Chapter 537


Dreams and Visions


Friday, September 1, 2017

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!


Dreams and Visions


Jeanine Sautron

Church of Philadelphia,

the “Remnant,

who keep the Commandments

of God, including the Seventh-

Day Sabbath on Saturday,

and the FAITH of JESUS.



The Spirit of

















Dreams and Visions

Chapter 537, Vision No. 1


   (2) In this vision, I saw an ark upon the earth, that is the same model as Noah’s. 1

   (3) In the time of the antediluvians, an ark was built by this man, Noah, upon the order of God.

   (4) God, seeing the wickedness of men, made the irrevocable decision to destroy them by a flood of water. God said to Noah to build an ark. It was the sole means of salvation for the humans at that time.

   (5) Before the flood, Noah preached for 120 years to repent of their bad ways, and to return to God by practicing what is good.

   (6) God does nothing without revealing his designs to his servants the prophets. The warning was given that the earth, with the wicked, would be destroyed by a flood of water. Noah was the laughingstock of those people who were living in his epoch.

   (7) The time came when God’s patience came to an end. The destiny of these men and women living at this epoch was sealed.

   (8) God said to Noah to enter into the ark, himself and all his family, waiting still for persons to take refuge in it, in order to save their lives.

   (9) An invisible hand closed the large door of the ark, leaving the rebellious ones outside.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 537, Vision No. 2


   (1) Today God gives to this world the same message and warning, that he gave to Noah for his epoch.

   (2) An ark being the same model as that of Noah’s ark has been built upon the earth. It is Jesus, who is the chief of this work. He came to terminate the work for the world.

   (3) I was welcomed by Jesus. He said to me, “You are welcome!

   (4) I looked. This place was glorious and luminous. He was in the glory of his father. And he said to me:

My grace is sufficient

for thee.”

   (5) It was a very large boat of very thick wood, with little windows. It appeared to me like a great box, but well made and ingenious.

   (6) I realized, when I arrived in the vessel of the Eternal, that there were people who were present. They were tasting the presence of Jesus and participating in his glory.

   (7) Again he said to me:

“‘My grace is sufficient

for thee. Come in.’”

 — I was in the glory of God. We sang hymns of praise, and Jesus prayed.

   (8) He asked us to kneel down. — I looked — These persons who were in this ark did not accept to humble themselves before the son of God.

   (9) Jesus spoke to them of salvation, of Sabbath observance, of the reform, and of righteousness by faith. He was preaching righteousness by faith. He was preaching to them the 1888 message of Ellen White.

   (10) He asked these persons, men and women, to remove their worldly adornment: jewels, necklaces, somehow their idols.

   (11) We were in the glory of God. What a fabulous moment! What sweetness, what love of God for those who came and were already in his glory!

   (12) Jesus loved them and wanted to transform their corrupt worldly character into holy and pure beings. All was going well. What peace! What happiness! It was like a refuge, a lifeboat set on the earth to save men from perdition.


   (13) In this vision, suddenly, the ark was terribly shaken. Great shakes shook the boat. I stood up. — Jesus said to me, “Fear nothing.”

   (14) It was an earthquake that shook the boat terribly — terrible shakes! — It took my breath away, and I clung to anything. “Feed my lambs,” said Jesus. — I breathed, relaxed.

   (15) Jesus resumed the sermon, preaching on righteousness by faith, salvation by faith. He was stressing on the seventh-day Sabbath and all the laws given by him, when suddenly I heard a huge noise, a dull, rumbling sound approaching. I stood up.

   (16) Jesus said to me, “It is the sound of a tsunami. ‘My grace is sufficient for thee. Feed my lambs.”

   (17) We were praying, and I saw that the persons on their knees had not removed their idols.

   (18) We were disturbed by knocks on the large door. I saw Jesus reassuring us, and he went to see those persons who were knocking. He opened the door, and, those who were in the boat took this opportunity, and did not want to participate anymore in his glory. They went away, like one leaves the benches of a church, and departed again into this world of darkness.

   (19) They said, “What he (Jesus) is asking us to do (to observe the Sabbath) is too hard. — “He asked them to remove their jewels, to reform, and to bow down before him on their knees.”

   (20) Jesus let them go without holding them back. Once outside, the glory of God extinguished from them. They returned to their vomit in this world of darkness.

   (21) In front of the door was an immense crowd, curious to see him.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 537, Vision No. 3


   (1) I saw that the day was beginning to rise. It was the first day of the week, Sunday.

   (2) Jesus, great, majestic, in his white, dazzling garment, opened the large door of the boat. The door was heavy; it turned slowly on its hinges.

   (3) Great and majestic, the passers-by could notice him. They could notice him. He is a great monarch.

   (4) This day was a beautiful day; and I saw that the people were slowly awakening, and starting to go back and forth in front of this door. And Jesus was calling and calling:

   (5) Repent! Turn from your bad ways! Come! Come! You are observing a false day of rest. I am the life, he who saves you from your sins:


   (6) Jesus was preaching before the door. He drew the attention of the passers-by: “You are observing a false day of rest.”

   (7) He said it loud and clear:

 Sunday is

  a false day of rest.

  It is not the

  Sabbath of the Eternal.

   (8) The day was declining. From time to time Jesus entered into his great boat. But he came back to see if there were people who listened to him. He looked to the right and to the left of the door, and he noticed that there was no one.

   (9) He waited and waited still. He called and called still more. The day was diminishing.

   (10) The sun finished its course. Jesus closed the large door. I was near him. What a vision!

   (11) At night, some people came to see this boat without seeking to enter into it.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 537, Vision No. 4


   (1) The following day came. The sun rose. As usual, Jesus opened again the large door of the ark, which turned on its hinges, and he waited. The weather was very nice, it was a beautiful day.

   (2) Looking at it from the outside, I saw square windows in this ark. It looked to me like a great box, but very solid.

   (3) Jesus was waiting with much patience. He preached and preached and was calling the passers-by.

   (4) I noticed that people were making signs with their hands on their heads, as if to say, “Who is this man? It is a crazy man, an unbalanced man.”

   (5) I noticed a world that has lost the sense of religion and piety. Men, and women (with their high heels on their shoes), were making their footsteps heard on the road.

   (6) They had business papers in their hands, absorbed in the business of money, real estate (for I saw parchments, plans for construction in their hands), others in the affairs of this world, fashion, etc. All were pressing forward and hastening to have possessions and money in this world: “One must hurry!”

   (7) I also saw, toward the end of the day, people absorbed by factitious and sensual pleasures.

   (8) Jesus called all the day on this Monday; and no one came to see him, no one spoke to him.

   (9) The night came. I saw that Jesus closed the large door, turning it on its hinges.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 537, Vision No. 5


   (1) In the early morning, the day began to rise. This was the third day. It was Tuesday. Jesus, still before the great door, preached on the Sabbath. He said to the passers-by and to those who were listening to him:You are observing a false day of rest; Sunday is not the day of rest of the Eternal.

   (2) Remember the day of rest. Six days shalt thou labor, but the seventh day is the day of rest of the Eternal.

   (3) He spoke to them of the ten commandments. To a woman who approached him, he said, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” — She had a double life.

   (4) Therefore, Jesus spoke of righteousness by faith, obedience to the Sabbath, and to all the laws given in the ten commandments:

   (5) Thou shalt love the Lord thy God, and him alone shalt thou serve.”

   (6) Thus, the Sabbath is the sign of righteousness by faith, the righteousness of God:

love and obedience to this holy day.

   (7) Jesus spoke without beating around the bush: “You are observing a false day of rest. Sunday is not the day of rest of the Eternal. You have the mark of the beast, the 666 (the mark of the beast):


        Come back to God!

             Escape for thy life!

   (8) The people who were listening to him were angry, calling him crazy: “He is crazy!” they said.

   (9) Jesus sent them to read the Bible; and he said to them, “I am Master of the Sabbath.”

   (10) I lost the vision about that. It was still daylight.

   (11) In this vision, Jesus entered into his ark with me, the door being still open. Still he waited a long time before closing it definitively.

   (12) I saw that no one had sought to enter into his ark. He was sad.

   (13) And he continued every day of the week until Friday. It was Sabbath eve. Jesus was looking at the sun. He knew from the position of the sun that the day of rest was approaching.

   (14) This time he took pamphlets, and calling the people who were passing before his boat, he handed them pamphlets.

   (15) These pamphlets spoke of the Sabbath, the day of rest of the Eternal on Saturday, followed by a study on righteousness by faith.

   (16) He distributed his pamphlets — I saw people accepting these pamphlets, and others threw them on the ground. He was calling them, calling to hand them these pamphlets.

   (17) I saw women approaching the Master and asking him how to observe the Sabbath. He said to them, “Read the Bible; you will find all these teachings in the Bible.”

   (18) Then they went away and did not enter into the ark at the invitation of Jesus, too absorbed by the factitious and sensual pleasures of this world to follow the Master.

   (19) I saw that to some people he explained the content of the pamphlets that were distributed to them. Patient, loving, how much he loves men! Touched by his charm, many were listening to him.

   (20) Jesus invited them to enter inside his ark to protect themselves from the ruin of this world, which is approaching. They did not believe and so they left the Lord. They were incredulous.

   (21) The days of the week went by. Onlookers still came to see the boat out of curiosity, but they did not enter into it in spite of the Lord’s invitation. They came, but went away. After seeing, they criticized the Master.

   (22) I was moved by the compassion of Jesus for men. With sobbing in his voice, he was still calling them; he was not weary. Jesus wept because he saw ruin falling upon the inhabitants of the earth. He saw and suffered from their pain despite their unbelief and their rebellion to his teachings. He endured their insults: “He is crazy, he is unsettled.”

   (23) I looked. There were all the denominations of the earth with their religions. Regardless of their denominations, Jesus placed the essential focus on the Sabbath, the true day of rest, on Saturday, the Sabbath: from sunset Friday until sunset Saturday. They were in front of this ark, but they did not enter into it because the day of rest, the Sabbath, disturbed them.

   (24) The day of rest, the Sabbath, is the message presented by Jesus to the world today.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 537, Vision No. 6


   (1) I noticed in the vision the crowd of onlookers who were present before the ark of Jesus. Pamphlets were distributed to them by the Master.

   (2) I perceived in the crowd that pamphlets fell into the hands of seventh-day adventists. The theme, the subject, was: CONVERSION:

   Renounce sins and idols.

     Observe the holy laws of God.

   (3) The Sabbath and righteousness by faith were put in big letters on the pamphlets. He had put in these pamphlets the 1888 message of Ellen White. All was prepared therein for the world.

   (4)The seventh-day adventists, church of Laodicea, received the same messages in their churches. After casting a brief glance at these pamphlets, they said in a condescending tone of voice: “You are not telling us anything new. It is always the same thing. We have known these writings for a long time from Ellen White. We have heard this in the Dreams and Visions of Jeanine Sautron. You are not teaching us anything new.”

   (5) They cried out, treating the Lord Jesus as if he was insane. “He is unbalanced,” they said; “they are always the same messages on YouTube and the internet.”

   (6) They had no excuse. — Jesus said: The Church of Philadelphia has emitted all these lights for the world on YouTube and the internet.

   (7) I saw that Jesus was sad. He could not do anything for them. He said nothing. But I saw that he lifted up his eyes and looked at the sun; it was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon on Friday, the last working day of the week before the Sabbath. The day was diminishing.

   (8) I saw for the second time that Jesus was rejected by the seventh-day adventists: in Dreams and Visions and before his ark, when he invited them to enter in, as he did for the persons who keep Sunday, the false day of rest.

   (9) The seventh-day adventists were considered as the people who kept this day, Sunday, since Jesus has compared this seventh-day adventist people to the people who keep Sunday and have its mark, 666. 2

   (10) In front of the open ark, the seventh-day adventists refused to enter into it, insulting Jesus, and refused his pamphlets. The Master’s calls did not touch them. They knew too much; they did not need Jesus any more; they no longer needed any self examination. 3They were radicalists,” said the Lord to me, “radicalists, foolish virgins.”

   (11) They were worse than the people of the world. They knew the teachings of Jesus, the son of God, but did not put them into practice. 4

   (12) He said, “They are infidels, demons of flesh.”


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 537, Vision No. 7


   (1) I saw that the sun was about to set. Jesus stood in the middle of the door and was calling again and again.

   (2) This time, I no longer saw anybody. A silence was in the nature. It seemed to me that everything had stopped, leaving Jesus alone with his boat. I felt a great sadness, the sadness of death, which was hovering over the world.

   (3) What sadness! JESUS HAS USED UP ALL HIS MEANS. He has tried everything, tried everything, and endured ill-treatment to the point of being insulted by the people of the world and by the seventh-day adventists who called him insane and told him he was unbalanced. 5

   (4) I saw Jesus weeping. I was moved to see so much love, so much compassion for men.

   (5) He addressed his father in the heavens, showing his pierced hands and his pierced feet:

   Father, father,

     I have tried everything.

        I have called.

          No one responded

to my call.

My blood! My blood! My blood!

   (6) Then he asked me to enter into his ark.

   (7) Jesus remained inside one more week. He left the door wide open. During the week that the door was open, Jesus prayed and sang psalms.

   (8) I was sitting in this place when I saw some people who were coming to see Jesus, telling him again: “We are Catholics; we will not observe the Sabbath.”

   (9) During the week, I saw the large door open. A few people came to see Jesus in his ark to take refuge there, feeling a remorse, regretting not having seized his appeal, and for having insulted him. Notwithstanding the invitation of the Master, they went away to come back there no more.

   (10) “It is too hard,” they said, “to observe the Sabbath instead of Sunday.” They chose Sunday.

   (11) Others were still coming out of curiosity to ridicule him. I saw people outside saying: “What is he doing alone in such a boat?” They even scoffed at his boat, which was not to their taste, not having the form of a real boat of the world.

   (12) The week went by. Jesus looked again. No one wanted to come in. Standing before the door of his ark, he was waiting again and again. Maybe there will be one person to come.

   (13) It was Friday. He looked up in the sky at the sun which was about to set. I was beside him when he closed the very large door, very high and so heavy, which rolled on its hinges.

   (14) I looked. The door is closed. At this very moment, the fate of humanity has been definitively sealed, leaving them to satan and to his demons.


   (15) I saw darkness falling upon the earth, covering the ark. As the week is over, Jesus is in his ark, praying, singing, and reciting psalms. He raised his hands toward heaven: “Father…


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 537, Vision No. 8


   (1) It was night. Darkness was covering the earth and covering the humanity rescue ark.

   (2) I saw that the day was barely rising. Outside, people were arriving and crowding around his boat. They were waiting for Jesus to come out of this refuge. Others lost patience and left.

   (3) Seeing light through the joints of the little windows, they said: “There is light inside. He is alive, he is alive; he is not dead.”

   (4) They regretted the ill-treatment inflicted on Jesus by their words. Seeing the thick darkness that covered the earth, they felt that their lives were in danger; too late they understood that they had to seek him at all costs to enter into his boat to save their lives. The hour was grave.

   (5) They regretted the ill-treatment inflicted on Jesus by their words. For one week, and then one more week there was hope to save their lives. Nobody came.

   (6) But the most terrible moment came when

            THE DOOR WILL

           NEVER BE OPENED,

           NEVER MORE.

   Oh! how the people wanted him now!

   Oh! how they would do anything to be accepted

by him and have him forgive them for ignoring and treating him as insane and insulting him! How much regret and remorse!

   (7) Thus, too late the people of the world recognized that it was not Jeanine Sautron who spoke to the seventh-day adventists and to the world through Dreams and Visions on YouTube and the internet.


   (8) They acknowledged having

    rejected their salvation

     and the grace of JESUS,

that was offered to them to change their sinful lives.

   (9) I saw tears. Others were plucking out their hair. I heard gnashing of teeth. They rolled in the dust of the earth. They were invaded by the despair of dying eternally. At this hour, Jesus, the son of God, was no longer to save them from eternal death.


   (10) I saw in this vision that the son of God had said to them, Come! Come! There is room for everyone. Come as you are!

   (11) During those days when his ark was among the men of this earth, he (Jesus) sent again this invitation: “There is room for all.

   (12) I saw that they did not accept Jesus because of the seventh-day SABBATH. They preferred the false day of rest: Sunday.

   (13) They hardened their hearts to the point that his calls fell on deaf ears. I was there; I was looking. They were hungry and thirsty for hearing the words coming out of his mouth.

   (14) The moment came when these people began to lose patience. They were searching on the boat whether there would be a small opening where they could intrude to get inside.

   (15) There was nothing. I saw only small joints on the windows, which let the glory inside be perceived.

   (16) The people outside began to lose patience: “What is he doing inside his boat? We see light, little lights. He is alive; let us call again; maybe he will open the door to us.”

   (17) All cried out:He is alive!

            He is alive!

         It is the son of God!

   (18) It was then that they hit and kicked the flanks of the ship with their fists and with their feet, saying, “Is he going to answer us?” They shouted, “Open to us! Open to us! Open to us! It is night outside.”

   (19) JESUS was appealed to, but their worldly character revealed a depraved worldliness. — “Open to us!” they cried, “we want to get in.” — The door did not open.

   (20) They knocked for a long time, a long time, very late into the night, watching, waiting, that Jesus, tired of hearing them knocking, would open the door for them; but it was in vain.

   (21) I was in this vision until the early morning of the Sabbath of the next week.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 537, Vision No. 9


   (1) The night went by. I saw a beautiful, radiant sun rising. It was the Sabbath Day.

   (2) To the surprise of all these excited, angry people, the door opened again. — Tall, very tall, is this man — Jesus came to the sight of these angry and excited people. He presented himself to them. They all had their mouths shut. What a silence!

   (3) I saw that some of them kneeled down before Jesus to worship him; others sang praises.

   (4) These people bowed before Jesus as if to have him forgive their evil attitude toward him. Others stood very close to him, eager to follow him now, and told him that his garment was very white, which dazzled them.

   (5) Jesus, full of love, did not reject them; on the contrary, he pitied them. His voice was sweet, but his words were full of pain. He said to them,

   (6)Who are you? You know me? I do not know from where you come. You know me, but I do not know you.

   (7) Jesus took care to close the door behind him. He said to them, It is now that you wake up and that you are seeking me? It is too late! You have arrived too late. The door is closed forever. It will not be opened. Go and cry out to the gods that you have chosen, 6 your idols and the artificial pleasures that you have loved on the earth. Go now to your prostitute pastors; let them save you from eternal death.

   (8) Jesus addressed a crucial point: Do you keep the seventh-day Sabbath, from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday?

   (9) They replied: “We will not observe this day: Saturday. We have our day of rest, Sunday.”

   (10) Jesus said to them, This is a false day of rest. I am Jesus, the Master of the Sabbath.” 7


   (11) The Lord made them understand that they refused to repent of their sins, and that they did not serve God on the earth; therefore, they could neither serve him here on earth nor in heaven. They are deprived of his priesthood.

   (12) He said to them, You have not been sanctified by faith. You do not have my righteousness, nor obedience to my laws, and you are not reformed. You will not be able to live with the saints 8 in my glory. You are filthy and impure. Return from whence you came, you are foolish virgins, stripped of the Righteousness of Christ:

Love and Faith.

   (13) Go,” said Jesus, go and cry out to the gods you have chosen. You will sow trouble with the saints in my boat if I let you enter into this place. Go and worship your idols.”

   (14) Now Jesus, the son of God, said: “I have shut the door of my ark 9 that I set upon the earth. Now it is late. No one can enter into it any longer. When I called you did not answer me. When I cried to you, you told me that I was insane, unbalanced. It is thus that you have treated the prophets who were sent to you. You have been deaf to my calls.

   (15) You have loved sensuality and artificial pleasures on this earth. You have chosen the broad road that leads to perdition.” Jesus spoke clearly — You have not served God on this earth. I do not know you.”

   (16) I understood by these words that his grace has been withdrawn from this world, but not from his saints.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 537, Vision No. 10

   (1) The world has been judged, the living and the dead:

      The door of grace is

     definitively closed

     for this world.

     Its ruin is imminent.

     The earth is going to pass,

     with all its inhabitants. 10

   (2) Jesus revealed: Apart from the 144,000 sealed with the seal of God, the humans who have not received his grace are called by the son of God: demons of flesh, 11 having the mark of the antichrist: 666, with his image: Sunday. 12

   (3) The destiny of each human being has been sealed. Jesus withdrew himself definitively from the earth, leaving this edifice to satan and to his demons.

   (4) I saw Jesus leaving the earth. He ascended to heaven to his father. He has left this world to satan and to his demons.

   (5) At this moment, the earth is under the six cups of the wrath of God, which are falling upon the impious. They are filled with the mercy of God. Otherwise, everything that is in the sea, on the earth, and in the air, would all die.

   (6) He revealed to me: The seventh cup will be poured out without mercy; and the saints closed up with Jesus will recognize it:

It is the end!

   (7) The son of God has sent burning coals that disrupted the nature, the climate, the temperature and the water.

   (8) It was shown to me, the water will be the most terrible scourge, leaving the great cities and villages in darkness. Rich and poor will be under this scourge of burning coals:

No one will escape!said Jesus.

   (9) God loves this earth with its inhabitants. He is a God of love. But the inhabitants of this earth have forgotten his laws, and have exhausted his patience. God is punishing them with burning coals and the six cups poured out upon the earth, to plunge them into torment.

   (10) This ark set on the earth is the same model as Noah’s ark. It is made entirely of wood.

   (11) Thus God, the father, the son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, came to bring to the world a message of love through the Dreams and Visions of Jeanine Sautron, revealing to them the destruction of the wicked and the impious on the earth, soon:

         It is imminent!

It is the END.

   (12) Jesus revealed that the fire that boils in the center of the earth will soon cover the earth. It will be destroyed by fire, not letting the wicked and the impious escape. He has left the earth.

   (13) Another scourge that is going to fall on the earth, on France, will be the Chernobyl, soon.

   (14) The earth will be destroyed

      by fire soon,

very soon:

          This is the end

            of the hour.

   (15) The destiny of each one living here upon the earth has been


No one will escape!

   (16)   God is love.

   (17) Jesus has revealed to me that he is going to bring back peace and love to the new earth, the Sabbath on the new earth united to the inhabited worlds, which keep the holy Sabbath of the Eternal.

   (18) It is finished; it is the end of the wicked, the rebels to his laws. Jesus is going to purify this earth. He decreed it: The door is closed

            for ever and ever.

   (19) The work of the third, and of the fourth, angels is terminated.

   (20) An ark has been set here upon this earth for the salvation of men. This salvation is denied to the inhabitants of the earth. They are condemned. The door of grace is closed to the world. No one can be converted any longer.

   (21) This door was closed to the antediluvians in the past.

    Today it is closed to

     this world, whose

        destiny has been sealed.

   (22)       It is the END.

   (23) No one can be saved. 13

    The world has been judged.

   (24) Jesus showed me the book, “The Great Controversy” by Ellen White:

      This controversy is ending


   (25) Message of the son of God revealed by the Dreams and Visions of Jeanine Sautron.

Jeanine Sautron