Chapter 532

Dreams and Visions

Thursday, May 8, 2017

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!

Dreams and Visions


Jeanine Sautron

Church of Philadelphia,


who keep the Commandments

of God, including the Seventh-

Day Sabbath on Saturday,

and the FAITH of JESUS.



The Spirit of









Dreams and Visions

Chapter 532, Vision No. 1


   (2) After the coals were thrown out over the earth, Jesus revealed to me: “The sixth trumpet is a scourge more terrible than the burning coals.”

   (3) This prophecy has just been revealed by Jesus, the son of God.

   (4) The sixth (6th) trumpet revealed by Jesus in the Dreams and Visions will kill 2 billion inhabitants upon the earth. One third of the inhabitants will die by the sixth (6th)


   (5) In this vision, I saw horses with their riders in armor of fire; and out of their mouths came fire, sulfur, and smoke. They are on their way, and this army will take one (1) week to get to the earth. In this sixth trumpet, two (2) plagues are going to strike the inhabitants of the earth:

The SARIN gas and the MUSTARD gas.

   (6) JESUS, the son of God, said to me:

   The SARIN gas and

      the MUSTARD gas

will be like the nuclear,”

   (7)The SARIN and MUSTARD gases will be as powerful as the nuclear. They are ready:

No one will escape!

   (8)These weapons are ready. Two (2) billion inhabitants will die by these weapons (of cancers of all sorts, of all kinds of allergies).”

   (9) The pestilence

      of human corpses

        will go up to the sky!


   (10) I saw this army which was descending to the earth, and before them four (4) horses: red, white, black, and green, with their rapid riders wearing armor of fire, who opened the way for the march of this army.

   (11) I was in vision. I saw the throne of Jesus on which he sat, and the seven (7) angels; and the sixth (6th) angel lifted up the sound of the trumpet. This sound was sad, a death sound. The angels wept.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 532, Vision No. 2


   (1) Now this army has left heaven. They were myriads and myriads of horses with their horsemen; And they reached the earth for their work of death.

   (2) Jesus revealed to me, “The sixth (6th) trumpet is more terrible than the rising waters, the overflowing rivers, etc., in the countries; the sixth (6th) trumpet is more terrible.”— I trembled.

   (3) Jesus revealed: “It is an odorless, silent scourge. Two (2) billion inhabitants will die by these two plagues.”

   (4) Jesus has revealed it to me, and still draws my attention to it: “It is neither with heavy weapons, nor with artilleries, nor with soldiers or nuclear. They are two powerful, underhanded, invisible weapons that will surprise the inhabitants of the earth. They are odorless.”

   (5) Europe will not be spared. Frail persons, like children, will die of allergies. Fruits and vegetables will be toxic; and the whole of nature, the beasts of the fields and of the forests will be affected by these plagues.

   (6) As far as organic vegetable gardens are concerned, all vegetables will be toxic.

   (7) Jesus said to me: Theses plagues are due to the mouths of the horses. Fire, sulfur and smoke come out of their mouths. There is no bio (organic) at the moment. Everything is toxic.”

   (8) Jesus himself came and said to me that my garden is toxic because of the sixth (6th) trumpet.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 532, Vision No. 3


   (1) I saw in heaven that a great white throne was erected. Jesus, the son of God, came and took his place upon this throne. On his garment was written these words:

King of kings and Lord of lords.

   (2) Seven (7) angels came and placed themselves very close to the throne; and Jesus commanded the sixth (6th)
angel to sound the trumpet.

   (3) In this vision, my attention was drawn to the sixth (6th) angel. Jesus made him come near to his throne, and gave him the mission to go to the river Euphrates, to go over there and let loose the four angels that are bound on this river. He left, and I lost sight of this angel.

   (4) During his absence, I saw four (4) horses, with their horsemen, coming before his throne:

         a black horse,

        a red horse,

        a green horse, and

        a pale horse.

   (5) He (Jesus) spoke to these four (4) horsemen. After this conversation, they took their places before the army of the heavens.

   (6) I saw that this army was awaiting the order of departure, and I saw the angel, who is the sixth angel, arriving. He retook his trumpet and said to Jesus: “The four angels on the Euphrates are loosed. I have accomplished my mission.”

   (7) He talked for a moment with Jesus, who said to him to retake his place with the other angels with trumpets.


   (8) I saw that this army has arrived on the earth. Jesus
was present in this vision. He received this army. When he saw me, he said to me:

My grace is sufficient for thee.”

   (9) I saw this army stopping upon the earth. The order was given to separate them by two (2) myriads.

   (10) Upon their arrival on the earth, I noticed that the tails of the horses were formed with innumerable little serpents which were squirming. Distraught, I froze.

   (11) Jesus said to me: Be not afraid; they will do no harm to you. My grace is sufficient for you.

   (12) On the earth the horses are stabilized. This army stopped upon Jesus’ order. He said to me, “Look!

   (13) My vision froze looking at the tails of the horses. Paralyzed, I noticed innumerable little serpents which formed the tails of the horses.

   (14) As I was looking, I noticed over their tails a virtual number of three digits: 666, which appeared on a fluorescent light blue background, belonging to each horse.

   (15) When this army was in heaven, I did not see any 666 number.

   (16) Overwhelmed by the serpents and by this number:
, I saw in the vision that a number of mobile phones were magnetized to the serpents, which are the tails of the horses, and were not falling on the ground. The objects were strongly hooked, magnetized to the serpents. Each portable device was connected to a serpent by its number:


   (17) Strange, when I was near the tail of a horse, I noticed that the serpents, magnetized to these objects, gave life to these mobile phones which functioned as if the serpents of the horses were their owners and their users.

   (18) I saw the 666 number displayed in large letters on these mobile phones. The tails of the serpents were magnetized to all the cell phones on earth. Strange, again, I saw the virtual images, picture images, that scrolled on the screens in full operation.


   (19) I saw Jesus, in this vision he was with his army on earth. He took the cell phones, removing them one by one, pulling them to detach them from the body of the serpents. Then he crushed them under his feet, exclaiming:

Death! Death! Death!

   (20) I knew what this word meant in French:

La mort! La mort! La mort!

   (21) I was distraught. Jesus looked at me and said to me,

My grace is sufficient for thee.

               No one will escape!

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 532, Vision No. 4


   (1)       The 666 mark

of the beast

is virtual

and not physical.

   (2) I saw in this vision the users of these mobile phones having the 666 number, that reflected on the foreheads of the users, of the owners.

   (3) The 666 number reflected on their foreheads, like a virtual image, these three digits: 666, on a light blue fluorescent background that lights up in the night.

   (4) The forehead and the right hand were the support of these three (3) digits. It was terrible!The users of these objects were bearing on themselves, on their bodies, the number: 666, the number of the beast, the satan.

   (5) The vision shows that each user of these portable phones had a serpent which was connected to his brain and to his portable device, through which he could buy and sell.

   (6) All those who had these touch-screen objects received:

    the imprint,

    the mark of satan,

      the number: 666,

        a virtual imprint.


   (7) I noticed that it was the serpents in the sixth trumpet that gave life to the mobile phones through the 666 number of satan, the serpents in the sixth (6th) trumpet.1

   (8) The 666 mark of the beast on the forehead is not encrusted in the flesh. This 666 mark is virtual. To receive the mark is to receive this 666 number, which is a virtual mark on the forehead. This mark comes to life through the number: 666.

   (9) This virtual image moves by following all the movements of the possessor. This image does not leave him. It is on the forehead and on the right hand. This is the mark of the beast.

   (10) During the day, this 666 virtual image is very black, and in the evening it reflects a fluorescent light, in white 666 digits, so that the angels can see the children of the devil.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 532, Vision No. 5


   (1)       The pixel is physical.

The bank card is physical.

The portable telephone

is physical,

since these objects can be touched, handled. Of course, they contain the 666 mark of the beast.

   (2) The mark is not physical; if you have these items:
card, RFID, portable device, bank card, these give you the right to receive the VIRTUAL mark
on the forehead and on the right hand to buy and sell.

   (3) It is the serpents in the sixth (6th) trumpet that give life to these portable devices, RFID, the microchip, and all the bank cards, allowing people to buy and sell. You receive the 666 virtual mark of the beast, since these objects contain the 666 mark of satan connected to the serpents of the sixth (6th) trumpet, that bring them life.

   (4) Jesus said:

Death! Death! Death!

   (5) You will die for having sold your soul to satan, and for having received his virtual mark on your forehead and on your hand, by using either the RFID, or the portable device, or the bank card.”

   (6) One-third of the inhabitants will die by the serpents that have in their possession the 666 mark of the beast.

They will not escape! said Jesus.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 532, Vision No. 6

   (1) The message regarding the sixth (6th) trumpet is given to the world. This prophecy is on the march.

   (2) Jesus came and revealed to me the day, the date and the hour. Off it went!

   (3) This prophecy took effect

      on August 26,

        at 8:00 o’clock p.m.,

          in the year 2016.

   (4) It is from that date of this prophecy that there is no more organic food. All is toxic.

   (5) Children in Europe will die from terrible allergies, allergies coming from the mouths of the horses: fire, sulfur, and smoke, revealed by Jesus in this terrible prophecy of the sixth (6th) trumpet.

   (6) Jesus revealed: It is not by the heavy weapons of the terrestrial army, nor by artilleries, nor by the nuclear, two terrible weapons! Two terrible plagues will strike the inhabitants of the earth: one third of the earth’s population will disappear

      through the SARIN gas

        and the MUSTARD gas.

No one will escape!

   (7)These weapons are:

         The SARIN gas, and

The MUSTARD gas, two (2) terrible weapons, similar to the nuclear.”

   (8)But Europe will not be spared,” said Jesus to me, “from that SARIN gas and the MUSTARD gas, fire, sulfur and smoke, coming out of the mouths of the horses.”

   (9) Such is the prophecy revealed by Jesus, in the sixth trumpet,

at 8:00 o’clock p.m.,

in the month of August, 2016.

It was on a Friday.

   (10) After this terrible revelation, I no longer saw the nature in its beauty. All is toxic and bitter. All has changed around me.

   (11)  Europe

        will not escape!

   (12)This toxicity,” said Jesus to me, “ will affect children, young men and young women more. This generation of 45-year-old people will not pass away until everything happens and is revealed.”

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 532, Vision No. 7

   (1)      The Seal of God

   (2) The seal of God is not virtual.

   (3) I have seen that the seal of God is a punch on the forehead of the redeemed. This seal bears this signature:

God, New Jerusalem.”

   (4) It is an anchorage in the flesh.

   (5) Satan and his demons cannot remove this anchorage. It is divine.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 532, Vision No. 8

   (1) After this revelation of the sixth (6th) trumpet, some time went by. I had another vision.


   (2) I saw that this army has returned to heaven as being at rest, and having fought a great battle and accomplished God’s design on the earth.

   (3) I saw powerful angels were called, at Jesus
command, to remove the serpents which formed the tails of the horses.

   (4) I saw the living serpents, that were squirming, were detached from the horses and thrown down to the ground with force. Then these angels were crushing them under their feet.

   (5) They had to finish this work before SABBATH, they said to me.

   (6) In this vision, an angel in service allowed me to be beside him, and he said to me, “I know you. You are Jeanine. Jesus, my Lord, wanted to see you here to show you that in heaven there is no evil, nor the mark of the beast, nor the 666 number of the beast. Jesus, our Lord, wanted you to witness their destruction. These serpents that you see on all the horses will be removed and killed.”

   (7) I saw that these serpents were destroyed in heaven. The angels killed them all; they crushed them under their feet.

Jeanine Sautron.