Chapter 538

Dreams and Visions

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!

Dreams and Visions


Jeanine Sautron

Church of Philadelphia,

the “Remnant,

who keep the Commandments

of God, including the Seventh-

Day Sabbath on Saturday,




The Spirit of


      (1)     THE RUIN IS










Dreams and Visions

Chapter 538, Vision No. 1


      (2) The world is condemned. It is


      (3) Jesus, the son of God, closed the door with his own inside. They are sheltered from the wicked and from the seven plagues.

     (4) I have seen a desolated earth, dried up by the drought; and flooding everywhere, immersing houses and lands.

     (5) He approached me here on this earth and said to me,


It is the END

of all things!

                        It is approaching.

      It is already visible in the eyes of the world.”— We were in a great flood and were looking at the raging waters.

      (6) After that, Jesus said:

                  It is the end

                of the hour.

      (7) I was taken by my messenger to meet Jesus in the heavenly tabernacle. He revealed to me that the judgment of the living and of the dead is finished.

           It is the END of the hour.

               There is no more time:

               No more years,

               no more months,

               no more days.

               No more time.

      (8) The time is no more.

          It is the end of the world.

It is imminent!

      (9) The destiny of this world is now


      (10) The judgment of the living and of the dead is over.

      (11) Jesus said: “Those who have known the law will be judged by the law, and those who have not known the law will be judged without the law.”

      [“For there is no partiality with God, for as many as have sinned without the law will also perish without the law. As many as have sinned under the law will be judged by the law, for it isn’t the hearers of the law who are righteous before God, but the doers of the law will be justified.” Romans 2:11-13.]

      (12)The 6,000 years given to satan are also finished. (See also The Great Controversy of Ellen White).”

       [But as the church approaches her final deliverance, satan is to work with greater power. He comes down “having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” Revelation 12:12. He will workwith all power and signs and lying wonders.” 2 Thessalonians 2:9. For 6,000 years that mastermind that once was highest among the angels of God has been wholly bent to the work of deception and ruin. And all the depths of satanic skill and subtlety acquired, all the cruelty developed during these struggles of the ages will be brought to bear against God’s people in the final conflict. And in this time of peril the followers of christ are to bear to the world the warning of the Lord’s second advent; and a people are to be prepared to stand before him at his coming, “without spot, and blameless.” 2 Peter 3:14. From Here to Forever, {The Great Controversy Condensation}, pages 11-12.]

      (13) Jesus declared that he has been Melchisedek in the heavenly sanctuary, pleading for his people and for the world.

      [“This is yet more abundantly evident, if after the likeness of Melchisedek there arises another priest, who has been made, not after the law of a fleshly commandment, but after the power of an endless life; for it is testified, ‘You are a priest forever, according to the order of Melchisedek.’… But he, because he lives forever, has his priesthood unchangeable. Therefore, he is able to save {“his people FROM their sinsMatthew 1:21} to the uttermost those who draw near to God through him, seeing that he lives forever to make intercession for them, for such a high priest was fitting for us: holy, guiltless, undefiled, separated from sinners, and made higher than the heavens.” Hebrews 7:15-17, 24-26.]


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 538, Vision No. 2


      (1) Jesus is still in the heavenly sanctuary. He is pleading until the seventh plague is poured out upon the earth.

      (2) Jesus has not left the heavenly sanctuary yet. He is speaking with his father. He is pleading and receiving the prayers of the saints who come from the earth. He is their advocate in their lives here upon the earth, saving them perfectly.

      (3) The saints have been judged. They will no longer go through judgment. The son of God has sealed them with his seal. They are set apart. They are

unshakeable and blameless.

       [“And I heard the number of those who were sealed, 144,000.” Revelation 7:4. “They {the scorpions} were told that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree, but only those people who do not have God’s seal on their foreheads.” Revelation 9:4. “Here is the patience of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.” Revelation 14:12.]

      (4) Jesus said to me, “The six cups of my wrath have been poured out. They will amplify upon the earth. The seventh cup will be poured out without mercy.

      (5)     THE RIGHTEOUS


      They are shut in with Jesus in the heavenly temple.

      (6) Jesus is praying to his father:

                Father, I want those

               you have given me

               to be with me forever.

      (7) He knows them all by their names. The son of God is now looking forward to seeing them live with him.

      (8) The world no longer

            has any mediator.

Jesus comes!

      (9) The son of God turned around and said to me,

My grace is sufficient for thee.”

      (10) He took me to the books of prophecy of Ellen White. He took The Great Controversy and said to me to read this book. There were two printed books of Dreams and Visions that were filed with these prophecy books.

      (11) This moment spent with Jesus made me forget that I was carnal, like a carnal human being. I was tasting what eternity will be with him always. There was a great relationship between him and me. To know him, to see him, and to talk to him, what I felt in his company, it was already eternity. I lost sight of all the things of the earth.

      (12) The son of God is endearing; which made me feel that I was in front of one who knows the human heart perfectly.

      (13) I would have liked this conversation to continue longer; but the angel in service said to Jesus, “The seats are ready. The saints are already present, and they are waiting for you at the door.

      (14) Jesus said to him to open the door and make them sit down in his temple. It was the Sabbath Day. The heavenly sanctuary became a temple for the worship of the Sabbath.

      (15) Jesus took me out by the place where all the mediator’s clothes were stored. I saw them well tidied up. He opened the drawers, and I saw the red mantle, the turban, the pectoral breastplate stones, and the little golden bells. These will remain in this place forever.

      (16) Then he placed me in the temple and put me in the first row. I was the only one present in that place at that time.

      (17) While waiting for the presence of the saints, he took care of lighting his censer. Fragrant smoke was spreading in this place.

      (18) He no longer had on this mediator’s outfit. He could move easily in this temple. What a whiteness, his garment of the righteousness of christ!

      (19) Before this propitiatory altar (mercy seat), he was speaking to his father,

                  Father, I want those

               you have given me

               to be with me forever.

      (20) He has this profound desire to live with them for eternity, which is approaching. How much he loves us!


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 538, Vision No. 3


      (1) I looked toward the large room. I saw that the brothers and sisters were beginning to take their seats in this place. I saw that the angel in service was placing them. Each one had his seat in this place.

      (2) Jesus, standing before this mercy seat, was speaking with his father, and smoke was coming out of his censer. He was swinging it so that a lot of fragrant smoke may spread everywhere.

      (3) I looked, and I saw the first person present. Before this person took a seat in this place, Jesus said to the angel in service,

            Take away the filthy

        garments from him.

        Clothe him with

        the white garment

        of my righteousness.

     (4) I looked again at the persons who were arriving, and I saw those persons who were not invited, and who came in a way to hide from Jesus their sins on the earth.

      (5) Jesus knew them. He saw them, notwithstanding they had their backs turned behind his back; those persons were not clothed with the righteousness of christ. Therefore, they had not received the white garment of christ’s righteousness. They were dirty. They had their own clothes.

      (6) Their sins were hidden from their brothers and sisters, but they could not lie to the one who reads the heart as an open book. They hid behind the persons to conceal their presence.

      (7) I saw other persons with worldly outfits, who were criticizing the saints, who were coming from the earth. Not being able to influence those who were present to denigrate the other persons who were arriving, they were disenchanted, that those who were arriving at this place, and who loved Jesus, did not want to do as they did.

      (8) Therefore, these persons stood up and left the ranks. The angel in service opened the door for them, and then locked it behind them.

      (9) They had dirty clothes. Their character was not formed after the pattern, which is Jesus:

Faith and Love.

      (10) After the temple was filled with those persons who came for the Sabbath of the Master, I saw Jesus doing the inspection of the persons present. His searching eyes scrutinized every heart, every person.

      (11) I saw that the son of God has found in them his beautiful character, clothed with the saving faith, and the love of God in their hearts, clothed in the garments of the righteousness of Jesus. They did not want to leave him anymore. They were well in this temple, near him.

      (12) I looked again. I saw the son of God going to other persons who were not worthy to be in this place. — He said to them, “Who are you!? Where do you come from!? I do not know you.” — They had their mouths closed.

      (13) He said to them: “Your places are not here.”

     (14) These persons believed that Jesus would accept them in their sins. They thought they were saved in their sins. It was not the case. At the command of the Master, the angel in service came; he took the arms of these persons and took them out of his temple.

      (15) These persons cried out, “We love Jesus! We love Jesus!” They were cries of death, cries of despair; what I heard were cries of eternal death. They were stomping the ground with their feet. So many years in the seventh-day adventist church! And so many years in the Remnant Church of Philadelphia! Jesus did not recognize them as being part of the saints.

      (16) They shouted loud cries, cries of grief, but Jesus did not hear them. He was troubled, but he did not turn to look at them, letting this angel in service do his duty to put them out.

      (17) These persons shouted and shouted again, “We love Jesus! We love Jesus!” It was in vain. Jesus did not respond to their cries of despair. Before the mercy seat, he remained insensible to their cries. They were persons who came from the Church of Philadelphia, the Remnant.

      (18) Jesus appealed to another angel to second this angel. They both took them by the arms. They were carried by these angels and put out.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 538, Vision No. 4


      (1) What peace, what rest, reigned after that!

      (2) After what had just happened, I looked, attracted by Jesus, who was tall and majestic, with his beautiful white vesture.

      (3) Jesus looked at each of the saints present in this place. I trembled: He had his gaze on me, and on all those who were present. He knew them all by their names. I heard him naming their names. What sympathy, what tenderness for his elect who came from the earth!

      (4) What peace, what rest! But the angel in service came to tell Jesus that there are persons called seventh-day adventists of Laodicea who are in front of the closed door. They are waiting and wanted to enter into this temple.

      (5) Because these persons, who are called “seventh-day adventists,” had some knowledge of the spirit of prophecy of Ellen White, and were registered in the books of their churches, they believed that they would be allowed all right to enter into this place.

      (6) I heard that they were losing patience outside of this closed door. — Jesus said loudly to the angel in service,

I do not know them.

      These SDA churches, with their believers, have the 666 mark of their father, the devil. They are demons of flesh.”

      (7) The angel in service received the order from Jesus not to open the door for them:

The door will remain closed for them forevermore,” said the son of God.

      (8) Waiting for a long time outside behind the door, and seeing that it was not being opened to them, I heard their cries of despair, cries of death that I heard: “Open to us! Open to us!” Sighs, regrets. . . They hit the door with their fists until these persons, the seventh-day adventists, Church of Laodicea, realized that the door would never be opened.

This door has been shut to them



      (9) I saw that Jesus placed himself before his altar and further said this:

      He who is holy, let him sanctify himself still.

      He who is righteous, let him be justified still.

      He who is filthy, let him be filthy still.

      (10) The angel in service kept in contact with me and said to me, “It is Jesus who will preside for the Sabbath. He is not going to begin now. He is waiting for the ‘remnantof his Jewish brothers and sisters on the earth. They are on their way to the heavenly temple. They are going to arrive soon.”

      (11) Meanwhile, the assembly of the saints sang hymns of praise to the glory of Jesus.

      (12) He announced to me that Sister Ellen White and Brother James White are present here, that they are just in the third row beside me.

      (13) I got up to go and greet them, when I realized that I do not speak English. I had forgotten. — He said to me, “The saints will soon be complete.”

      (14) We sang this hymn of praise: “What heavenly rest, Jesus, to be yours!(French RH 292)

      (15) A very short time went by; then I saw the son of God put his fuming censer down and go toward the door to open for his Jewish brothers and sisters, for he alone knew that they had arrived and were waiting outside the door of the temple.

      (16) Jesus took the key from the hand of the angel in service to open the door for them and usher them in.

      (17) I was in vision outside of the temple with Jesus. I saw that the “remnantof his Jewish brothers and sisters were waiting. Jesus recognized them right away. It was joy receiving them. Jesus hugged them one by one in his arms. They were embraces like a father with his son. The son of God had found his Jewish family again, that little remnant so precious to him, who keep the Sabbath on earth, and who have received his righteousness.

      (18) I saw that these persons were justified by obedience and had kept the commandments of God, faithful to his teachings.

      [“But now has been made manifest {the revelation of the mystery}, and by the scriptures of the prophets, has been made known to all nations, according to the commandment of the everlasting God, for the obedience of faith.” Romans 16:26. “Jesus Christ our Lord, through whom we received grace and apostleship, for obedience of faith among all the nations, for his name’s sake; among whom you are also called to belong to Jesus Christ; to all who are in Rome, beloved of God, called to be saints…” Romans 1:4, 5, 6, 7.]

      (19) They were approved by Jesus, who invited them to enter into his temple, and to join his own. They were neither radicalists, nor formalists.

      (20) It was moving. Jesus was happy to receive his own people, Jews like himself, among his own already gathered Jews by faith.

      (21) Jesus said to his brothers to take off their black hats; which they did. They placed them on their breasts, and the Lord ushered them in, with their veiled wives, among his own. I saw that the veiled women entered with them into this place.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 538, Vision No. 5


      (1) Jesus was waiting, happy for that moment, when I saw Jews coming from the earth, arriving at the door of the temple. They greeted Jesus.

     (2) But I was astonished that there had not been this bond, this homecoming; it was cold. No words were exchanged with Jesus. They were cold. There was no embrace; it was cold.

     (3) They did not speak with him. They were indifferent. They did not really know Jesus. I saw that these Jewish persons were Jews, but did not really know who he was. They had obeyed to the letter his teachings, but were deprived of the grace that saves, and of faith.

     (4) There was a waiting time, for Jesus was waiting. Then they decided to enter, in spite of themselves, into this temple, and talked with Jesus.

     (5) Jesus asked them to remove their kippas from their heads. They did not respond to that request. They were cold toward the Master. Humiliated by this demand, they did not enter.

     (6) Jesus was waiting, for he is patient. They insisted on entering into the temple of the Eternal with their kippas. Jesus said,“No, remove your kippas.”

     (7) Humiliated by this demand, they distanced themselves from him. They were still waiting for the son of God to say to them, “Yes, you can enter my temple with your kippas.”

     (8) Jesus again refused their request. He said to them, “No.” Vexed and humiliated, they went away. They did not want to obey Jesus.

     (9) When Jesus said “No,” he means, “No.” They were too proud, too sure of themselves, of salvation by works. I did not notice any humiliation before the one who is the Master of the UNIVERSE.

     (10) They departed, taking the stairs that brought them back to the earth. They were cold, but Jesus loved them, waiting again for them to come back.

     (11) They came back. It was always the same request to enter his holy temple with their kippas. Jesus, firm, said to them: “NO.”

     (12) Like before, he said to them, “Take off your kippas if you want to enter the Sabbath worship in my temple.”

     (13) He said, “In my temple men will not be covered with hats or kippas. Women will be veiled.”

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 538, Vision No. 6


      (1) I remained a moment alone with Jesus. He was sad about their return to the earth. How much he loved them!

     (2) I realized that they were not really his brothers. They did not know him. They were wicked. They had followed the Master on the earth in a very superficial manner. They did not know Jesus. They did not have love in their hearts. They were cold, distant. The Lord is the water of life; they did not drink of this water.

     (3) Jesus said to me, “Have you noticed that they have dirty clothes? They are not covered with my righteousness. They do not really know who I am.”

     (4) There was silence. But Jesus wanted to confide to me what he felt: “They are radicalists. The love of God, and its principles, have not been rooted into their hearts. They were superficial. Their belief was harsh, radical, and deprived of the faith that saves. They are foolish virgins — salvation through works — like the seventh-day adventists.”

     (5) Salvation through works, foolish virgins, without really knowing Jesus, radical, harsh, deprived of the saving faith, they loved the laws, but not Jesus as the Lord of the UNIVERSE.

     (6) Jesus knew that, after the coming of his Jewish brothers and sisters, clothed with the righteousness of christ, no one else would come. The son of God decided to destroy the staircase that linked the earth to heaven.

     (7) Jesus went down this staircase with the angel in service to the earth, examining to see if there was anyone going up to the temple in heaven any longer.

     (8) I saw Jesus blowing on this staircase. The breath of his mouth burned it with fire in order to destroy it completely.

     [His breath sets coals on fire, and a flame goes out of his mouth.Job 41:21. “He will not judge by the sight of his eyes, neither decide by the hearing of his ears; but with righteousness he will judge the poor, and decide with equity for the humble of the earth. He will strike the earth with the rod of his mouth; and with the breath of his lips he will kill the wicked. Righteousness will be the belt of his loins, and faithfulness the belt of his waist.” Isaiah 11:3-5.]

     (9) The fire destroyed this staircase. And I saw the son of God with the angel in service. The fire set this staircase ablaze, up to the temple. Jesus and his angel in service hurried to enter inside, where the saints took refuge.

     (10) Then I saw that Jesus double-locked the door by turning the key twice in the lock. He closed it definitively, knowing that anyone who is not his own would not come to disturb him.

     (11) But before that, before this door was definitively closed, some persons knocked at the door.

     (12) Jesus, knowing who these persons were, went himself to open to them. He did not ask that of the angel in service.

     (13) He asked them, “Who are you!? Where do you come from!?They were again seventh-day adventists. — Jesus said, “I do not know you. Go back to your prostitute pastors and your directors, who are criminals, child killers. Return to them.”

     (14)Knowing their works, you have participated in their abominations and have accepted them. You are also guilty of their abominations. I am opening the door a bit to you.

     (15) I saw that the door opened a bit. Jesus purposely opened it a little wider. To their surprise they saw that I was seated in this temple, in the glory of God. They had their mouths closed.

     (16) Then with the big key Jesus double-locked the door by making two turns in the lock. The door was definitively closed in heaven.

     (17) What peace! What rest! Like a wind, the breath of God passed over the saints, and the glory of God emanated from this place.

     (18) We were in the Sabbath’s peace and worship, the sweetness of Jesus, his sweet gaze, rocked in a bath of love with the fragrant odor of the smoke from his censer. It smelled good.

     (19) Knowing the end of the hour to this world, and the outpouring of the plagues and their consequences on the earth, Jesus has shut all his faithful ones in with him. They are sheltered in the temple of heaven. They will nevermore come out.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 538, Vision No. 7


      (1) I looked. We were in the glory of God. Jesus looked at his own; and I saw the satisfaction on his face. The saints were the blessed ones in his love. They did not want to go out of this place. In the temple of heaven they were well with Jesus.

     (2) They are sheltered from the wicked, and sheltered from the six scourges that are falling every day on the earth, and sheltered from the seventh plague.

     (3) Being shut in with Jesus in the temple of heaven, and sitting in this place, they could not descend to the earth anymore, nor could the foolish virgins ascend to heaven. They are sheltered. God the father, the son, and the holy spirit shut them inside. They are sheltered in the temple of God.

     (4) Blessed are those whom God has incorporated into this circle!

     (5) Jesus closed the door on them forever, sheltering them from the wicked, from satan, and from his demons. Shut in with Jesus, they cannot enter into the sins of this world. God has separated them from the love of this world.

     (6) Thus, they are the elect of God (who separated them from this world that lives in sin). His elect ones will no longer be affected by the joys and pleasures of this world. They are seated with God in the glory of the father, of the son, and of the holy spirit, for their heavenly father has sheltered them,


     (7) Now they no longer want to part from him. The saints are sheltered, sealing the destiny of this world.

     (8) The door of grace is definitively closed, and for the foolish virgins, this door will remain closed forevermore.

     (9) Closed in with him, with Jesus, we are perfectly safe.

     (10) The angel in service informed me of the presence of Ellen White and James White in this place. I realized that Jesus has gathered into this place all the saints since the beginning of the third angel’s work in 1845, and in the last days, the saints in Dreams and Visions by Jeanine Sautron of the third and of the fourth angels.

     (11) The messages of the third and the fourth angels are finished. It is Jesus himself who came to finish this work on YouTube and the internet.

     (12) All the saints were gathered into this temple, and Jesus made them sit with him — his brothers and sisters, Jews by faith, and his brothers and sisters, Jews by name — and with his own already assembled. Gathered, shut in with Jesus, we were happy.

     (13) The things of the earth were completely removed from me. The only person I saw, that I was beholding, was Jesus, the one my heart loves intensely.

     (14) Among the saints, I felt that it was the true rest of the Eternal. The holy Sabbath has regained its greatness. God was praised and adored.

     (15) Jesus, satisfied, looked upon us as the gift of his father, and the fruit of his love. He saw in his saints the beauty of his character:

love and holiness.

     (16) I felt very strongly the breath of the holy spirit passing over this congregation. I heard alleluias; all clothed with the white robe of the righteousness of Jesus. What a perfect happiness!

     (17) There were no more of the foolish virgins, nor those who love the world instead of loving God; nor idolaters, nor liars, nor adulterers, nor seventh-day adventist gangsters, nor prostitutes to the beast. There were no longer any such things. Jesus purified his temple from these persons.

     (18) They (the saints) partake of the peace, happiness, serenity, and holiness of Jesus. Everything was PERFECT.

     (19) He was praised and adored by the saints. The sinners have been eliminated from this place. The things of the earth no longer had any reason for being in this place. Now,

the election of his grace

is finished.

     Jesus forever before this altar, filled us with the fragrant smoke from his censer.

      (20) The saints are enclosed in him, showing them that the son of God intends to dwell with them. He has shut his saints in the heavenly temple with him.

     (21) All who have been chosen by the election of the grace of God the father, the son, and his holy spirit, abide in God, and God lives in them.

     (22) Let us rejoice, those who are united with Jesus and with the saints, and have had part in this incorporation into this circle by our union with God the father in the person of Jesus and his holy spirit.

     (23) With Jesus, all is peace and rest, and those who are in Jesus Christ are in him for ever.

     (24) They will NEVER more come out of his heavenly temple, for the love of Jesus, and his fidelity, have shut them in forever.

     (25) The evil that is rampant on the earth, and all the plagues that are falling upon the earth, everything that happens down here cannot make them go out of this holy place.

     (26) The saints are well seated with

the Master of the Universe,

Jesus, who is great and majestic.

What an adorable person!


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 538, Vision No. 8


      (1) This place smelled good with the fragrant smoke of his censer. All had their gaze on him, on him who has elected and enclosed them in the circle of God. We were rested, freed from all hindrance. The Sabbath was going to be presided over by Jesus, the son of God.

     (2) Jesus announced the Hymn No. 28 to begin Sabbath worship.

     (3) We were well. In the temple, the things of the earth had disappeared from our thoughts. We were in adoration before Jesus, the son of God. We did not want to come out of this place anymore.

     (4) We arose with our hymn books; and all standing before Jesus, with our voices, we made our praises ascend to God, singing the 4 stanzas of this beautiful song No. 28 [page 651 in the English Hymnal].

     (5) Silence, peace, happiness, rest were emanating from Jesus. All the faces were lit up with the glory emanating from Jesus in this place.

     (6) These words filled my soul:

Silence! Silence! Silence!

A breath descending…

Silence! Silence!

     1.    Silence! Silence! A breath descending:

           Behold the presence of God Almighty!



                Silence! The Master speaks with love.

                And makes us know his peace, in this day.


     2.    Silence! Silence! Let’s revere this place,

           Oh, let no offense be done to God!


     3.    Silence! Silence! And let’s meditate.

           In repentance, let’s pray on our knees.


     4.    Silence! Silence! Solemn moment,

           When the soul soars to the God of heaven!


     (7) Everything there was perfect: the Sabbath’s rest. The holy breath of God passed over us and revived us. I felt a peace in me, and in them, the rest of mind and body. We sang the four stanzas.

     (8) During this hymn of praise, I lost the course of this hymn for a moment. I looked. The saints were all clothed in the white robe of christ’s righteousness. Their clothes, dazzling with whiteness, reflected like a glory surrounding them.

     (9) I looked at myself, clothed in the white robe of the righteousness of Jesus. A very strong breath, very strong, of the spirit of God passed over me. I lowered my eyes. I realized that my feet were bare; and all the saints had bare feet.

     (10) I looked. My white garment was made of linen woven on the looms of heaven. Then I resumed this hymn No. 28 with the saints; and then Jesus asked us to kneel down for prayer.

     (11) I lowered my eyes; I heard the words of the Master addressing his father:

Father, I want those you have given me, to be with me forever.”

      (12) Happy to be incorporated into this circle forever, I will remain forever in this temple, shut in with Jesus. Blessed are those who have been incorporated into this circle.

     (13) I looked at him. My heart was overflowing with love for this savior! He looked at me and smiled at me.

     (14) Before that, I looked and saw, that it was not the angel in service who clothed Brother Roy with the robe of christ’s righteousness. It was Jesus himself who clothed this brother, Roy Lemke, with the robe of his righteousness. What a whiteness, the robe of this brother! I saw the image of Jesus in him.

     (15) Then Jesus placed himself before the altar. He had a very special relationship with me and this brother.

     (16) In this Dreams and Visions work, Jesus said to us:You will finish this work together. Jeanine will receive her instructions, and Brother Roy will use these communications for the world:

Then the END

shall come.”

     (17) He said, You and him together, then will the end come.

     (18) These prophecies are

                     coming to an end.

          And the time of this world

                     is finished.

     (19) The Lord knows his own here on this earth, shaken by the six plagues that are falling on the earth. He has sheltered them.

     (20) Angels are deployed in force,” said Jesus to me, to watch over them and protect them.”

     (21) Now the saints are shut in with Jesus.

     (22) He made this revelation to me:

There are no more years,

              nor days, nor hours.

              It is the END of all here below:

Jesus comes!

     (23) Too late for the inhabitants of this earth, God has withdrawn his protection from them. The door of heaven is closed forever.


leaving its inhabitants under the dominion of satan and of his demons.

     (24) It is too late for the foolish virgins, too late!

                The door will

                remain closed


     (25) Without christ we perish, but in Christ Jesus we are perfectly safe.

     (26) The wrath of God is already swooping down upon the earth.

     (27) Jesus said:

           Come, my people, enter into

         thy chamber, and shut the door

         behind thee; hide thyself for

         a little moment, until the wrath

         is past. For behold, the Eternal

         comes out of his abode, to punish

         the crimes of the inhabitants

         of the earth; and the earth will

         disclose the blood, and shall

no more cover the murders.”

Isaiah 26:20, 21.

     (28) Our prayer is:

                Lord, hide us until

               thy wrath is past. Close

               your saints in with thee,

               until the wrath is past.

     (29) Jesus came and shut the door of heaven. It will be in vain that many will come and knock at this door.

     (30) For the foolish virgins, this door will remain shut FOREVER.

Jeanine Sautron