Chapter 514–2

Dreams and Visions

Monday, August 8, 2016

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!





the “REMNANT,”

who keep the COMMANDMENTS

of GOD, including the SEVENTH-






Dreams and Visions

Chapter 514–2, Vision No. 1




      Such is the warning,

            and the message

                    revealed by JESUS,

the son of GOD, to the inhabitants of the earth.

      (2) Woe to the earth!

                Woe to the earth,

      cried Jesus, the son of GOD.


      (3) It is not a state war between the countries. It is a war with the

demons in person.”

      (4) I saw him in vision, looking toward the earth. He said it again:

      Woe to the earth:

The antichrist, the satan, called the devil, with his myriads and myriads of demons are at the door of the world!

      (5) When I heard his cries of pain toward the earth, I trembled, I froze. I was like a wisp of straw. I no longer felt my legs:

      The antichrist comes!

            He is at the door!

Jesus saw him coming.

      (6) He is approaching,

            he is approaching,

                he is in person

with his demons. He is thirsty for blood, the blood of the Jews.”

      (7) Such were the words of Jesus. It will not be the earthlings who are going to kill them; it will be the demons in human appearance.

      (8) Jesus pointed out to me, “The men die and are buried. The demons do not die. They are spirits, demoniac angels. They do not have sentiments like humans. This is why they are machines, killing machines,”
said Jesus to me, “The fire of Gehenna is reserved for them.”

      (9)The inhabitants of the earth will not be able to do anything to protect the Jews and the immigrants with their veiled wives and their children. It is a war against me and my saints who keep the seventh (7th) day Sabbath of the Eternal on Saturday.”


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 514–2, Vision No. 2

      (1) “It is the END, the end of the great controversy written by Ellen White, revealed by me,” said Jesus.

      (2) The antichrist is near;

                               he is imminent!

          This antichrist will speak

with his fist.

      (3) Redeem the time!

                Redeem the time!

                        Redeem the time!

      (4) There is no more time!

It will be unexpected.

      (5) He said again aloud:

            Woe to the earth!

Woe to the earth!

      (6) The antichrist is coming

toward you:

        Wake up!

                Wake up!

                        He is at the door!

            Wake up!

      (7) He is thirsty for blood.

                He is thirsty for blood!


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 514–2, Vision No. 3


      (1) I was taken again to this course by my messenger. When he saw me, Jesus said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you! Come in and take a seat.”

      (2) He started with this word:


     It is the end of the world,

               the war against the most high.”

      (3) Jesus said to me, “Let us resume this course from the beginning. I have spoken of:

      –The new Hitler,

      –The beast with lamb-like horns, coming up

                  out of the earth, in Revelation,

      –The prophecy of Daniel, prophecy unsealed.

      (4)Today I am going to speak to you about:

the antichrist.”

      (5) Jesus was walking while speaking. I was listening to him; and, from time to time, he looked at me and said to me, “Be attentive!

      (6) He began this study by speaking of
the Jews.

      (7)The Jews,” said he to me, “bear a yellow star on their clothes around their arms, on their chest. It is the symbol of the Jews, symbol of the star of David, Israël. It is thus that the Jews are seen in the streets and everywhere they are.

      (8) Looking from the window toward the world, he cried out aloud,


                Woe to the earth!

                    It is the END

                        of the WORLD!

      (9) It is near!

                It is near!

            Redeem the time!

                        Redeem the time!

      (10) It is imminent!

            There is no more time.

      (11) I thought (when he said this), “the antichrist is at the door of our classroom.”

      (12) Then he said to me, “I am sending you into vision. You will see him. He is at the door.

      (13) I see this tall imposing man, with matte skin, with his myriads of demons. I trembled. I have seen what Jesus saw.

      (14) He said to me,

      He is at the door of the world.

                They are ready!

                    They are ready!

                        They are ready!

      (15) Jesus, the son of God, said, “I am following the prophecy of Daniel 8:12-18 and of John of Revelation.

      (16) He shows me his strength, his divinity: “I am God, he said to me, “I see all that is going on upon the earth. The earth is mine with her inhabitants. I see this antichrist, where he is hiding with his myriads of demons, and I am going to reveal it to you in this course.”

      (17) When this antichrist comes,

          the whole world

will tremble!

        The whole world,

all the people

will tremble!

      (18)You receive from me my theology, the only one which comes from God and not from men. Ellen White received from me my theology, and Jeanine Sautron received from me my theology in the Dreams and Visions. All the other ones are false. These theologies of the earth have not been understood and have not been taught properly, theologies which lead away from the divine revelations.

      (19) Then he emphasized these words,

            The whole world

                    will not escape!


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 514–2, Vision No. 4


      (1) The son of God said to me, “Now I am going to show you this antichrist, where he is hiding. Fear not. You have received a great portion of grace for the dreams and the visions.

      (2) I went into vision. I saw this antichrist, the satan himself. This is an ordinary man, distinguished, dressed in a beige suit.

      (3) Looking at him, I saw a man, calm, with matte complexion, and brown hair.

      (4) I noticed he was getting annoyed alone in his thoughts: “How to take the earth hostage and establish his power over every nation.” Then he changed.

      (5) The man with great bearing, was shouting furiously like a lion; his tongue was hanging; he was breathing deeply, hitting his fists against the wall, so hard that the room was shaking, his features distorted by his wrath. He was shaking. His eyes became shining like pearls in their sockets. I trembled.

      (6) I saw Jesus near to me. He said to me, “You have seen this antichrist! He is thirsty for blood, the blood of the Jews and of the immigrants, mostly of the Jews.”

      (7) At the time of the shoa, the antichrist and his demons were spirits. They shed the blood of the Jews. No one saw them. Now they are persons in flesh and bone.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 514–2, Vision No. 5

      (1)Jesus said to me, “It is the moment to reveal to you the abode of the antichrist with his demons, where they are hiding on the earth.

      (2)It is men’s theology that says: ‘He is in Jerusalem, in Israel; it is in this country.’ This is false,” said Jesus to me.

      (3)I am God, the God of the universe. The earth is mine,” said the Eternal.

      (4)The antichrist is not in Jerusalem. He does not like the Jews. He wants to kill them all. He does not live in Jerusalem.”

      (5)He is here, in their country, with his demons. He is hiding, and no one knows who he really is. He disguised himself as a businessman. I saw that he has his office and employees at his service. He is also a minister, a movie actor. The deceit,” said Jesus, “is blinding. He is very cunning, as a fox.

      (6) Woe to the earth!

                Woe to the earth!

                    It is the END

                        of the WORLD.

It is imminent!

        The whole world

                        will tremble!

      (7) No one will escape the antichrist, the satan, and his demons. The earth will be taken hostage by the demons. There will be armed troops everywhere in Europe and in the other parts of the world.”

      (8)These demons do not die,” said Jesus to me; “they are spirits. They will die in the fire of Gehenna. They can appear and disappear.

      (9) Many will do evil; and no one will understand what he is doing. See Daniel 12:10.

      (10) Jesus revealed to me, When this antichrist comes, he will hit with his fist. He will be unmasked. He will talk with his fist, you will recognize him. It is the satan himself, the devil,

in person.”

      (11) The whole world

              will tremble!

        And it will be the END

                of the WORLD!

      (12)The antichrist with his myriads of demons are in their country,” said Jesus to me. “This country has on their flag this logo of two tool instruments that are crossed, that men use on the earth for their works, and a star.

      (13) Jesus said to me, “It is not the star of David in Jerusalem. It is on their flag and is part of this logo. This star, it is the eye that has his look over the whole world. The antichrist with his demons are in their country.

      (14) Jesus said to me, “I am God, the God of the prophecy.”

      (15)I will come back to reveal to you the


      (16)I am careful not to reveal to you the name of their country.”

      (17) He said,

            The END is near!

            It is imminent!

                No one will escape!

      (18) The antichrist is at the door of the world:

            Wake up!

                Wake up,

      cried Jesus to the earth in the vision,

It is late!

Jeanine Sautron