Chapter 529

Dreams and Visions

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!






who keep the COMMANDMENTS

of GOD, including the SEVENTH-













Dreams and Visions

Chapter 529, Vision No. 1

   (2) Jesus, the son of God, reveals through Dreams and Visions of Jeanine Sautron:

The worm is in the fruit:1

   Israel, with its capital, Jerusalem, is already taken. Satan and his demons are already there. They are in this country.

They are ready!

   (3) It is a prophecy on the way. Off it went! And it will be the end of all things, of all the countries on the earth. It will be the end of the world.”

   (4) The worm is in the fruit


said Jesus to me,he is preparing the atomic bomb with a power nine (9) to ten (10) times superior to that of Hiroshima.

   Off it went!

      It is the END

        of the world!

   (5) I came back again to this course with Jesus, the son of God. He was waiting for me.

   (6) He made an important and terrible revelation to me!

   (7) This country of Israel

    with its capital, JERUSALEM

        will be destroyed,

         and, with it,

        all the nations

          of the earth.”

   (8) Its ruin will be

        sudden and


No one will escape!

   (9) I am revealing to you this prophecy of the book of Daniel 12:11, 12, the ruin of Jerusalem. When Daniel had this vision, he fell as dead on the ground. My grace saved him from this vision. But Daniel was overwhelmed by this vision. This prophecy comes today by me, Jesus, to reveal it to you in Dreams and Visions.”

   (10) It is the END

        of the world!

               Off it went!

   (11) The worm is

              in the fruit.”

     He is doing, preparing, his

      work of destruction.

   (12) Satan is in person. He is the worm in the fruit in Israel. He is over there in this country with his demons.”

   (13) It is the END of the world!

    The ruin of this country

will be sudden and unexpected.

   (14) It is on this woe that Jesus was drawing my attention.

   (15) Jesus said, This country of Israel is already taken hostage with its inhabitants. This country is already in the traps of satan and his demons. It is already besieged.”

   (16)It is because of their blindness with the beast that this country will be the target of satan, for having been utilizing the antichrist 666. It is their punishment,” said Jesus to me.2

   (17) It is the END

        of the world!

   (18) This country fell into the trap of the 666 of the antichrist.”

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 529, Vision No. 2

   (1) It is because of this apostasy that Israel will be destroyed. Their end will come rapidly:

It is imminent!

   (2) It is a terrible end, revealed in this prophecy,” said Jesus, the son of God; “it is because of their apostasy with the beast.”

   (3) Jesus, the son of God, said to me, “The country of Israel upon the earth, with its capital, Jerusalem, are not my people. They are not my brothers and my sisters.”

   (4)I have in the world a Jewish remnant which has received the seal of the living God. They are the ones who are my brothers and my sisters, the true worshipers of the SABBATH.”

   (5) This country of Israel,” said Jesus to me, will not see that the worm is in the country:

      It is imminent!

      Its ruin will be sudden.

No one will escape!

   (6)Satan, called the devil, is in this country with his demons. They are preparing its ruin through the nuclear. They are in person in their country. Satan and his demons are in Israel to annihilate it from the earth. They will do it.

   (7) The worm is already in the fruit.”

   (8) Write the prophecy,” said Jesus to me:

      It is the end

        of the world!

   (9) They are already in Jerusalem,” said Jesus.

   (10) It is the prophecy of Daniel, announcing the ruin of Jerusalem. He [satan] will settle there and will live there with his demons.”

   (11)He is cunning, very cunning, and very intelligent, with an intelligence superior to the brain of a human being. He sees all that we do not see. It is a demoniac spirit. He sees everything in the world. He knows all the nuclear codes. He is a demoniac genius.”

   (12)Now that the worm is in the fruit, satan and his demons will remain there until they put in place their project of destruction, unknown to the inhabitants of this country and to the nations.

   (13)He is a spirit. He goes unnoticed by human eyes. Satan will settle with his demons in this country and make it their dwelling place.”

   (14)He is in Israel with his demons. They mix with the inhabitants of this country. No one knows that he is the satan, the devil himself.”

   (15) Jesus announces the

  destruction of Jerusalem.






   (17) Jesus said to me, This destruction will not come from outside. It is being prepared in the very bosom of this country of Israel. Since

the worm is in the fruit, satan is in this nation.

   (18) “Satan will set his finger on the

nuclear button.”

   (19) Satan, called the devil, has his bomb which is 9 to 10 times superior to those of the nations.”

   (20) This prophecy is on the way.

        Off it went!

      The worm is already

            in the fruit.

   (21) It is near!

        No one will escape!

    It is near,

        the end of the world.

    Off it went!said Jesus,

            It is the END

            of the world!


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 529, Vision No. 3

   (1) Jesus said to me, “I am sending you in vision to Israel.”

   (2) I found myself in this country of Israel early in the morning. I saw that a few people were already up. They were farmers.

   (3) I noticed, these men were wearing kippahs on their heads. I said to myself, “I am in Israel, in Jerusalem. I see the capital, Jerusalem. I am in the Israelites’ country.”

   (4) I was in vision. It was calm. There was no noise. It was early in the morning; the inhabitants were still sleeping.

   (5) I looked over the capital in the mist of the morning. Strange, I was attracted by the noise of a motor of a tourist airplane.

   (6) I looked. My vision got closer, and I noticed that it was a remotely guided drone. It was flying very low over the city and was going over the houses without touching them, so very low was this drone. It made a few turns lengthwise and breadthwise over itself.

   (7) After these few rounds over the capital, I lost sight of this drone. And I heard a noise, a terrible explosion over the capital, Jerusalem.

   (8) I saw, the farmers that were in my vision were terrified, and were thrown down terribly upon the ground. They were carried away by a terrible depression of air.

   (9) I did not see the explosion, but I can say that it was terrible! Jesus took away from me the vision of the nuclear bomb when it hit the ground.

   (10) This explosion was terrible, very powerful! I felt that everything shook around me. I heard cries, “It is the nuclear! It is the nuclear!” I saw fear, anguish.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 529, Vision No. 4


   (1) I went back to this course. I found myself again with Jesus. I was distraught. He said to me,

My grace is sufficient for thee.”

   (2) Again he said to me,

      The worm is already

            in the fruit.

   (3) The satan got settled inside of it. He is in this country.

   (4) He often repeated to me this sentence. The satan is in person in Jerusalem. He is over there in this capital with his demons.

   (5) Jesus revealed to me that the satan is preparing the nuclear bomb to destroy this country. He will monopolize the codes; and his demons will use them.

   (6) He is able to compose his own nuclear code and use it. Human beings cannot equal him.”

   (7) “He is governed by the laws of the country and respect. But when he gains the confidence of the nations, then everything will tumble in horror. He will take power over all the earth, and in this country. Satan has his nuclear bomb, 9 to 10 times superior to those of the nations. This bomb will be carried by a drone.

   It will be the end of the world!

   (8) It is their punishment,” said Jesus to me, “for having received the antichrist 666 in their country.”

   (9) The son of God, looking toward the earth, said, I came to die here below to save man, by my blood, from eternal death.”

   (10) Satan comes to destroy the men that I have created, the living beings upon the earth, in the air, and in the seas.”

   (11) The ruin of Israel

                   is near.”

   (12)He comes! The satan, called the devil, comes toward you. He is approaching:

         It is the END

            of the world!

   (13) Jesus revealed to me: “Satan is preparing the nuclear to destroy the whole earth, the creation of God. He is jealous of the work of God, and he flared up in anger against my spouse, the remnant of the Eternal Creator upon the earth, the Church of Philadelphia.”

   (14)He comes with his nuclear bomb, which is very powerful, 9 to 10 times more powerful than those of Chernobyl and Hiroshima.”

   (15)The bombs will be powerful, nine (9) to ten (10) times more powerful than all these woes hitherto known on the earth, very powerful.

   (16) This is why Jesus said to me: “The seven (7)
billion men and women will die. The earth will agonize in horror.

   (17) It is the END

            of the world!

   (18) Jesus said to me: “The seven (7) billion men, women and children, will not escape. The whole creation will pass away.”

   (19) The nuclear bomb that the satan is preparing is superior to all the bombs that men have ever used on the earth, more powerful than these atomic bombs, 9 to 10 times more powerful.”

   (20) When I heard 9 to 10 times more powerful, my blood chilled, I trembled. I was about to faint.— Jesus

My grace is sufficient for thee.”

   (21) He (the satan) is preparing the nuclear for the earth. It is a great woe that is approaching. It was written in the book of Daniel.

   (22) Jesus said, He is ready!

              He is ready!

   (23)It was at the opening of the seventh (7th) seal. I spared you the reading and the vision. You would die.

The world will disappear.

                     He comes!

            He is approaching!

   (24) Jesus wants this message to go around the earth in all languages.

   (25) This destruction within this country will come from Israel, Jerusalem. Satan, the worm, is already in possession of this country. Jesus revealed to me, he has the atomic bomb, 9 to 10 times more powerful than those of the nations. He has the nuclear bomb.

      The nations

        will tremble!

    All the peoples

        will tremble!


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 529, Vision No. 5


   (1) After the vision of the drone that I saw flying in the country of Israel over its capital, Jerusalem, Jesus said to me: “What you saw in the vision is a drone. This drone will be equipped with a nuclear warhead of 9 to 10 times the power of the Hiroshima, Nagasaki bombs, superior to Chernobyl’s.”

   (2)This drone is equipped with

a nuclear PIXEL,”

 said JESUS to me, a nuclear PIXEL;”

he repeated to me,that will destroy the whole earth.”

   (3) Jesus, master of creation, said to me: “The earth is mine. It [the desolation of earth] is out of jealousy of this ‘remnant,’ my wife.”

   (4)The satan, the devil, will use a drone that he will have made himself, with his demons, equipped with an atomic code. He will press the button and Israel, all the countries of the world, will be under the fire of the nuclear:

No one will escape!

      The earth will pass away.”

   (5) This revelation by Jesus, the son of God, is terrible! — “It is the spirit of prophecy,”
said Jesus to me

   (6) Jesus said to me, “Take time to look at nature with the birds, the flowers, and everything I have created. Soon these things will no longer be. It will be desolation, the end of the world.


   (7) When I saw this drone flying very low, I thought, because it was flying very low, that it had fallen.

   (8) Jesus unveiled to me how the satan will destroy Israel and its capital, Jerusalem. Now

the worm is in the fruit.

Its ruin is at hand!

   (9) Daniel almost lost his life because he saw the nuclear. This is why Jesus spared me the terrible scenes in the visions.

   (10) The demons will be everywhere, in tanks, airplanes, dropping bombs on the countries. They are stronger and do not die. The demons are spirits that the whole world will see everywhere on earth.

   (11) Jesus said to me, At the very moment I am talking to you, the time is counted:

Off it went!

   (12) The countdown of the prophecy has begun:

Off it went!

   (13) The satan, the devil, has the atomic bomb which is 9 to 10 times superior to all the bombs of the nations of the earth. He is an army general.”

   (14) Such were the revelations of Jesus.

   (15) Woe to the earth!

        Woe to the earth!

said the son of God to me.

      It is the END

          of the world!

        It is the END

          of the world!

   (16) This woe,” as Jesus, the son of God, said,
is a drone equipped with the
, 9 to 10 times more powerful than the [nuclear of the] nations.”

   (17) Such is the prophecy of Jesus, revealing

            THE END

          of the world.

No one will escape!


Jeanine Sautron