Chapter 533-2

Dreams and Visions

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

(Published Thursday, June 8, 2017)

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!

Dreams and Visions


Jeanine Sautron

Church of Philadelphia,

the “Remnant,

who keep the Commandments

of God, including the Seventh-

Day Sabbath on Saturday,

and the FAITH of JESUS.



The Spirit of


      (1)  SARIN GAS:







Dreams and Visions

Chapter 533-2, Vision No. 1


     (2) Jesus, the son of God, revealed in Dreams and Visions:The SARIN gas will kill one third of the inhabitants of the earth; that is to say, two billion inhabitants.”

     (3)It is a terrible woe! It is a scourge:

No one will escape!


     (4)The possessors of the RFID, of the 666, will perish,” said Jesus to me. “They are the children of the devil. They have for father the satan.”

     (5) Jesus revealed: The burning coals coming from heaven are destroying the earth, the soil, the climate, etc. God is in wrath against the inhabitants of the earth.

     (6) Jesus revealed: The sixth trumpet is even more terrible: This prophecy is on the march; one- third of the inhabitants of the earth will perish in this woe. It is a terrible plague! One-third of the men, women and children, without forgetting that the animals of the earth will also perish.

     (7) Jesus revealed: In the opening of the seven seals, the sixth trumpet resounded in heaven, announcing the mass destruction of one-third of the inhabitants of the earth:

                No one will escape!

              It will be sudden

                  and unexpected

by the inhabitants of the earth.

     (8) They are ready!

           They are ready!

              All is ready for

this mass destruction unknown to the inhabitants of the earth.

     (9) This threat is near; this threat,” said Jesus, comes from outer space through a powerful drone loaded with steel balls filled with SARIN gas.”

     (10)The antichrist is ready for his work of death, of mass destruction. This threat will be carried out,” said Jesus, “by satan in person, the antichrist.”

     (11) The SARIN gas is as destructive as the nuclear: revealed by Jesus. The earth will know a pain that no one will be able to relieve.

     (12) They are ready for

            their work of death.

      (13) It is the work of the antichrist:

                All sorts of cancers and

              all kinds of allergies.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 533-2, Vision No. 2


      (1) Very close to the throne of Jesus, he said to me: “Since the seven seals have been broken in heaven, all is ready for the end of the world:

The harvest is ripe.”

     (2) Jesus did not reveal to me the country which will trigger this plague, nor from what country this weapon of mass destruction will depart. It is coming from outer space, from a powerful drone, loaded with balls filled with SARIN gas.

     (3) He said to me to listen to him attentively, to listen attentively to the revelations of the sixth trumpet.


     (4) Looking gravely at me, with his agitated gaze, he said again to me, and revealed it again to me:

“It is the SARIN gas.”


     (5) There will be no heavy weapons, nor armed soldiers, nor nuclear: It is a terrible, odorless, volatile gas, which will spread in the air, killing everything that lives on its way. These balls will be scattered over the earth.

No one will escape!

     (6) This scourge will also hit Europe.

     (7) It is a weapon of mass destruction, superior to the nuclear, which will kill two billion living beings upon the earth.”

     (8)These steel balls, filled with SARIN gas, will hit the whole earth, and will spread over all the continents.”


     (9) Jesus rose from his throne and said to me, Off it went! This prophecy is on the way:

     No one will stop it!

         It is the work of this antichrist

who will take power over the earth.

     (10) They are ready!

           All is ready!

                      It is a matter of time.

     (11) “These two billion men, women and children do not know that they are on reprieve from a terrible death. It is a matter of time. This drone is going to sow death.”

           All is ready,” said Jesus to me,

no one will escape!


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 533-2, Vision No. 3


      (1) Jesus revealed: “Europe will not be spared. Everything in Europe will be toxic. The Europeans will suffer from all sorts of allergies and of all kinds of cancers. This generation of 45-year-old people will not pass away, till all these things be fulfilled.

     (2) The antichrists in Europe will also undergo the consequences of the sixth trumpet. They will be powerless before the scope of this destruction.

     (3)The earth will not cover this woe. The pestilence of human corpses will go up to the sky,” said Jesus to me. “All those who have the RFID in their flesh will die from this scourge.”

     (4)The antichrist is equipped with a powerful drone to kill two billion men on the earth.”


     (5) Jesus revealed to me:

                This is near.

              No one will escape!

It is a weapon of mass destruction.

     (6) Jesus, the son of God, said to me, “This weapon is not the nuclear, but it is as powerful as the nuclear. It is a weapon of mass destruction, transported by a powerful drone coming from outerspace, like a nuclear missile.”

     (7)This drone is filled with steel balls, containing SARIN gas in each one, which will fall upon the earth, releasing this deadly gas and killing thousands and thousands of men, women, and children upon the earth.”

     (8)Wherever these balls fall, they will kill thousands and thousands of humans upon the earth. Wherever these balls fallin the fields, the forests, on the cities, in the lakes and the rivers — it will be death.

No one will escape!

     (9)These steel balls, coming from outer space, transported by a powerful drone, will scatter over all the earth and spread SARIN gas on it. It will be like a shower of tennis balls, said Jesus to me, “like a shower of hailstones falling on the earth. When they hit the ground, these steel balls will explode in contact with the earth, releasing this toxic, odorless and deadly gas:

No one will escape!

     (10) Jesus, the son of God, revealed:

                It is ready.

              All is ready

                           in the sixth trumpet,

without the inhabitants of the earth being aware of what is going on, and of what is being prepared in the shadows. Thousands of men and women will die.”

     (11) Only Jesus, who sees everything and knows everything, is bringing everything to light. It will be the work of the antichrist.

     (12) Jesus said to me, “The earth is mine. I know all that is going on, and I know those who are preparing themselves to destroy the earth.”

     (13) Jesus said this to me, “I come to destroy those who are destroying the earth. The fire of Gehenna is reserved for them.”

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 533-2, Vision No. 4


      (1) Jesus made me come near his throne, and he took his place on it and said to me, “By a powerful drone, coming from outer space, like a nuclear bomb, releasing a shower of steel balls containing SARIN gas, a third of the inhabitants of the earth will be killed under this scourge. Two billion men will die from all kinds of allergies, and all sorts of cancers.”

     (2)This SARIN gas will kill two billion inhabitants on the earth. Such is the prophecy of the sixth trumpet.”

     (3)Steel balls, like tennis balls, will fall everywhere upon the earth; and everywhere they fall,” said Jesus to me, “upon the cities, in the fields, and in the water, the inhabitants of the earth will die from this odorless, deadly SARIN gas.”

     (4) This is the prophecy of John in Revelation:

fire, sulfur and smoke,

     coming from the mouths of the horses,

said Jesus.

Everything will be toxic.”

     (5) Jesus revealed: “Wherever these steel balls (filled with SARIN, coming from space, transported by a powerful drone, or warhead), fall, no human will escape.”

     (6)The antichrists on the earth will lose their power and their authority. Satan will dominate the world, but it will not be the end yet,” said Jesus to me.

     (7)These steel balls, filled with SARIN, will explode everywhere on the ground, releasing this odorless poison. The pestilence of dead bodies,” said Jesus to me, “will rise to heaven!

     (8) The antichrists will lose their power in face of these two scourges: the SARIN and the scourge coming from the mouths of the serpents in the sixth trumpet.

     (9) This is a prophecy to come, revealed by Jesus:

     A powerful drone

        coming from space,

            transporting death.”

     (10)It will be like the pains of a pregnant woman.”

     (11) Wherever these steel balls filled with SARIN gas fall, they will sow death on the earth.

     (12) Jesus said to me, “These steel balls, transported by this drone, will fall everywhere: in forests and fields and on cities.”

     (13)It will be a mass destruction,” said Jesus to me, “one-third of the humans will die; that is to say, two billion human beings upon the earth.”

     (14) Jesus did not reveal to me what air space this long-range drone will come from. He said to me: “It is a very powerful drone. The steel balls, filled with SARIN gas, that are in this drone, will fall all over the earth.”

     (15)One-third of the inhabitants will die, and the other two-thirds will not repent of their sins; but it will not be the end yet.”

     (16) Jesus said to me, “The antichrists of the earth will lose their power over the earth. Those who govern the world will lose their power. Satan in person will have dominion over the world.”

     (17) JESUS and his service companion revealed to me: “The sixth trumpet is terrible, it will be terrible! The whole world will know a pain from which no one will be able to relieve them:

                – All sorts of cancers

                – All kinds of allergies.”

     (18) Such will be the consequences of the sixth trumpet, revealed by Jesus. It is a scourge as terrible as the nuclear. Europe will not be spared.

     (19) After the sixth (6th) trumpet, the antichrist will show himself to the whole world.

     (20) It will not yet be the end.


Jeanine Sautron.