Chapter 518

Dreams and Visions

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!






which keep the COMMANDMENTS

of GOD, including the SEVENTH-






Dreams and Visions

Chapter 518, Vision No. 1






   (1) After unsealing the little book of Daniel 8:12-18, I saw the new Hitler, the beast with lamb-like horns, withdrawing, leaving us alone, Jesus and I. We were now alone.

   (2) All along my presence in this course, Jesus spoke to me of ARMAGEDDON, the genocide of the Jews, of the immigrants with knives, and of the end of times.

   (3) I saw Jesus very distraught by this prophecy of Armageddon. I saw him grave and solemn when he was looking at Hitler and the beast with lamb-like horns as they were getting out of our course.

   (4) Relaxed after all these revelations about the antichrist and his demons, I saw him again grave, preoccupied by something that was upsetting him deeply and making him suffer at the same time.

   (5) He approached me, looked at me in the eyes, and made this astonishing revelation to me about the seventh-day adventists, prostituted to Baal.

   (6) Jesus said to me: “It is written in the book of Daniel. I am going to transmit it to you now:”

   (7) None of the SDA will escape!

   (8) “The Skeneeds are recorded in the little white book. The Skeneeds,” said Jesus to me, “are humans under demons’ form. Look at a Skeneed; he appears like a demon, except that he is a human and not a demon.”

   (9) But Jesus said to me that they are similar to demons. The Skeneeds are part of this prophecy.

   (10) Jesus said it to me, “The apostate, prostituted seventh-day adventists will have their throats cut with knives by the Skeneeds, humans under the form of demons.”

   (11)All these prophecies come from the little white book that you have swallowed. I am revealing them to you now.”


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 518, Vision No. 2


   (1) I arrived in vision in front of the dwelling places of the seventh-day adventists, who believed themselves to be God’s favorite people on the earth, but abandoned to the power of demons and of the Skeneeds.

   (2) I saw their faces, and knives in their hands. They were the Skeneeds.

   (3) I was in vision. I heard outside of their homes cries of despair. They were weeping and praying to have divine succor. I saw no divine succor coming to their aid.

   (4) I was in vision outside. The Skeneeds were mocking them. They heard them praying and were laughing at their prayers. Their lives in danger, they ceased to weep; and their prayers became lower and more intense, asking for an immediate divine help.

   (5) I did not see any succor. I saw arriving the armed demons of the antichrist, dressed in black, with hoods, who entered into the dwelling places of the seventh-day adventists (what the Skeneeds did not dare to do);
they took their children, pulling them out before them, they took them outside and were cutting their throats before their eyes, like human sacrifices.

   (6) Then they went into their homes, into their houses, and cut the throats of their parents.

   (7) Men, women, children, and old men were without a shelter, at the mercy of the demons. They could not escape them.

   (8) The same scene was shown to me for the Jews who remained upon the French soil, because of the wealth that they have accumulated in France.

   (9) The demons, clothed in black, with hoods, were cutting their throats in their homes, in their apartments, their houses. They butchered Jewish men, women, and children.

   (10) I saw them licking their blood. They were both demons and vampires.

   (11) As Jesus, the son of God, had revealed it to me about the desolator, “ARMAGEDDON, it is a war code, which means,” said the son of God:

   The earth, taken over by

    the antichrist

          and his demons,

                a bloodbath.”

   (12) The earth will be in a bloodbath. The demons are also vampires, drinkers of blood.

   (13) I was trembling, I was weak:


   (14) All the angels of God have received the order to go back up to heaven. They will no longer be upon the earth to protect the humans from the clutches of satan and of his demons.

   (15) This time has come. Jesus (with his father) has decided, to put an end to the tyranny of satan and of his demons by opening the seven seals.

   (16) The spirit of God will have withdrawn definitely from the men of this earth when the demons are visible everywhere.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 518, Vision No. 3


   (1) I left the earth, leaving behind me these terrible scenes.

   (2) These terrible scenes disappeared from my eyes. I saw the tabernacle of God in heaven.

   (3) In this vision, I kept in contact with the earth. I heard cries of pain, groans, tears: “They have killed us.”

   (4) I heard parents against their children, and the children against their parents, because of their religious faith. I heard these groans, cries and pains that kept coming to the tabernacle of God in heaven.

   (5) I saw Jesus in vision in the most holy place for the last time. He no longer wore his vesture of advocacy for the souls on the earth.

   (6) When he heard these cries, Jesus shivered with pain. He could no longer hear them, to such a point that he left the most holy place, passed the holy place to arrive at the door of the tabernacle which opened on the earth. Jesus opened the door.

   (7) I was in vision very close to Jesus. I saw him, a man who did all he could to save the men of this earth.

   (8) Casting a last gaze toward the earth, Jesus, the son of God, said,When I called you or sent you messages, no one answered me. When I knocked, no one opened their door to me.”

   (9) He said: Go now and cry to your idols!1
Cry to the gods of the earth that you have chosen

   (10) He said to the seventh-day adventists, “Go and cry and weep to the golden calf2 that you have built:3

   (11) None of you will be spared. You will be under the terror of the demons and of the antichrist, like Hitler and his soldiers were looking for the Jews upon all the earth to eliminate them like rats.”

   (12) Jesus said to them,

      None of you

            will escape!

   (13) Jesus said once and for all,

            It is late now!

   (14) Then, I saw him closing the door of the tabernacle. And I remained a moment in heaven, witnessing his definite break-up with the apostate seventh-day adventists, and the humans of this earth.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 518, Vision No. 4


   (1) I saw the antichrist say to his demons, “The world is like Sodom and Gomorrah. It is their punishment. We are going to butcher all of them with knives, like sheep. They are at our mercy. They are all without shelter. Divine protection is withdrawn from them. Let us cut their throats!”

   (2) The enemy of the souls said to his demons, “The earthlings have gathered upon the earth riches that will be of no use to them. The seventh-day adventists have sinned against their God. They are punished.”

   (3) “Let us punish them! Let us cut their throats! It is their fault. They should not have followed me, nor listened to me,” said the antichrist; “they are without shelter. Their God has abandoned them to their fate.”

   (4) The angels of God are no longer upon the earth. “The world will know a pain,” said Jesus to me, “that no one will be able to alleviate.”

   (5)ARMAGEDDON will spare neither Jews, nor immigrants, nor seventh-day adventists, nor blacks; and the sects [religious orders] will also be butchered.”

   (6) Jesus made this astonishing revelation to me: “The sects [religious orders] will not escape. They will be put to death, because the antichrist says that they should not have followed him, because they do not have the SABBATH of the Eternal; they do not belong to God.”4

   (7)These are considered to be rats upon the earth. Such is the way the antichrist sees the sects [religious orders],” said Jesus, the son of God, to me “they belong to him; he will kill all of them.”

   (8) Jesus said to me: “The people of God have

 this seal of God:5



on Saturday.

   (9) There was war in heaven with the son of God because of this day of rest,6

the SABBATH of the Eternal.

The satan wanted to change this law to establish his law.

   (10) Jesus said, There shall not disappear from the law one tittle, one jot.

   (11) This is why the antichrist with his demons will war against God, against those who keep the Sabbath of the Eternal, on Saturday, from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday. These are the true worshipers.

   (12) Jesus said to me: They are a little ‘remnant,’ the true worshipers.”

   (13) He revealed to me: “Philadelphia, the “Remnant,” which came out of the apostasy of the seventh-day adventists, is not the only ‘remnant’ upon the earth.”

   (14) Jesus revealed to me that he has a ‘remnant
sealed with the seal of God in the world. They are Jews like him, who have received the righteousness of Jesus
and are justified by faith. They are sealed with the seal of God on their forehead. They will be part of the 144,000.

   (15) Jesus went even further when he opened the little white book of Daniel, revealing the prophecies.

   (16) He said to me, No hair will fall from their heads, no hair. Satan and his demons cannot traverse this shield of light surrounding them.

   (17)This shield,” said Jesus to me, “it is an army of heavenly angels to protect them.”

   (18) Satan and his demons will not be able to traverse this shield of light. The little Jewish ‘remnant’ and the little ‘remnant’ of Philadelphia are sealed with the seal of God. They are irreprehensible,”7 said the son of God to me.

   (19) I COME.

         It is late

      for the world!

Jeanine Sautron