Chapter 528–3

Dreams and Visions

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!






who keep the COMMANDMENTS

of GOD, including the SEVENTH-






   (1)     JESUS, THE SON OF GOD,







Dreams and Visions

Chapter 528–3, Vision No. 1

   (2) My messenger said to me, “Come, follow me. Jesus asked me to take you to him.”

   (3) When he saw me, he said:

My grace is sufficient for thee.”

   (4) When I came to Jesus, I noticed that he was looking at a man. He said to me,

   The worm is in the fruit.

      Everything is corrupt.”

   (5) He said to me,I have an important revelation to make to you about the man I am looking at; I present to you the torturer of the Jews. This is an antichrist. He is the satan in person. This man that I am looking at is the torturer of the Jews and of the immigrants. You will transmit to your brother, Roy Lemke, in Oregon1 to put on YouTube, the internet, this message for the Jews living in Europe and in the whole world. It is urgent, pressing!

   (6) “You will say: Thus spoke the Eternal:

The shoa is imminent!

The Jews in the world will be struck with knives. There is no more time.

The END is near.

This antichrist is ready with his human demons.

      They are ready!

      It is imminent!’”

   (7) You will transmit this message to Roy Lemke. It will be published in all the languages.2

     Then the end will come.

This end will be

the end of the world.”

   (8) Jesus said,

The END is imminent!

  (9) The shoa,

        the holocaust

         of the Jews

          and immigrants,

            of the sects

and blacks,

is approaching.”

   (10) Jesus spoke to me and said, This woe is near. Woe to the earth!

  (11)This antichrist with his human demons will enter the homes of the Jews to kill them. This man will be in front of his army of soldiers, all dressed in black and in hoods, and having very sharp knives.”

   (12) I saw this antichrist. He is like a normal man. Dressed in jeans and a pink fushia shirt, he was giving orders to assault the Jews in their sleep in the early morning hours. No sooner had the sun risen, than the antichrist, the torturer of the Jews, dictated to his demon soldiers to slaughter all the Jews in their sleep.

   (13) I saw that no one could be spared. They were no longer men. They were demons (drinkers of blood).

   (14) Jesus raised his voice like a trumpet:

   The shoa is coming back!

        It is an abomination:

   Wake up!

    Wake up!

      Woe to the earth!

        Woe to the earth!

The antichrist is coming toward you. He is at the door of PARIS,

the capital of France.”

   (15) This antichrist is in France. He is the torturer of the Jews, revealed by the son of God. With him are his demons of flesh. These men are married and have children. This antichrist is married and has children.

   (16) They are ready! They are ready with large knives for the genocide. The shoa is near. There is no more time. They are demons of flesh (drinkers of blood).

   (17) In the vision, Jesus drew my attention: “Look at this man. Look at him well. He is the torturer of the Jews, and then torturer of the immigrants. It is satan in person. He has been minister and president before. When this antichrist comes back,

the peoples will tremble!

     Europe will tremble!

   (18)Jesus, the son of God, said to me. You will transmit this revelation as I have revealed it to you, without waiting.

   (19) Now this is URGENT. The shoa is coming back into all the countries of the world. The immigrants will not escape,” said the son of God. “The sects will be eliminated with knives. The crematory ovens are going to be rekindled.”

   (20) They are ready!

       They are ready!

   (21) It is due to the opening of the seven (7) seals of the Revelation of John that a terrible woe is going to swoop down upon the earth: the extermination of the Jews through crematory ovens.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 528–3, Vision No. 2


   (1)Jesus revealed: He knows this antichrist. He is in France.

   (2) Jesus said to me, “You see the satan in person.”
—I was weak. I was about to collapse when he said to me,

My grace is sufficient for thee.”

   (3) Jesus further said to me: “He thirsts for the blood of the Jews.

   (4) I saw and heard in the vision, that this antichrist, in connivance with the beast, will pass a decree to arrest all the Jews and take them to concentration camps in order to keep a people who observe and keep Sunday.3

  (5)The Jews will be banished from society. They are considered to be rats. The antichrist and the beast will gather them for the shoa, the crematory ovens.”

   (6) Jesus made me understand, that the antichrist will not have the power. It is the beast with the lamb-like horns who will reign, and will decree to keep and observe Sunday. This antichrist will do the work of the torturer with the new Hitler.

   (7) Jesus, the son of God, did not teach me that he [the antichrist] will come back to be minister and president. He will come back as a simple, normal man, “but a man, what a man,” said Jesus, “the satan in person.”

   (8) Jesus announces his coming. He will come back:

The peoples will tremble!


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 528–3, Vision No. 3


   (1)This message is for all the Jews in EUROPE, starting with France, and next for all the countries of the world:


 Leave France

and Europe!

   You will be,” said Jesus, the son of God, “considered like rats that are to be eliminated from the earth, with the immigrants.”

   (2) The shoa is imminent!

   (3) Jesus pointed out to me: — his voice was like thunder. I trembled. — He said to me, The wormwood is circling the earth, unknown to the inhabitants of the earth. It almost touched the earth. It passed near the planet Earth. It will come and hit Paris, the capital of France, and Europe will be under the effect of a nuclear bomb.”4


   (4)This meteorite is present. It circles over our heads without Europe suspecting its presence, like the fire that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.”5

   (5) Jesus revealed to me and said to me:

(Wheat fields).

   The wheat will be ripe, and the wheat will not be harvested. The apples will also be ripe, and they will not be picked. Like the pains of a pregnant woman,

no one will expect it!

   (6) I thought: These elements, such as the wormwood and the super volcano Chato in Costa Rica, will sweep through the earth at the end of summer. Everything will go very fast.

   (7) Jesus said:It is imminent!

   (8) Everywhere I saw fields that have been plowed and abandoned. There was an abundant magnetic field of
powerful radioactivity coming out of the cool earth.

   (9) I looked and saw in Geneva large buildings, and radioactivity was coming out of the walls of these buildings.

  (10) Radioactivity cannot be seen with the naked eye. Jesus has given me eyes to see the radioactivity in this vision. I was able to see the invisible. I was afraid. I did not dare go any further. I froze up on the spot. I was in a field of terrible radioactivity.

 (11) Jesus said to me,

      “No one will escape in Europe!

My grace is sufficient for thee.”

   (12) I saw the wrath of God smiting Europe. I felt that it was necessary to have a solid faith to be able to live what Jesus revealed to me. The wrath of God is terrible!


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 528–3, Vision No. 4


  (1)Before that, I went into vision. This star was shown to me falling upon Paris. As it fell it projected a blinding light like a nuclear bomb. This light was white, blinding.

   (2) My mind came to the Haute Savoie. A powerful wind was sweeping everything before my eyes. I saw that the trees suddenly lost their leaves, showing bare trees, skeletons before my eyes. I saw this in vision. I was paralyzed.

   (3) Both Savoie and the forests were affected. Savoie and Haute Savoie were blown by the depression of air of this star fallen on France. This is when I understood. Jesus revealed to me: The wormwood will come as a nuclear bomb. I trembled, and I understood the vision.

   (4) The shoa, the holocaust of the Jews and immigrants with knives, will draw God’s wrath on the European countries.

   (5) This antichrist is a simple man. He is in France. This is the satan in person, the torturer of the Jews,” said Jesus to me.

   (6) When I saw him with his demons, he was wearing jeans and a pink fushia shirt. His eyes were shining in the night.


   (7) France will be under the occupation of this antichrist. He is coming with his soldiers dressed in black, hooded, with knives.

   (8) These men were in organized groups, seeking to kill veiled women with their children.

   (9)Like the soldiers of Hitler, they will be without pity,” said Jesus.

   (10) They are demons under the appearance of men, men who are called by Jesus: demons with human flesh. They are married and have children. Jesus revealed to me: This antichrist is married and has children.

   (11) Jesus reveals:

The end of the world

is imminent!

   (12) When the wormwood comes, EUROPE will be annihilated by radioactivity. There will no longer be Europe.

   (13) I saw here and there springs of water fuming, allowing the coming of the volcanos in Haute Savoie to be seen. Geyser streams (of hot water), were coming out right through the countryside; sulfur smoke was rising up into the air.

   (14) I lost the vision.

   (15) The wormwood will put an end to the holocaust of the Jews. From heaven will come the wrath of God, which will annihilate EUROPE,” said Jesus to me. “Take the little book of Daniel; take the little white book with you. You are going to leave France.”


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 528–3, Vision No. 5


   (1) When I was looking at this antichrist (whom Jesus
called “the torturer of the Jews”), he was not with his human demons. He was with the beast with the lamb-like horns, putting a decree in promulgation, saying that the Jews will no longer have the right to the soil in France.

   (2) Consequently, their mosques and synagogues must be destroyed. In case of rebellion on their part, they will be taken to concentration camps; and what will happen, they will be burned in crematory ovens.6


   (3) Jesus, the son of God, showed me in a vision that these ovens are ready. They are ready with industrial coals to burn the Jews alive. The immigrants will go through the genocide of the knives. The seventh-day adventists will go through the Skeneeds’ knives.

   (4) In the vision, I saw again this antichrist, well dressed as a man of the world, with an elegant costume (a formal suit).

   (5) Jesus was looking at him, and so was I. But this man did not know that Jesus saw him and was talking about him with me.

   (6)It is the devil, the satan in person,” said Jesus. — I was going to faint. He said to me, “Fear nothing. You are in vision near me. Look at this man; look at him well. He has been minister and president before.”

  (7) Jesus said to me that this man, under the power of satan, will come back for the holocaust of the Jews, the shoa.

   (8) Such have been this vision and the revelations of Jesus.

   (9) He will return with the power of satan.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 528–3, Vision No. 6

   (1) Jesus said to me,

      This message is urgent! It must appear on YouTube, the internet, by Roy Lemke, the person in charge of this work. He will publish it without waiting.”

   (2) This is urgent!said Jesus. You will say:

   (3) Thus spoke the Eternal, “the shoa, the holocaust of the Jews, will come back into all the European countries and into all the countries on the earth. The immigrants will not escape, nor the seventh-day adventists. They are without shelter. This people have rejected Jesus, the son of God, and have sinned against his holy spirit. This people were rejected because of their lukewarmness.”’”

   (4) Jesus said to me,I do not know them. Who are they? They are Catholics with their Virgin Mary and their idols!

   (5) Jesus declares:The crematory ovens are going to be rekindled. This antichrist with his human demons are ready:

Off it went!

   (6)Hitler, the beast with lamb-like horns and the antichrist:     Off it went!

The worm is in the fruit. Many will do evil, and no one will understand.”


   (7) Jesus said to me,

Hitler is alive.

        Hitler is alive.”

   (8) Both of these personages [Hitler and the antichrist] were presented to me in vision. But Jesus drew my attention more on the antichrist, the torturer of the Jews and of the immigrants and of the veiled women.

   (9) Jesus said to me, When you see this abomination revealed by me, without anything or anyone intervening, the worm is in the fruit. Many will do evil, and no one will understand.”

Depart! Leave France

before this abomination!

   (10) Behold the counsels of Jesus, the son of God, revealed to the Jews in France, in Europe, and in all parts of the world:

   (11) Jesus said to me, I am Jewish. I am the son of God. We are three persons:
the father, the son, and the holy spirit.

 (12) The son of God calls the Jews, the immigrants, to leave Europe, to depart for Jerusalem, Israel, then make the ascent to OREGON, the country where Roy Lemke lives, to join the “remnants” of the Eternal, who are Jews by faith, and who keep the SABBATH of the Eternal, from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.

   (13)I am offering you a SHELTER in this country, said Jesus, the son of God.

   (14) Speaking to the Jews and to his children who are still in these pagan churches, he calls them to come out, without waiting:


      Go out of there!

   (15) We were still looking at the antichrist.

   (16) Jesus said to me, I do not see a man in his worldly vesture. You will say to me: This is a man. I see the satan, the devil in person, the torturer of the Jews, of the immigrants in Europe, in France.

   (17) The worm is in the fruit.


   (18) Jesus had this word that he was repeating continually in the vision:


      Escape for your life!

   (19) Do not imitate Lot’s wife.


         Do not look back!

Save yourselves and your families!

   (20) I noticed that Jesus loves this Israel people on the earth, the Jews. Knowing the shoa of 1943-1944, Jesus has suffered. He wept when he saw the torturer of the Jews. I said to myself, “It was terrible, this shoa of 1943-1944!”


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 528–3, Vision No. 7


   (1)Jesus said to me, “Come, follow me.”

   (2) He said to me, “I am taking you to the country of this antichrist. My grace is sufficient for thee.

   (3) I saw myself with Jesus under a scorching sun. It was very, very hot. I was walking beside him. And seeing a field of wheat, very ripe, gilded by the sun, he entered into this field of very ripe wheat, and picked a head of wheat.

   (4) I looked at him, I did not understand. He said to me, “I am going to instruct you. Listen to me attentively.
— He took this head of wheat and presented it to me.—
We are here in the country of the antichrist.” — I trembled. — “Fear nothing,” he said to me.

   (5) Jesus revealed to me and said to me. “Each country has a logo on its flag. This antichrist has this logo on his flag: A hammer crossed with a head of wheat; and in this logo, in the center: a star. This is not the star of David. It is like an eye that sees over the world.”

   (6) Jesus said to me, “I leave you the care of making searches regarding this logo. This man was minister and president before.”

   (7) The shoa is imminent!

      It is the END

        of the world!

      It is the END

        of the world!

   (8) The end will come through the holocaust of the Jews in France.”
Revelation of Jesus: “
This holocaust will rush the coming of the wormwood
to put an end to the captivity of the Jews in the world. And the super volcano named Chato is going to sweep through the other parts of the world. The earth will be plunged into the darkness of toxic gases, ashes and smoke.”

   (9)The sun will no longer give its light because of the smoke of this super volcano of Chato in Costa Rica. It will be the wrath of God. Fire will destroy on the earth cities of sin, of Sodom and Gomorrah.”


   (10) I came back to heaven with Jesus. His voice was ringing out like a powerful thunder and the sound of a trumpet:

   The shoa is imminent!


      Leave Europe!

   (11) This pressing warning was for the Jews and for me when he said to me to depart before the wormwood. — “Without my grace your eardrums would have been dead.”

   (12) I realize the grandeur and majesty of Jesus in the glory of his father. I trembled. Weak but confident, I was looking at Jesus, seeing him in his grandeur.— My grace is sufficient for thee,” said he to me.

   (13) He said to me,Cry aloud! Blow the trumpet! And let it have this sound coming out of it:

   The shoa is imminent!


         Go out of there!

Save yourselves and your families!

   Do not look behind you.

   (14) Jesus said to me,

   The death knell has sounded.

      There is no more time.

        All will go very fast.”

   (15) The four winds from the four corners of the earth are released.”

   (16) Jesus said to me,

   There is no more time for

the Jews, the immigrants, and the ‘remnants’.”

   (17) It will be at your own risk and peril.


  Do not look behind you.

    Escape for your life!

   (18) Addressing theremnants” who are still in France, he said, “Resume your sentences, your writings; repeat this word, ‘shoa’.”

   (19) The shoa is imminent! This antichrist is at the door of Paris, the capital of France,” said Jesus to me. “These soldiers of the antichrist will be in all the countries in Europe and in the world. Europe will have its soldiers.”

   (20) The trumpet has sounded in heaven,

      Listen! Listen!

      From heaven comes this cry:

      Jesus comes soon!

      Oh! you who slumber,

      Listen! Listen!

      Come and be awake;

      Jesus comes soon!


         It is late!

   (21) Jesus says to this Jewish people:

      Wake up!

      Wake up!

        It is late!


   (22) The shoa is before you:

      Wake up!

    The crematory ovens

      are going to be

rekindled in France.

    There is no more time!

      It is late!



   (23) I saw Jesus lingering over this man who had become the antichrist, the torturer of the Jews on the earth.

   (24) He said to me, “This man is not the only antichrist on earth. There are several in the world. All the antichrists have this symbol with their fingers, which is the 666 mark of the beast, the mark of satan.”

   (25)You will recognize him. The one I showed you speaks with his fists,” said Jesus.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 528–3, Vision No. 8

   (1)Jesus addresses this message to the Jews, to the non-Jews, to the immigrants, and to the blacks:7


            It is the END!


   (2)This lightning will be sudden, unexpected, in a blue sky. Darkness will fall upon France. The way will get dark. Depart before it is night.”

         Depart,” said Jesus.

                  It is late!

   (3) Do not imitate Lot’s wife.

     Do not look back!

     ‘Escape for your life!’”

   (4) Go back home,”

as Jesus said,

         to Jerusalem, Israel,

and then to Oregon.”

   (5) For the Jewish brothers and sisters of Jesus:

         Depart from Israel

when the super volcano Chato wakes up:

         Depart for Oregon!


Before the night, before nothing works on the earth,


   (6) Such were the warnings of Jesus. His voice rang out like thunder:

   The shoa is coming back!

It is imminent!

This is the END.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 528–3, Vision No. 9


   (1) Jesus revealed to me:

   The end of the world is near.

      The wormwood is

        circling around the earth.

It almost touched the earth. He said to me that it skimmed past the earth. I trembled. My blood chilled.

   (2)       — Feed my lambs.

   (3) The whole world was ignorant that it [the wormwood]
was very near the earth. It just missed the earth.

   (4) He made another astonishing revelation to me, which will surprise the inhabitants of the earth, the whole earth:

   It is a matter of a super volcano. This super volcano is found in Costa Rica. It is called by the name of Chato. It is the name of this volcano. The earth will be plunged into darkness.


   (5) I went into vision to explore this volcano called Chato in Costa Rica.

   (6) I saw a volcano which has been extinct for years;
and I noticed superposed layers of lava that have cooled down. I was contemplating the immensity of this crater when, in the vision, I found myself on the edges of this extinct volcano.

   (7) I looked into the bottom of this crater, that showed a little lake, whose water color was blue-green. I trembled. I was like a wisp of straw. I realized the enormous grandeur of this extinct volcano.

   (8) I felt a breeze passing in this place and that made me feel like departing from this place. I was leaving this place on tiptoe, for I was barefoot, and my garment was pure white. I feared seeing it waking up.

   (9) I was leaving this place without making any noise, and my messenger said to me: “Jesus is here. He desires to speak to you.”

   (10) The day went down suddenly; there was no more sun. Black smoke, toxic gases and vapors were surrounding me: The volcano called Chato had just erupted. It was smoking. I was allowed to see Jesus, who gave me this message for his Jewish brothers and sisters to depart from Jerusalem, Israel, to assemble with the remnantof the Eternal in Oregon.

   (11) “You will say to them:

   Thus spoke the Eternal:I have prepared a shelter for you in Oregon. Gather together when you hear about this volcano, Chato:

Leave Jerusalem!”’”

   (12) It is the end of the world

when this volcano wakes up!

   (13) Jesus revealed to me his origin and said to me, “I am Jewish. This message is addressed to all the Jewish brothers and sisters in the world.”


   (14) In a vision before that, Jesus had his fan. He himself came to transmit through the Dreams and Visions to the Jews, to the immigrants, to leave Europe, and to warn the world of the end of this world.

   (15) Jesus said this:

   Those who are in churches that do not keep the Sabbath,

   I am calling you to

come out without waiting:

It is the end of the hour.”


      Observe the 7th-Day


      Depart for Oregon

before the arrival of the wormwood and the super volcano!

   (16) This super volcano is revealed by Jesus in the Dreams and Visions. It is in Costa Rica under the name of Chato.

   (17) When the wormwood comes 8 with this super volcano, the whole earth will be in deep darkness, but it will not be the end yet.

   (18) All will go fast,” said Jesus.

It is the end of the world!

   (19) The 144,000 will be assembled before the seventh (7th) plague.

   (20)         End of the


   (21) This message has not been published right away. My messenger said to me, Jesus asks you to transmit this message as you have received it. Transmit it. It is imminent!

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 528–3, Vision No. 10


   (1) Jesus reveals:

This is the last hour!

   (2) Escape!” said the son of God. “The world is Sodom and Gomorrah.

   (3) Jesus says and reveals: Abominations fill the world.

   (4) The destruction is approaching. His wrath is going to swoop down upon the earth.

   (5) Jesus, with his fan in his hand, pointed out that he abhors homosexuality: man with man, and woman with woman, widespread homosexuality, and fornication that has become widespread, and is filling the earth with children with this filthiness and adultery.

   (6) It is because of these sins that:

   the death knell rang

        for humanity and

         for all those who are

      destroying the earth.

      Its ruin will be sudden

          and unexpected!

No one will escape!

   (7) It is by fire that God will destroy homosexuality and fornication. These are the sins which have caused the cup of the wrath of God to overflow; these are the sins. It is enough! Jesus will come to put an end to this world.


   (8) Jesus says to the Jews and to those who hear his voice:

      Come out of her,

      my people!9

    Separate from

      the filthiness and


   (9) The son of God reveals to the world:

It is the last hour.”

   (10) Homosexuality,



These are the sins.

The earth is defiled.

   (11) Man,” said Jesus, “is fallen lower than the animal. These are the sins that will put an end to this world’s history.

   (12) It is the end! God can no longer stand the sight of the horrors, the abominations upon the earth every day.10


   (13) Jesus said: It is the END.

It is the last hour.”

   (14)Now,” said Jesus, “the preaching time is terminated. These wicked will never obey. They are wicked ones.

   (15) Father, I have, by my blood, my grace, given all. It is finished. It is enough of the wicked. This is the last hour.

Jeanine Sautron