Chapter 530–1

Dreams and Visions

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

(Sabbath, December 24, 2016)

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!






who keep the COMMANDMENTS

of GOD, including the SEVENTH-















Dreams and Visions

Chapter 530–1, Vision No. 1


   (2) Unsealing the little book of Daniel 12:11, 12, Jesus
revealed to me:

   The holocaust of the Jews

          is approaching.

It is imminent!

   (3) After revealing the antichrist to me, the torturer of the Jews and of the veiled women with their children, in this vision, Jesus made me see the new Hitler. He is young and quick-minded.

   (4) I looked at him.

This is the new Hitler.

It is the end of the world!

      It is near and


   (5)Jesus said to me: “He resembles the old Hitler; he looks like him.”

   (6)My grace is sufficient for you.”

   (7) When I saw him, my legs were like a wisp of straw. Jesus reassured me: “I am near you.”

   (8) The holocaust

is coming back.

Such is the prophecy related in the book of

Daniel 12:11, 12.1

   (9) The son of God said to me, This man will rekindle the crematory ovens in France and throughout Europe, and in the other parts of the world. The Jews will be killed, burned:

The holocaust of the Jews

is coming back.

   (10) Everywhere in Europe and in France, the Jews will be hunted down. The majority will apostatize and pass into the ranks of the beast with lamb-like horns, who worships on Sunday and receives its mark.

   (11) Jesus said to me: This Hitler is also an antichrist. The Jews will no longer have any protection in France or in the other parts of the world. They will be looked for as rats that should be eliminated.”

   (12) The shoa comes back.

        It is imminent!

The shoa will come back. Such will be the work of the new Hitler. This shoa will happen in France.

   (13) It is the end of the world!

It is the end of the world!

cried Jesus.

   The crematory ovens

    are going to be rekindled.

          Daniel 12: 11, 12.”

   (14) This holocaust, revealed from the book of Daniel 12:11, 12, will return. Throughout Europe, the Jews will be hunted and taken to the crematory ovens.

   (15) These are modern ovens built to receive charcoal. What cruelty! When I saw these ovens, I was overwhelmed.

   (16) The vision revealed to me, whatever your nationality, all those who do not want to put the pixel on them, will be without work, without food, and for the Jews: the crematory ovens.2

   (17)This seemingly never ending holocaust will last until the arrival of the wormwood (absinthe),” said Jesus to me. “This holocaust will be in open-air. It will not be hidden from the general public. All the nations will be in conflict, at war with the Jews.”

   (18)This holocaust,” said Jesus to me, “will cease at the coming of the wormwood, which will fall on Paris, the capital of the antichrist (with his demons).”              

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 530–1, Vision No. 2


   (1) Jesus revealed to me, The wormwood will come and hit Paris at the time of this holocaust:

This is the wrath of God.

   (2) The whole Europe will be affected: Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany. All these countries will be annihilated, smitten by the wormwood.

   (3) Jesus said to me:Depart!

            Leave France!

   (4) In the past, the Jews were taken to the crematory ovens. Many of them were annihilated. It was the book of Daniel 12:11, 12, which speaks of the coming of the oppressor, the abomination of the Jewish people in Europe.

   (5) Showing me the new Hitler, the antichrist and the beast, Jesus raised his voice, shouting at the top of his voice:

      It is the END

        of the world!

          It is the END

            of the world!

   (6)Everything will go very fast. After these three-and-a-half (3½) years, or even four (4) years, after this time, the abomination of the crematory ovens of the Jews stops:

The wormwood

comes and

smites Europe.

   (7) God will smite EUROPE.

His wrath is approaching!

   (8) Jesus revealed to me in chapter 529 of Dreams and Visions: “The six (6) cups have already been poured out upon the earth. The seventh (7th) cup is approaching.”

   (9) Given that the seven (7) seals have been opened, the earth will know a pain that no one will be able to relieve. It will be gently, imperceptibly. The inhabitants of the earth do not expect it. It will be sudden and unexpected. Everything will go very fast.

   (10) Many will do evil, and no one will understand. The world is asleep. It will only awaken under the

wrath of God.

   (11) It is the END

      of the world!said Jesus to me.

      It is on the earth.

        Off it went!

The ice cap of Greenland has started to melt.”

   (12) It is in this vision with Jesus that he said to me that the end is on the way. This is the reason why the glaciers are melting; it is a revelation for the world.

   (13) It is the END

        of the world!


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 530–1, Vision No. 3


   (1) The holocaust is coming back. The crematory ovens are going to be rekindled. These are modern ovens:

They are ready!

        They are ready!

Everything is already being prepared. Everything is in place,” said Jesus to me.

   (2)     The wormwood

         is about to come.

         It almost touched

              the earth,”

said the son of God to me;

            it almost touched

              the earth.

   (3) I was shown this wormwood on the earth. Paris, the capital, was no more, nor the other European countries. God will be in wrath.

   (4) No one will escape

            this wrath!


   (5) The whole world will not be destroyed by the wormwood. The other parts of the world will be affected by the super volcano.


   (6) Jesus revealed to me: When the seventh (7th) angel set his feet on the ground, a volcano that had been extinct for years woke up.

   (7) He revealed to me, that has awakened all the belt of fire that crosses the earth; and thus all the extinct volcanoes will wake up. There will be earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and the list is long.3

   (8) The feet of this angel having been set here on the earth, the earth is shaking. The angel of the seventh (7th)
cup is here:

God is in wrath!

   (9)      No one will escape!

The wrath is approaching.

   (10) Europe will undergo the wrath of the wormwood.

         It is the END

        of the world!

   (11) One part of EUROPE will be no more.

   (12) Such were the words of the son of God.

   (13) The wrath is coming.

   (14) Jesus revealed to me: This man [the new Hitler]
is also an antichrist. This man is the second antichrist in France. The devil in person, the satan, is incarnate in this man, Hitler. History will be repeated.

   (15) Such was the prophecy of the son of God.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 530–1, Vision No. 4


   (1) Hitler is alive!

        Hitler is alive!

   (2) I saw Jews and non-Jews who have not accepted the pixel, the mark of the beast, the RFID chip in their flesh, have lost everything: employment, work, houses, social and spiritual relations.

   (3) The majority of the Jews in France apostatized from their faith: the SABBATH, and accepted in their flesh the pixel, the RFID chip. They kept their houses, their employment, their work, their social relations, while those who did not deny their faith: the SABBATH, were thrown into the street. They had only their small bags in their hands, that which was strictly necessary to live on the street, their clothes on their bodies and their shoes on their feet. That was all they had left. They were homeless, without food.


   (4) I saw that the streets of the big cities and the countryside were packed with Jews who have lost everything.

   (5) A large majority have


   (6) Jesus said to me: “Many are going to apostatize in the occupation of Hitler in Europe.”

   (7)Under the occupation of Hitler, all the Seventh-day Adventist churches will apostatize. They apostatized in the time of Hitler from 1943 – 1944. All the seventh-day adventist youth took up arms and went, killing the Jews everywhere in Europe.

   (8) Jesus said to me, “Many will apostatize. All the seventh-day adventist people, those whose names have not been written in the book of life of God, will apostatize.”


   (9)       THE OVENS WILL BE


   (10) I saw, buses were mobilized to pick up the Jews throughout France. Armed soldiers were mobilized in the towns and countryside and were forcing them to get into large buses.

   (11) Men, many Jewish men, were taken. They were taken to concentration camps.

   (12) I went into vision. I arrived into these camps. I noticed that there were several camps. On one side the men, and on the other side the women with their very young children and babies in their arms.

   (13) These separated families, like sheep, were in camps surrounded by barbed wire, quite high. This vision made me shudder with horror.

   (14) I was inspired that you will not see a single seventh-day adventist, Church of Laodicea, in these camps. They all apostatized. There were no adventists in this camp.

   (15) I saw these people, Jews, dirty, with their clothes torn, young men, young women. What struck me more, I saw suffering, sadness, rejection on their faces. They had become subhuman.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 530–1, Vision No. 5


   (1) I was in vision in these camps with women and children. A soldier of the new Hitler who was mounting his guard
4 told me: “You, follow me.”

   (2) I followed him. I did not know what was waiting for me. I was separated from these people, I never saw them again.

   (3) I was taken away to a building when a door opened. I was taken and thrown into that place. I realized that I was falling on burning coals, enough to cremate a living being. I heard the door lock behind me.

   (4) I whispered; the rise of the adrenaline made me whisper this name: JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! At this name I realized that the fire did not burn me. I felt nothing of the heat of the fiery coals.

   (5) I stood up, when suddenly I saw Jesus, the son of God, who came and joined me. In this vision, he was with me, standing by my side and reassuring me:

Fear nothing.

Feed my lambs.

   (6) Jesus, great and majestic, standing by my side, said this to me:

I will not allow those who are to be part of the 144,000, sealed with the seal of God, to be put to death.

I will not allow a single hair to fall from their heads.

I will not allow the gold to be consumed by the fire.

   (7) I was reassured, I was by his side.

   (8) Jesus allowed me to undergo this trial in order to increase my faith, and the faith of those who have loved him and who will go through trials, fire, water, sea, sun, nuclear. He sends them a message of love.

   (9) The Lord will not allow his saints to go through death. They will not die. They must be standing in the 144,000. Jesus knows them. No hair will fall from their heads.

   (10) Jesus gives this message to the Jews in Europe: When the beast with lamb-like horns takes power in France, depart!

  Leave France!

    Leave Europe!

      Go back home

        to Jerusalem, Israel.”

   (11) God knows his own:


      Depart for Oregon!

   (12) Jesus, the son of God, allowed me to live this prophecy of Daniel 12:11, 12.

   (13) When the shoa comes,” he said to me, “the wrath of God will swoop down upon the earth. The wormwood will come at the same time. This meteorite stone having left the corridor of Orion, will come and strike the earth.

   (14)The shoa, ARMAGEDDON,


     the pixel, the RFID, the nuclear:

      It is the END

      of the world!

        It is the END

          of the world!

cried Jesus,

      It is imminent!

        It is imminent!

   (15) He gave me this message:

      Keep your crown.

      Keep your crown.”

   (16) Be ready!

      It is the END

        of the world!

   (17) The end is near.

    The wrath is approaching.

   (18) It is coming.

      No one will escape!

   (19) Keep your crown.


Jeanine Sautron