away, looking for veiled women and immigrants to kill them.

   (15) This soldier came to me and said with satisfaction, “I have received orders, and must obey my master, the antichrist.”

   (16) I was shocked. I saw satan’s laugh on his face.

   (17) Then he said to me, “I am Helvetian [Swiss], Helvetian with the uniform of this country.”

   (18) I looked, as if surprised, paralyzed. He said to me, “My name is legion; we are many.”

   (19) I was like a wisp of straw. I lost the vision.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 514–1, Vision No. 7




   (2)No one will escape!

      First the Jews, then the immigrants. They will have no protection. They will be put to death with knives.

   (3) Jesus said to me, “These are not humans from the earth. These are demons under human form, with the antichrist in person, and his demons.

   (4) No one will escape!


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 514–1, Vision No. 8


   (1) I see in this classroom:

      –THE NEW Hitler

      –THE BEAST with lamb-like horns2


         IN PERSON3

   (2) Jesus showed me in the vision these three personages.

   (3) He said to me,

You have seen the first,

it is the NEW Hitler.

The second,

it is the beast with lamb-like horns.

The third,

it is the ANTICHRIST, the devil in person.”

   (4) As I was in vision, I heard the words of the beast. He said: “We are three. We will kill the Jews. I will not be alone, we are three; we will kill the Jews and the immigrants with knives.”

   (5) The beast with lamb-like horns, coming up out of the earth — Revelation 13:11, was speaking with authority of putting to death all those who will not worship on Sunday: All the Jews will be killed.

   (6)He caused all to receive a mark on their forehead and on their right hand.”

   (7) “If you want to live and make your families live and not die, you will imperatively have to take this 666 mark, and worship on Sunday.”

   (8) “He caused all to worship the image [idolatry] of the first beast, Sunday, under penalty of death.”


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 514–1, Vision No. 9



               APPROACHING WITH


   Jesus said to me,

This is imminent!

   (2) The beast with lamb-like horns said this, “We will destroy all their mosques, their temples, and their synagogues in Europe. We will use by force tanks and knives. We will burn their houses; we will destroy them with tanks, and they will lose their resident permit and their social life. We will not let the rats lay down the law in our countries.”

   (3) “We will confiscate their possessions, and they will be deprived of everything: employment, money, work. They will lose everything, even their lives if they (the Jews) do not submit to the observation of Sunday and do not receive the 666 mark on their bodies.”

   (4) Jesus said to me, “The seventh-day adventists will go through this genocide with knives. They are without shelter.”

   (5) “They will be like rats, that are to be eliminated out of the earth.”

   (6) The seventh-day adventists will also be like rats.

   (7) I saw in the vision that they were facing Jesus and me:


      –The beast with lamb-like horns, and

      –The antichrist in person.

   (8) They are three, united for this prophecy.

   (9) Jesus said to me, “My grace is sufficient for thee.” Look and see, the third personage is the antichrist himself, the devil, called the satan, in person.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 514–1, Vision No. 10

   (1) Jesus speaks to me now about this antichrist.

   (2)It is a fallen angel. He is fallen from heaven with his demons because he sinned against God.

   (3) I looked at him. He is tall, the height of a normal man. He has a matte skin and light brown hair. They are all three closely knit, associated, inseparable. He bears a logo on their flag.

   (4) He (Jesus) drew my attention three times, saying, “He has a logo on their flag.”

   (5) Jesus makes known to me the personality of the antichrist:

   (6)It is the devil, the satan himself. He is in person with these two personages: Hitler and the beast with lamb-like horns. He is a man like any other man that you will see before you. He is married and has children. He is a family man.

   (7) Jesus said to me, “He makes movies. He is a cinema actor at Hollywood. Satan the antichrist is not alone. He is with Hitler, the beast and his demons that he commands to do evil upon the earth.

   (8)Satan the antichrist has a logo on their flag; it is the country where he lives. He has this logo on their flag. No one talks about Hitler, the beast with lamb-like horns, nor the antichrist, because the time has not come yet, the time of the prophecy.

   (9) Jesus said to me, This is a prophecy that is to come. If it tarries, wait for it; it will surely come:


The end is near, imminent!

   (10) When he (Jesus) said to me that the antichrist is a man like any other man that you will see before you; he is an actor of cinema and has children. Jesus sees that I had to know it.

   (11) “The antichrist is a married man. He has children, he is a movie actor. He knows that he is the satan, the devil. He knows Hitler and the beast with lamb-like horns have a part to play toward the end of this world’s history.”

   (12) To understand the antichrist and his demons under human form, the son of God sent me to the Bible: Jude, Chapter 1, verses 6 and 7, and revealed it to me.

   (13) Jesus said to me, God reserved in chains for the judgment of the great day, angels who did not keep their dignity, but gave themselves to debauchery.”

   (14) These demoniac angels are in person upon the earth. They are married to women and have children. The antichrist is a father of a family.”

   (15) These are the revelations of Jesus.

   (16) The whole earth will be deceived. The antichrist bears a logo on their flag. Satan is in the world.

   (17) Jesus told me their reigning time, Hitler the devastator, the beast and the antichrist: They are going to reign 3½ years and more, even 4 years, then it will be the end of all things.

   (18) Jesus said to me,


is imminent!

It is the END!

JESUS comes!

   (19) It is his return

        upon the clouds

            of the heavens!

It is late!

   (20)The Jews and the immigrants, and the seventh-day adventists, will have no shelter. They will be like rats. They will be eliminated with knives.”

   (21) Such were the words of the prince of life.

   (22) They are ready!

      They are ready:

        the demons with

          the antichrist,

the beast with

lamb-like horns

              and Hitler.

   (23)They are ready. It is the END of the world.

Jeanine Sautron