Chapter 530–3

Dreams and Visions

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!






who keep the COMMANDMENTS

of GOD, including the SEVENTH-





             THE SPIRIT OF


   (1) Woe to the earth!

Woe to the earth,

cried Jesus, the son of God.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 530–3, Vision No. 1

   (2) Jesus instructed me:

   (3) The shoa will come back. Hitler, the antichrist born of a woman,1 and the beast with lamb-like horns together, will order the extermination of the Jews. The Jews will be taken to the crematory ovens.
— Those I saw in vision were modern ovens.

   (4) Jesus said, “This antichrist is the satan himself.”

   (5)Everywhere in Europe, the Jews will be hunted down. They will be afraid for their lives. The Jews who are faithful to God will be faithful to God up to the end, while others will apostatize and will become the enemies of the Jews who are faithful to their faith. They will pass over to the camps of the antichrist and will accept the pixel.”

   (6)The antichrist has been minister and president before”, said Jesus to me, “I have revealed to you where he is from. You will search in books.”

   (7)The antichrist was born of a woman. He is in France. He speaks with the fist, with gestures with his hands, and greets like Hitler, with the three digits, 666.”

   (8) I saw in the vision this antichrist, Hitler, and the beast with lamb-like horns. These three personages are going to ally themselves together. They will be one and the same spirit, that of satan, under the hypnosis of killing the Jews.

   (9)This antichrist will be the satan in person, in person,” said Jesus to me, “under the grip of satan, the torturer of the Jews and of the immigrants.”

   (10) The immigrants, the Jews, will no longer have any protection in France,” said Jesus, the son of God, to me, they will no longer have any protection.
[According to the antichrist, Hitler, and the beast,]
a Jew is a rat. They must be exterminated. Such is the work of the antichrist. He was born of a woman. He is in France,” said Jesus.

   (11) The shoa will come back,” said Jesus to me, it will come back. This shoa will happen in France and in all of Europe.

   (12) Such are the revelations of Daniel 12:11, 12:


   (13) Jesus revealed to me: All over Europe the Jews will be hunted down and taken to crematory ovens.

   (14) It is the end of the world. Satan knows it through the Dreams and Visions on YouTube, published by Roy Lemke,” said Jesus to me. Satan knows that there is no more time for him and his demons. His time is shortened.”


  is coming back.

    The crematory ovens

      are going to be rekindled.


   (16) Jesus, the son of God, allowed me to live the shoa in order to understand this holocaust, which will be this abomination, which is near. I have seen the same abominations, the crematory ovens of the old Hitler;
modern crematory ovens are going to be rekindled, and ovens with very fiery industrial coals.

   (17) The protection of God is for those who have been sealed with the seal of God on their foreheads. The protection will be for his Jewish brothers and sisters, sealed with the seal of God; while the radical Jews who are not sealed are going to be burned ALIVE. I say again, “ALIVE.” They will have no protection.

   (18) I saw that the radical Jews do not want Jesus. They are going to be burned alive. They have no protection. They will not even want to be in the presence of Jesus. They are so attached to their traditions that they will not want Jesus. They are radicalists.

   (19) Jesus showed me: “They are rebellious ones. The Jewish nation is not the people of God.”

   (20) Such were the words of Jesus. He knows his own.

   (21) This seal,” said Jesus to me, “is on them. It is on their foreheads: The SABBATH, the seal of the seventh-day SABBATH,2 their belonging to God.3 I have enclosed them. I have put them in safety in my sanctuary. They are shut up with Jesus. Sin, death, and the wicked have no more power over them.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 530–3, Vision No. 2


   (1) Jesus revealed:

   Hitler is alive.

    It is the new Hitler.

   (2) The new Hitler will replace the old Hitler and will have the same design as him:
to exterminate the Jews in Europe. It is in France, and also in Europe, that the modern crematory ovens are going to be rekindled.

   (3) Jesus said to me, “Many wicked will do evil. No one will understand.”

   (4) He opens again and unseals the book of Daniel.

   (5) The holocaust, the shoa will come back. It is written in the little book. Write the prophecy. Many Jews are going to apostatize.”

   (6)And the seventh-day adventist people will apostatize as well. They are radicalists,”
said Jesus. “Like the radicalist Jews, they will have no protection. They have loved the traditions. Jesus is unknown to them.”

   (7) Such were the revelations made by the son of God.


   (8) I was inspired, their refusal to take the pixel in the flesh, bearing the 666 mark, will cause Jews to lose everything in France and in the other countries of the world. I saw them with their little suitcases; that is all they had left. They were stripped of everything. They only had their shoes and their clothes. They were thrown into the streets without food or water, like homeless people. They lost all their rights.

   (9) The streets, the towns and the countryside were packed with Jews who have lost everything, while the vast majority of them apostatized and took the pixel in their flesh. They had become their enemies, Jews against their Jewish brothers and sisters. They were wicked.


   (10) I saw, buses were mobilized to pick up all the Jews in the streets of the cities and of the countryside. Armed soldiers asked them to get on the buses. They obeyed.

   (11) The Jews and their families were taken away, under the orders of the new Hitler,
4 to concentration camps in France, camps surrounded by barbed wire. The Jews were in these camps like sheep, packed one against another.

   (12) The soldiers of the new Hitler separated the men from the women. Young and old, mothers with their babies, were in this camp. I looked at them. They were terrorized and separated.

   (13) I was in vision in these camps with these people. I saw that some camps regrouped only women and children. Men were separated from women, whole families broken. The same scenes of the shoa were presented to me: The shoa of the Jews, the exodus toward death.

   (14) Jesus said to me,Write the prophecy and publish it without waiting:

   The shoa of the Jews

      is imminent!

It is only a matter of time.

            It is near!

          It is the END

              of the world!

   (15) Lightning struck on all sides and hit the ground.


   (16) I saw that a soldier of the new Hitler came to me and asked me to follow him: “You, follow me.” He took me to a large modern building. I did not know what was waiting for me, when the door opened, and he hurled me into an oven with industrial coals. The coals were bright red.

   (17) I was hurled onto these burning coals. And the door closed behind me: Clack! Clack! I was ALIVE in this crematory oven. I was hurled alive.

   (18) The force of my faith seized me, and I murmured:
Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” At that very moment I did not feel the burning coals beneath my feet or my hands. I was paralyzed.

   (19) Suddenly, in this oven, I saw Jesus, the son of God, appearing. When he saw me, he smiled at me and said to me:

Fear nothing,

I am with thee.

            Feed my lambs.

   (20) The embers did not burn me. I did not feel them. Jesus, the son of God, majestic, stood beside me. I looked at him. He was tall and majestic.

   (21) He made this revelation to me in this oven:

    I will not allow those who have received the seal of the living God on their foreheads and who are to be a part of the 144,000 to be put to death. I will not allow one single hair to fall from their heads. I will not allow the gold to be consumed by the fire.

     I COME.

        It is imminent!

   (22) I remained a moment beside him on the fiery coals. He spoke to me of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. The fire did not burn them. They were alive.

   (23) I heard the torturer (at the service of the new Hitler) open the door, and he saw that I was not cremated. He was frightened and took me out. He was terrified.

   (24) I saw the Jews who were still in the camps. On one side the men, young and old, and on the other side women and children. They were all looking at me. I heard powerful rumblings of thunder.

   (25) Some men came and told us:


    Save yourselves!


   (26) I heard the voice of one of them: You have the seal of God. Not a single hair will fall from your heads. Save yourselves in the forests! Depart! Disperse with your children! Depart!

Escape for your life!

   (27) Hurry up!

            Do not look

            behind you!

   (28) I looked at the Jews. I saw their dirty clothes, their faces emaciated by suffering. I saw their faith, an infallible faith.

   (29) The torturers in the service of the new Hitler were struck with blindness, leaving us time to flee.

   (30) Other Jews went back home to their houses and apostatized so as not to die and bear rejection. I was inspired that they were radicalists.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 530–3, Vision No. 3

   (1) After revealing to me that the shoa, the holocaust of the Jews, would come back, I was put into this vision in relation with the same scenes; the same scenes of the old Hitler were recalled to me at that time. I thought we were in 1943-1944. I went through the shoa. I lived the same trials that the Jews had gone through during those years. I was very much tried.

   (2) I lifted up my eyes, and I saw in the sky airplanes dropping bombs on towns and villages. They were without pity for the nations. It was war like those years of 1943-1944 of the German occupation.

   (3) I was inspired:

     This is the last battle,

     the last one on the earth:

     The battle of ARMAGEDDON

     was coming to an end.

   (4) Escape for your life!

      Do not look

              behind you!

   (5) I feared to see the wormwood coming.

   (6)  This is the end,

    announced by Jesus.

   (7) The END of the world

        is near.


      Be ready!

   (9) Keep your crown,” said Jesus.

   (10) There is no more time.

Jesus comes!



   (11) Jesus revealed to me:

The antichrist is a man

born of a woman.

                  He is in France.

   (12)This antichrist bears a logo on their flag. This logo has for symbol a hammer, a head of wheat, and an eye which looks like the star of David, in Jerusalem. But it is not Jerusalem. This eye sees all and controls everything on the earth,” said Jesus to me.

   (13) The son of God did not allow me to see the work of the antichrist, born of a woman. He will be clothed with the power of satan. He will be the satan himself.

   (14) He said to me, “You would not be able to endure all the visions. I have allowed you to see in vision that he thirsts for the blood of the Jews, that he thirsts for the blood of the Jews and of the immigrants. This prophecy is near.”

   (15) When he comes,

        the Jews will tremble!

   (16) Such were the words of Jesus.

   (17) This antichrist is French. He will come back,” said Jesus to me.He will exterminate the Jews in France.

   (18)No one will stop him. It is the prophecy.

   (19) The world will tremble!

      All the peoples will tremble!

   (20) With these three persons: Hitler, the beast with lamb-like horns, and the antichrist, the crematory ovens are going to be rekindled for the Jews in Europe. They will be cremated alive.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 530–3, Vision No. 4


   (1)         The Harvest

is Ripe.

   (2) Jesus took me to a field of wheat and said to me, “Look! The harvest is ripe.

   (3) He took a head of wheat from the field and said to me, “Look, the grain is ripe. The wheat is good to be harvested.”

   (4) It is then he said to me that I am in the country of the antichrist. It is his native country. This antichrist is in France.

   (5) Jesus informed me that the time of satan (the 6,000 years) is over. “The harvest is ripe.” And Jesus is coming to harvest.

   (6) I come,” he said, “to harvest the earth and gather the good grain into my garner, and burn the chaff with satan and his demons.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 530–3, Vision No. 5

   (1) It is the end of the world!

Jesus said,It is imminent!

   (2) All these messages have been repeated, resumed, like Jesus wanted me to have them transmitted to the world and to the Church of Philadelphia, in all the languages:

Then will the END come.

   (3) The world has received the last messages of the son of God. It is by love for his own that he revealed to them that the world has arrived at its last hour:

a few months.”

   (4) In all the Dreams and Visions messages, the words are Jesus’ words and not mine. He has given these simple messages, accessible to all. It is by love for his own, in order for them to be ready for this great day. Jesus sends to them and to this world the news of his soon return upon the clouds of the heavens.

   (5) Such were the words of Jesus.

   (6) I do not speak on my own, but from he who has sent me to you and said to you,

Thus spoke the Eternal:

   The death knell has sounded for the world. We are in the last hours of its history.”

   (7) Brother Roy Lemke in Oregon and I have accomplished our duty toward the world and the “Remnant”
Church in the publication of these messages.

   (8) Behold, what the world and the seventh-day adventist church of Laodicea in general, all the seventh-day adventist churches, with their sins, will say:

         The summer is past.

        The harvest is over,

        and we are not saved.”

   (9) Jesus is looking now to his own who are in the world. He is calling them before the coming of the wormwood and of the super volcano. The message is for the world:

Jesus comes!

He is near.

His return is



Jeanine Sautron