Chapter 531

Dreams and Visions

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!

Dreams and Visions


Jeanine Sautron

Church of Philadelphia,

the “Remnant,

who keep the Commandments

of God, including the Seventh-

Day Sabbath on Saturday,

and the FAITH of JESUS.



The Spirit of Prophecy.









Dreams and Visions

Chapter 531, Vision No. 1

   (2) The nations are at war on this earth. Jesus, the son of God, is also at war with the nations of the earth. God will have the last word in this matter.

   (3) The earth is mine,” said Jesus.

   (4) I am God. The earth is mine,” said Jesus.

   (5) The earth is mine,” said Jesus.

   (6) He will vanquish

      all the nations.

        No one will escape!

   (7) Jesus has come to fight the nations with a double-edged sword coming out of his mouth. Jesus
advances as a warrior to defeat the nations:

      Their time

      is terminated.

        It is the END!


   (8) God is at war with all the nations:
Famine, drought, storms, tsunamis, earthquakes, signs everywhere on earth and in the sky: God has decreed war on the inhabitants of the earth. Their time is over.

   (9) Jesus said, The six thousand (6,000) years are fulfilled. This generation of 45 years old will not pass away.

   (10) I went into vision. I saw an army of white horses with their riders galloping rapidly toward me.

   (11) In front of this giant troop, I saw a white horse on which was seated a man with a tall diadem on his head.1

   (12) I looked. His garment was red, the color of blood. This army was going at a rapid pace.

   (13) I looked at the man in the red garment. His face was full of terrible anger. I cried out,

Glory! Glory! Glory to the Eternal!

   (14) The holy spirit came upon me, and I cried out again: “Glory! Glory! Glory!

   (15) I trembled. What a vision! This army was advancing straight toward me, when I saw the one who had the red, bloodstained garment; the features of his face were as hard as a stone. I felt the anger in him. I saw a double-edged sword coming out of his mouth. I feared for my life.

   (16) The galloping procession stopped in front of me. I was surrounded by these white horses that encircled me. And he who had the red garment was coming toward me at full speed, and this horseman stopped abruptly before me. He looked at me. I looked at him with his crown of several diadems on his head, which was of great beauty.

   (17) Tall, majestic, this rider on his horse — with his red garment — lingered, passing around me over and over again in front of his troop. I was trembling.

   (18) This cavalryman ordered his army to rank in perfect order. Well-organized troops were formed.

   (19) This rider with red, bloodstained garment was passing over and over again, galloping in front of his troops, when suddenly he arrived at a rapid gallop before me. I saw this large horse, of such a whiteness! And the man with his red, bloodstained garment, came and placed himself facing me.

   (20) I looked at him and saw a great king in front of me, a monarch, a great king. The face under this tall diadem looked at me and smiled at me. He was on his horse near me, without touching me.

   (21) It was fast, very fast. What a demonstration of strength, this army in heaven! Stronger still, is the man dressed in a red, bloodstained, garment, with his horse. I was impressed by this high crown on which were put several diadems of precious stones. What a beauty!

   (22) I was in vision in heaven. I saw in the vision the unfolding force of this army. I was trembling.

   (23) The man with the red garment came down from his horse and ordered his army to withdraw. In this vision, the man with the red garment was standing beside me. I saw that his army retired on their horses.

   (24) Others wanted to stay with this man and Jeanine, but he said to them, “I want to remain alone with Jeanine for the visions.” He ordered his horse to join the troops and leave with them.

   (25) I saw that an angel on duty, with wings folded on his back, came to this man dressed in his red garment and presented to him his white throne. He took his place on it.

   (26) This man said to me,I am Jesus, the son of God. Have no fear, Jeanine:

My grace is sufficient for thee.”

   (27) By calling me “Jeanine,” by my first name, I felt secure. I now knew that this man was Jesus, the son of God. He still had his red garment and his crown full of diadems of great beauty. I said to myself, “He is a great king, a monarch.”

   (28) The angel in service took his red garment off and removed the crown of diadems that was on his head. He delicately folded the blood-stained garment, and carefully arranged the crown.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 531, Vision No. 2

   (1) After this, I saw that the great white throne was placed by this angel on a large, white and glorious, platform.

   (2) Jesus came upon this platform and sat on his great white throne. I saw that he was barefoot. He was sitting as king of the kings of the universe.

   (3) Then he said to the angel in service to go to the sanctuary to take fiery coals, and fill his censer with them, and bring it to him.

   (4) Some time went by. I saw him arriving with this censer, and he set it on the ground, off of the platform.

   (5) I looked at this smoking censer. Small flames were coming out of it.

   (6) Then Jesus got up from his great white throne. Addressing his father, he said:


— Presenting his pierced hands, and showing the marks in his hands, on his feet—


it is the end of the hour. The moment has come to put an end to sin and death for ever, to erase them from my universe.

   (7) Father, my blood!

          My blood!

          My blood!

   (8) Jesus was weeping because it was the end of the hour. The 6,000 years given to satan are terminated, finished, finished with sin and death, which will be no more.

   (9)Death,” said Jesus, “will be no more. For the wages of sin is death. Death and sin will be no more. I will erase death from the universe.

   (10) He made me step up upon the platform and said to me,

“My grace is sufficient for thee.”

   (11) I was able to do it by the spirit of Jesus, who made me stand before him.

   (12) Jesus was looking at me. I lowered my eyes. I lifted up my eyes. His gaze was still on me. I asked myself this question, “Why did he have his gaze on me constantly?” I could not escape his look. I felt that he was reading everything in my heart and knew everything about me. I had this impression, that I had nothing to dispute with him. He knew everything about me. I was not worthy to be on this platform.

   (13) I wanted to leave. I looked behind me. I was not worthy. I felt that he is God, the God of the universe.

   (14) Jesus held out his hand to me and said to me, “You are worthy to be here; you have found grace before my eyes.

   (15) He said to me, “Come near, come near, come near me, my bride.”— As he was saying it, I found myself very close to Jesus. —

My grace is sufficient for thee.

   (16) Jesus spoke to me of his bride, the “remnant” of the Eternal in Oregon.

   (17) In vision, he made me depart for Oregon. We were together in this vision.

   (18) I saw large meadows before me. The air was pure and was passing over my face like a gentle zephyr [a light west wind]. In vision I discovered this place: OREGON.

   (19) Jesus said to me, I am in Oregon with you. It is here the shelter of the ‘remnants,’
my wife. I will send a wind to drive the pestilence of the great cities away from it. I will drive away the sulfur, the smoke, and the fire.
2 I will purify it with the breath of my mouth.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 531, Vision No. 3

   (1) I came back from the vision, and I went into vision again with Jesus, standing near him on the white platform of glory. Jesus opened the heaven for me to see the earth.

   (2) It was night. I saw a great city, dazzling with light, approaching my sight. I saw tall skyscrapers, towers rising and almost touching the sky. This city was dazzling with light. I saw the light in the innumerable windows.

   (3) Jesus said to the angel in service to take the censer full of burning coals, and from which fire was coming out, and throw it with all his strength upon the earth.3 He did as Jesus asked him.

   (4) I saw in the vision as a flash of lightning, this great city, with the dazzling lights of her towers and skyscrapers, lost her light instantly. This great city was completely in total darkness. Nothing anymore. No more light. Only deep darkness: Dark night.

   (5) From where I was with Jesus on the platform, I dared not move for fear of not seeing the limit of the void that was before me.

   (6) Jesus said to me, “The sixth (6th) trumpet is more terrible than what you are going to see in vision now. This city that you saw is New York, the commerce capital of America. She will be in darkness day and night. The great cities with their towers and skyscrapers will fall into darkness. They will lose all that was their pride on the earth. Their skyscrapers and their towers will fall like wisps of straw.”

   (7) Jesus said to me that he is at war with the nations.

   (8) The angel in service also made this revelation to me before Jesus: “The sixth (6th) trumpet will be more terrible than these burning coals sent to the earth.” —
I trembled.

   (9) Jesus said to me:

“My grace is sufficient for thee.”

   (10) Jesus said to me: “I am sending you again into vision to the commerce capital of America: New York. You were in vision in New York.”

   (11) I lost sight of Jesus. I was in New York, seen from heaven. I saw this great city before my eyes.

   (12) At night I did not get a general idea of New York, I saw only her lights that made her glory. But seen during the day, New York was not what I saw at night. I was disappointed. All I saw was concrete, concrete that rose from these towers, these skyscrapers, to the sky.

   (13) Jesus left me time to see this great city in America, which I discovered during the day. I was looking. I was amazed. I was ecstatic before the city of New York. I bent my head a little below, not seeing the danger. —
Jesus said to me, “Do not bend your head down too much; you risk getting dizzy and losing consciousness.”

   (14) In this vision I lingered, looking at the city of New York, seen from heaven. She was before my eyes. What a spectacle was before my eyes! But looking a little further down, I noticed, to my astonishment, that there were no more streets, nor traffic lights, no more light, nor any people below. I asked myself the question, “Where did they go?”

   (15) My vision went lower. I saw the city of New York, the commerce capital of America, submerged in water. I noticed that the water was rising and rising. The water had come almost to the height of the towers and skyscrapers.

   (16) I heard groans coming from the towers and skyscrapers. The people were dying. They were trapped by the water that rose quickly during the night, not letting any New Yorkers depart from those towers and those skyscrapers.

   (17) New York, the commerce capital, was completely under the waves. I could hear the cracking of these towers, of these skyscrapers, announcing the collapse of these edifices. I was trembling. The inhabitants were trapped in their sleep.

   (18) I noticed that the day was rising. It was in the morning. I saw, in the streets of this big city, boats with people who were going around these towers and skyscrapers in order to spot survivors through the windows. There was no noise. From time to time a sound of moans was coming out of these great towers.

   (19) I saw that those in the boats could do nothing. I saw rescuers. They could not get access to the windows of these towers and skyscrapers.

   (20) I was inspired, the worst is yet to come. These towers, with the water pressure around them, would disappear like ships sinking into the seas, with the water pressure rising almost to all levels of the skyscrapers. The water had risen almost to the level of the highest towers.

   (21) Jesus reveals:



will ascend up to heaven. The pestilence of the seas, of the earth and of the water will go up to heaven.

   (22) It was almost night. I was looking at the boats all over New York, when I felt sick. A smell of sulfur, of strong pestilence, of gas, was preventing me from breathing. Jesus brought me back from the vision near to him.

   (23) I was near to him. He said to me, “You were distraught. You were about to faint.”

   (24) The angel in service said to me, “You were going to faint. The sixth (6th) trumpet will be even more terrible than the pestilence that you have seen and felt.”

   (25) Jesus said to me, “It was the smell of sulfur. This pestilence was like sulfur. You would be dead. Gases will contaminate the earth.”

   (26) The vision of New York stops here with the pestilence. I saw in this vision a sad image of New York City: Only concrete, concrete submerged in water.

   (27) I was inspired, men were not created to live in these skyscrapers, these towers, which are the pride of the nations on earth. This pride will be annihilated by the son of God.

   (28) Soon these things will no longer be. Jesus has revealed in Dreams and Visions that the big cities will fall under the rising waters, the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah:

No one will escape!

It is imminent!

   (29) Epidemics, pandemics will fill the earth.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 531, Vision No. 4


   (1)       IT IS IMMINENT.

   (2) The fiery coals from the censer, thrown from heaven, are destroying everything upon the earth. “The whole planet will be affected. Not one part will escape it,” said Jesus.


   (3) I saw that the burning coals, red with fire, are scattered over the icecaps, in the beds of the rivers, everywhere on the earth. They do not go out. It is divine.

   (4) Jesus, the son of God, is at war with all the nations of the earth:

         Off it went!

        No one will escape!

   (5) I saw Jesus weeping before all that he has created and which is dying.

   (6) I have been inspired: this destruction of sin and death will be succeeded by another earth,4 more beautiful, where evil will no longer be, nor death with its procession of suffering.5

   (7) Jesus, the son of God, destroys this earth here below to remake a more beautiful world. It is Jesus who revealed to me this design.

It is the end

of the hour.






Dreams and Visions

Chapter 531, Vision No. 5


   (1) I saw in this vision Jesus with his army following him on the icecaps, the great glaciers of the earth.

   (2) I was with Jesus on the icecap in Greenland, on a large glacier. His army was with him on these masses of ice and was following him.

   (3) I saw these large glaciers detaching themselves. There was a river that separated the glaciers in two. Jesus
took me to this place.

   (4) Jesus said to me,

This is the wrath of God.”

   (5) I am at war with the nations,”
said Jesus. “It is enough of the wicked.

It is the end of the hour.

   (6) I was walking beside Jesus. There were only glaciers. I was barefoot, and my garment was as white as snow. I lost sight of Jesus.

   (7) I saw horsemen on their white horses walking near me. They had their eyes on me; they were looking at me.

   (8) They were beautiful! — What a vision! — All were dressed in white in this vision: the riders and their horses, Jeanine with her white garment, and Jesus. Everything was white, whiter than the glaciers.

   (9) Suddenly, I saw coals on the glaciers. — Jesus said to me, “You do not touch them. The wrath is in these coals,” — the coals thrown onto the earth, coming from the censer of Jesus, are plunging the earth into turmoil, pain, and death.

   (10) Jesus is at war with the nations. The cities of sin will be under the waters. The glaciers are melting. The earth will be flooded on all sides. There will be powerful tsunamis and earthquakes. These coals, wherever they are found, cause the rivers to overflow with power, causing landslides. They make the earth’s crust move.

   (11)The magma of a volcano inside the earth is boiling,” said Jesus, “it is going to explode.” — I saw fire in the ring of fire of the earth. The earth’s crust is moving.

   (12) Jesus showed me, under the high temperature of the increasing magma, the earth’s crust is moving, causing tsunamis and earthquakes. “Volcanoes will wake up,”
said Jesus, “over all the ring of fire, all the ring of fire that crosses the earth all the way around.”

   (13) The burning coals from the censer are fire that does not extinguish. These coals will not be extinguished; they are divine. They are scattered on the earth to plunge men into turmoil.

   (14)Jesus said, The sixth (6th) trumpet will be terrible! And the men will not repent of their sins. The wicked remain wicked.— This is why Jesus decided to put an end to this earth of sin, suffering and death.

   (15) It is for the righteous that Jesus comes to put an end to this earth of sin. Death will be no more.

   (16) It is the burning coals that are destroying the earth’s crust on the globe of the earth. They are aimed at plunging the earth under the rising waters and overflowing rivers and streams, destroying the idols, the worldly, the revelers, and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah:

   No one will escape!

      Jesus has decreed it:

      No one will escape!

            It is the END

           of the hour.

   (17) Fire, sulfur, and smoke,” said Jesus to me. “The sixth (6th) trumpet is near. After the burning coals, the inhabitants of the earth will be under the sixth trumpet. It is near. After the burning coals, the sixth (6th)
trumpet will have its effect on the earth, to plunge the earth into the worst calamities.

   (18) It is the END

      of the world,said Jesus to me.

            All is imminent!

   (19) The four (4) winds have been released for quite some time now. Everything will go very fast, and the events will be unleashed one after the other.

   (20) Hold fast to your crown, said Jesus to me.

   (21) The sixth trumpet is near at hand. Jesus gave me this message for his own and for the world:

   (22) Press together!

        Press together!

   (23) Hold fast to your crown!

Jeanine Sautron