Chapter 530–2

Dreams and Visions

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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Holiness to the Eternal Creator!






who keep the COMMANDMENTS

of GOD, including the SEVENTH-











DANIEL 12:11, 12.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 530–2, Vision No. 1

   (2) Jesus, the son of God, showed me: The antichrist is a man born of a woman. It is the satan himself. This man will act under satan’s hypnosis and will serve him.

   (3) Satan will go and make war with the remnant of the seed of the woman, the wife of Jesus, those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus, the Sabbath rest of the Eternal on Saturday, and the faith of Jesus, the counsels of the spirit of prophecy.







   (5) Jesus revealed to me the identity of his origin, the country where he is from. He was born in France.

      The world

        will tremble!

    All the peoples

        will tremble! 

   (6) The shoa will come back. It will be the work of this antichrist, of Hitler, and of the beast with lamb-like horns. The Jews will be taken to the crematory ovens. These are modern ovens fed with coal pellets heated to a bright glow.”

   (7) The shoa will come back, all over Europe. The Jews will be hunted in all Europe. They will be taken to concentration camps in order to go through the holocaust of the new Hitler.”

   (8)        It is the END

            of the world!

   cried Jesus.

   (9) In this shoa, I saw that there were Jews faithful to their faith, while others, afraid of passing through death, apostatized and became the enemies of the faithful Jews.

   (10) It is early in the morning that this antichrist with his soldiers, dressed in black, in hoods, will take France hostage.

   (11) The Jews who apostatized entered into the ranks of the antichrist and his soldiers.

   (12)The soldiers of the antichrist are married men, and have children.”

   (13)The antichrist has been minister and president before.” I received this revelation from Jesus, the son of God.

   (14) Jesus gave me the logo of his country, his origin. And I had to look for the country he came from myself in books.

   (15)There are several antichrists in the world. This antichrist born of a woman, is the satan in person. The antichrist will have his men dressed in black, with hoods. He is in France. He is that person. He is in France. You will recognize him. He will speak with his hands, forming his fist with his fingers, making the mark 666 of the beast.”


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 530–2, Vision No. 2

   (1)In the vision, Jesus said to me,

         It is the END

          of the world!

      It is the END

          of the world!

   He saw the horror of this abomination:


of the Jews in Europe.

   (2) This antichrist thirsts for the blood of the Jews, the blood of the Jews and of the immigrants, but of the Jews first.

   (3) The new Hitler and the beast with lamb-like horns coming up out of the earth gave order that all the Jews and all the sects must observe and revere the sun-god on Sunday, the first day of the week.

   (4) The antichrist will speak under the hypnosis of satan, and under the effect of a trance, will order that Jews, sects, and immigrants be burned in crematory ovens, that they be killed, put to death.

   (5) They will carry out their design.


   (6) I saw the soldiers of the antichrist who were going up and down the streets, on the watch, in order to spot the veiled women to kill them with their children.

   (7)This was the order of the antichrist in France. What happened in 1943 – 1945 will come back, said Jesus. The antichrist will put to death all the Jews in Europe. Crematory ovens will be lit in Europe, everywhere in Europe. The immigrants, the seventh-day adventists will pass through the knives of the skeneeds.”

   (8) Jesus said,

         The peoples

          will tremble!

      All the nations

          will tremble!

   (9)        It is the END

              of the world!

         It is the END

              of the world!

   cried out Jesus.

   (10) At the time of the vision, Jesus showed me three personages. The features of their faces were removed from me. These three personages will be under the hypnosis of satan to kill the Jews in crematory ovens, throwing them in there


   (11) They will be thrown in there alive, like human sacrifices. This antichrist will be the satan in person.

   (12) The Jews will no longer have any security in France, nor anywhere in Europe. ‘They must be exterminated, they are considered as rats;’
such is the spirit of the new Hitler, of the beast with lamb-like horns
, and of the antichrist.”

   (13) The shoa will return, the holocaust of the little book of Daniel 12:11, 12: the incessant sacrifice (as long as satan and his demons are on the earth, the people of God will be persecuted, insulted, and put to death).


   (14) I was sent into vision to live this abomination: the shoa, the holocaust of the Jews.

   (15) I have seen modern crematory ovens prepared with industrial coal, pellets of fiery coals, heated to the maximum, to receive the bodies of the victims.

   (16) In this vision, Jesus allowed me to live the shoa, through which many Jews are going to perish.

   (17) Jesus revealed to me: There is a little handful of faithful Jews in the world. The other ones are radicalists:

They will not escape!


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 530–2, Vision No. 3


   (1) I was inspired, the pixel in the flesh, bearing the mark 666, caused Jews to lose everything, to lose everything in France and in the other European countries. They were stripped of everything. They had only a small bag. They were thrown into the streets with their families.

   (2) The cities and the countryside were packed with Jews. They were in the streets, without food or water, like homeless people, while the vast majority apostatized and became the enemies of their Jewish brothers and sisters. They were their sworn enemies. And they even denied their Jewish nationality in order not to be taken to concentration camps.

   (3) Many, seeing the storm coming, apostatized so as not to lose their wealth in France. Jesus revealed to me, they were radicalists. These false brethren have not been sanctified by faith.

   (4) The towns and villages were packed with Jews who had lost everything, while a great number of them apostatized, denying their faith, and took the pixel in their flesh. They were Jews who were enemies of the faithful
Jews. They were false brothers, radicalists. These false brethren have not been sanctified by faith.


   (5) I saw, buses were set to pick up all the Jews in the streets of towns and villages. Armed soldiers of the antichrist asked them to get on the buses.

   (6) I saw in vision the Jews with their families who were arriving into camps surrounded by barbed wire. They were concentration camps. I saw women with women and with children, and men were separated from the women.

   (7) I saw mothers holding their babies in their arms. Fear, thirst, and hunger marked the traits of suffering on their faces. — I was disconcerted, distraught.

   (8) These camps were in France. Jews, immigrants and sects, were in these camps, like sheep. I looked at them. They were terrorized.

   (9) Terror was read on their faces. They had lost their dignity: Dirty, without food, weakened, it was the shoa (the new shoa of modern times) of the antichrist, of Hitler, and of the beast with lamb-like horns. Whole families were broken.


   (10) I saw this man antichrist going from house to house with his soldiers to kill the Jews in their dwelling places. It was the spirit of Hitler.

   (11) He was clothed with blue jeans and a pink fushia colored shirt.


   (12) As I was in vision in these camps with the Jews, I was like them, prisoner of the antichrist, Hitler, and the beast.

   (13) One soldier, a guard of the camp, came to me and asked me to follow him: “You, follow me.” He took me to a large modern building. I did not know what was waiting for me, when the door opened, and he hurled me into a crematory oven heated with coal, many pebbles of burning coals. Then I heard the door being locked behind me.

   (14) I was hurled ALIVE into this crematory oven. I was on the burning coals. The strength of my faith made me call: Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

   (15) I got up without feeling the coals burning the soles of my feet. The strength of the heat did not affect me. I was astonished, I did not die. I was awake all the time I was locked up in that oven.

   (16) Suddenly, I was surprised. Jesus came and joined me in this vision. He said to me: “Fear nothing.” He was with me. We were in this crematory oven. He smiled at me and reassured me:

Fear not,

I am with thee.

            Feed my lambs.

   (17) He comforted me with these words:

    I will not allow those who have received the seal of the living God on their foreheads and who are to be a part of the 144,000 to be put to death.

   “I will not allow one single hair to fall from their heads.

   “I will not allow the gold to be consumed by the fire.

   (18) I remained for a moment beside Jesus on the fiery coals. We were in a bit of smoke, but we were well. (I did not breathe in that vision.) — “You are not breathing,”
said Jesus to me.

   (19) He spoke to me of these three young Hebrews:
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. I knew these persons in the Bible. — Thus it is,” he said to me, those who love God will not die.

My grace is sufficient for thee.

   (20) I heard the torturers of the antichrist open the door, and they let me out of the oven. A fear took possession of the torturers and they were releasing the prisoners from the camps.

   (21) I heard the sound of powerful thunders. Lightning enveloped us.

   (22) Men like soldiers set us free from the camps. They blew up the barbed wire. We were freed. They said:

   It is the deliverance!

    Save yourselves! 


        into the forests!

— For we were very close to the forests.1

   (23)Depart! Go! Do not look behind you!

Escape for thy life!

   (24) Hurry up!

   (25) I understood that the torturers of the antichrist were struck with blindness, leaving us time to flee.

   (26) Others, unwilling to fight any longer, went back to their homes and apostatized by taking the pixel so as not to die.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 530–2, Vision No. 4


   (1) Jesus said to me: “You have been put into this trial to show you that it will be like the vision that you have lived. It is near at hand.”

   (2) There were thunders, hailstones, and lightning! It was terrible!

   (3) I was inspired:

      The battle of Armageddon

        was coming to an end.

          It was the deliverance.

             Hold on! Hold on!

   (4) This inspiration comforted me:

It is the END

of the great


   (5) It is near.

      It is the END

          of the world!

         It is the END

          of the world!

It is the END

          of the world!

   (6) When the shoa comes back,

        It is the END

          of the world.

   (7) Such were the revelations of Jesus in these visions.

Jeanine Sautron