Chapter 539

Dreams and Visions

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Released Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!

Dreams and Visions


Jeanine Sautron

Church of Philadelphia,

the “Remnant,

who keep the Commandments

of God, including the Seventh-

Day Sabbath on Saturday,

and the FAITH of JESUS.



The Spirit of


   (1)    THE RIDER OF THE










Dreams and Visions

Chapter 539, Vision No. 1


   (2) The sixth trumpet had its fulfillment in heaven. The four horsemen of the Revelation of John 6:8 have been sent to the earth.1

   (3) A pestilential gas will rise from the earth. This prophecy, revealed by Jesus, will come after New York, the commercial capital, will have been engulfed in the waters.

   (4) One-fourth of the earth, that is, two-billion-and –
a-half, will die in this prophecy of Revelation 6:8.

   (5) In this prophecy, Jesus revealed to me: A terrible war will surprise the inhabitants of the earth:

   (6)A drone,” said Jesus, the son of God, “A drone filled with steel bullets containing SARIN gas, will sow death among the inhabitants of the earth: men, women, children, and animals, will die from this SARIN gas!:

No one will escape

        from this SARIN gas!

   (7) JESUS explained to me that the SARIN gas and the MUSTARD gas are both equally mortal, killing, wounding all that is alive on earth: The fish of the rivers, of the lakes and streams, all that is alive and that will be under the effect of these dangerous and deadly gases, will all perish.

   (8) This is the prophecy of Jesus in the sixth trumpet. It is announced by Jesus:

No one will escape!

   (9) Satan is at the world order.

   He will annihilate Israel from the earth.

   (10) Such were the words of Jesus.

   (11) A drone will be sent to kill the inhabitants of the earth with SARIN gas:

The SARIN, deadly gas,


the mustard, deadly gas.2

   (12) Jesus revealed: After the sixth trumpet3 of Revelation 6:8,4 of John, the dead will not be buried or entombed. The pestilence, the gas, the sulfur, the smoke, will fill the earth with this plague.5

   (13) Jesus spoke to me of famine. There will be no more wheat. Flour will lack, and the commercial places will no longer be stocked with provision.6

   (14) Mothers with their children in front of the supermarkets will wait, without receiving the produce that will not come.

   (15) I saw that there will no longer be any water. The streams, the lakes, will be contaminated. Mothers were waiting. The water did not come. It was desolation; in the streets, in the public squares, it was like in a war. The food was rationed. The people had to be in line with a ration ticket. The food was rationed according to the families. There was only broth, which was served in the mouth.


   (16) In this vision, seeing the desolation of the families and the rationing of the food, the priests, the parish priests of the churches, the pastors of all the denominations will come out of their churches and will invite the people to pray for the forgiveness of their sins. I noticed that the people were more concerned about being hungry and thirsty before starving to death, than in returning to God for the forgiveness of their sins.


   (17) Jesus was drawing me and calling me to come near his great white throne in heaven. He made me come near him and said: There will be wars, famines, and diseases on the earth after
the sixth trumpet
. The sound went around the earth.

   (18)And he revealed to me, “The four horsemen departed for the earth. The rider of the greenish horse is on the way.

   (19) He revealed to me that the four winds of the earth are released. It is a matter of time. “What will happen on the earth will be terrible!

No one will escape!

   (20) Again Jesus said to me, Satan (God’s and men’s enemy) is in person at the world order. He is in person. He is the torturer of the Jews on the earth:

        He is at the door

        of the world.


   (21) Jesus, the son of God, makes known by the Dreams and Visions of Jeanine Sautron that:

The time of this earth

is counted:

Great and terrible events are going to happen upon the earth, events of the sixth trumpet.

   (22) At the seventh trumpet,




   The earth will be 100% destroyed by a nuclear bomb with its power upon the earth, a force 10. It is the final war between God and satan. Satan will destroy this earth with his force 10 bomb.7

   (23) Jesus cried out:

Woe to the earth!

The world will pass away.8


   (24) I trembled —Jesus said to me: Write the prophecy. Publish it in all the languages.”

   (25)As far as the 144,000 are concerned, no hair will fall from their heads. They are protected by divine power.”

   (26) Jesus says to them in Dreams and Visions, Fear nothing. You are the blessed of my father.”

   (27) Jesus knows them all by their names.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 539, Vision No. 2


   (1) The rider of the greenish horse made his entry on the earth. He is sent by God, revealing through Dreams and Visions, a terrible prophecy for the inhabitants of the earth.

It is imminent!

Death and the abode of the dead.”

   (2) A pain will affect the whole world,

a pain that no one

will be able to alleviate.

   (3) This rider of the greenish9 horse raised his voice toward the heavens and on the earth:

      The prophecies are ending.

      The time of the earth

        is counted.”

   (4) He cried with a loud voice: “I am the envoy of the Most High in the Dreams and Visions of Jeanine Sautron, and published on Youtube and the Internet by Roy Lemke. I am here, the envoy of the Most High.

      The time of the earth

      is counted.

        It is imminent!

      It is the sound of

           the sixth trumpet.”

   (5) There was a repetition of these words:

      The time of the earth

      is counted for

        its inhabitants.

      The wrath

      is approaching.

      It is imminent!

   (6) I understood that the patience of God came to an end in heaven:

    It is enough of the wicked.”


   (7) I went into vision. I lost sight of the things here below. It was summer. The weather was very beautiful, a radiant sun. It was morning.

   (8) In this vision, I saw descending from heaven a horseman who was arriving at a rapid, very rapid gallop. When he arrived on the earth, he stopped in front of me.

   (9) And I saw on his green horse, written in big black letters, very big:


   (10) I was paralyzed. This horseman got down from his greenish horse, then he advanced toward me and said, Fear nothing! I am here, sent to you by Jesus for this prophecy. I am going to accompany you the whole time you will be in vision. I have received this order from the Most High to watch over you.”

   (11) Once the rider of the greenish horse arrived upon the earth, he cried with a loud voice that the prophecies were coming to an end, and that the time of the earth, of the impious here below, is ending.

   (12) Everything was resounding around me.10 I heard rumblings of thunder, strong waters; and the sun turned pale. Its rays on the earth became white, they lost their strength.11

   (13) And I cried out:

      “It is the end of the world!

         It is the end of the world!

   (14) There was something that happened in heaven and on the earth at the same time; his voice was going through the earth like an echo. The sun turned pale. Fear overwhelmed me. The inhabitants of the earth were touched by this fear.12

   (15) He said to me, Fear nothing. I know you. Your name is Jeanine. I am with you for the visions.”


   (16) He said to me that he is the rider of the greenish horse coming from heaven, bringing to the world by Dreams and Visions an urgent message that comes from the Most High:

Woe to the earth!

   The prophecy of the sixth trumpet will have its effect upon the earth:

No one will escape!

   (17) I saw this horse without its rider, a beautiful green, upon which these words stood out in my eyes:


It is a terrible woe here on the earth.

   (18) He revealed to me: He who lives in heaven, the Most High, the living one who lives for ever and ever, has decided to put an end to this world of sin,13
and this moment has come:

   The earth went beyond

    Sodom and Gomorrah.

      The harvest is ripe.”

   (19) He said to me, The sins of the earth ascended up to the throne of God through marriages: man with man and woman with woman. Fornication is in full swing. Adulteries, thefts and murders fill the earth and defile it with crimes as in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah:14

This is

Sodom and Gomorrah.

Its time is counted.

   (20)These sins fill the earth. God, the Most High, is withdrawing his protection from the earth.

No one will escape!

   (21) The 144,000 will soon be removed from this corrupt earth.


   (22) I saw a radiant sun, which turned pale when this horseman made his entry upon the earth. He is here on the earth.

   (23) He again cried and said,

   The prophecies brought by Ellen White since 1845 will end rapidly with the Dreams and Visions of Jeanine Sautron:

Then the END will come.

    (24) Ellen White and Jeanine Sautron are one and the same spirit of prophecy in the last days.”

   (25) He cried out with a loud voice:

      The time of the earth

        is counted!

   (26) He gave me this time when I received this message. It is very short, a very short time.

   (27) I looked around me, and I noticed that the rays of the sun turned pale. The days have become pale and sad. The bees are going to die.

   (28) It is the END of the world!

            It is a prophecy,

shouted this rider of the greenish horse,

a prophecy brought to Philadelphia

in the Dreams and Visions of Jeanine.

   (29) I have received the order from this horseman to publish it to the whole world on YouTube and the Internet. — He said, I will be on YouTube and the Internet with the publications of Roy Lemke.”


   (30) I looked at the horse of a beautiful green. It was very beautiful, a very beautiful horse, strong, with the look of a warrior. It was a very beautiful green, like green grass, even greener. What a beauty!

   (31) When I saw written on this horse: “Death, the abode of the dead,” he said to me: “Fear nothing. This horse is divine. I am the horseman of the greenish horse. I have been sent to be by your side during the whole time of these revelations of the prophecy.”

   (32) “Now the visions are going to start. I will be with you all along the visions. There is no more time. I am going to leave you now. The Most High, the one who lives in the heavens, has his eyes upon you. Now the visions begin.”

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 539, Vision No. 3


   (1) I lost sight of this rider of the greenish horse. I found myself in a big city. The weather was beautiful. I thought, “I am here in the great summer vacations.” There were tourists everywhere who were visiting the city and walking without a care in the world. They were happy and without worry about the drama that will strike the inhabitants of the earth.

   (2) In vision, I arrived there in a large, very dense crowd. I could neither advance nor move back. I was blocked in this crowd. It was very warm.

   (3) I saw and perceived before me a man that intrigued me. My vision was locked on this man.

   (4) I was in a white race country. I noticed that this man was neither European nor American, rather of the type of the Far East. I cannot say which country. This was not communicated to me.

   (5) I noticed his brown skin, and he had a rather strange attitude. I no longer had this crowd in my sight, only this man.


   (6) I found his attitude to be strange. He hunched his body, arching his back in order not to be noticed. He was trying to dissimulate [hide under a false appearance]
himself from me. He was hiding his face, so that I would not look at him, for he saw that my attention was focused only on him. He was walking in this position. I asked myself, “Why is he doing that?” It was


   (7) Despite my eyes on him, he repeated the same gestures; he was hiding his face. This man was young and about 1.70 meters tall [5 feet 7 inches tall].

   (8) Unable to bear my eyes on him, he got up and walked normally. “Strange,” I thought, “strange.”

   (9) He moved away from me for a moment, but not for long. I saw him again beside me. He moved a little away from me, then he came back to my side. The vision was, that I no longer saw the crowd, only this man in the vision.


   (10)The time I saw him next to me, he was a healthy young man, with no apparent illness, a normal man, with a healthy brown skin. My attention was focused solely on him. He was there on purpose in the visions, and did not go away from me.


   (11) Now, I saw this crowd, in the center of which I was blocked. A moment passed. I lost sight of him. Suddenly, without thinking about it, I saw the same man walking beside me, very close to me. He had his face very close to me. This time I could look at him more closely.

   (12) I saw him. He was still hiding his face. Suddenly, he tried not to hide his face anymore, and looked at me normally.


   (13) I was paralyzed, blocked on the spot. I did not budge anymore. I became speechless looking at him;
my voice was not coming out. I saw on such a beautiful brown face, on his neck, then on his arms, big pustules, very large white, purulent pimples. I saw on each of these very conspicuous pustules a small dark black crust, very visible, on each of the pustules which were on his body, white pustules, ready to burst.

   (14) I saw a young man resigned to his fate and life. He was no longer hiding from me. He was beside me following the crowd without talking all along the vision.


   (15) I no longer saw the crowd; I only saw this man. I became speechless. With the time, my fear vanished at the sight of these pustules.

   (16) I noticed that this man was the only human being in this crowd to be infected with these pustules that he endured well on his body, on his face and on his neck.

   (17) The crowd did not see what I saw. The vision was for me alone, him and I.


   (18) Seeing the big white, purulent pustules on the face of this man, the rider of the greenish horse made his appearance in this vision.

   (19) I saw him; he got down from his horse, and he came to warn me not to approach this man, to distance myself from him: He said, “This is a bomb.”

   (20) I do not know for what reason this man moved like that abruptly away from me, and kept himself away from me. “Perhaps,” I thought, “it is because of the presence of this green horse horseman, because he had a mission to protect me all along the visions.”

   (21) Just like that, he moved away from me and stopped. He looked at me with a severe look and said, “Stay where you are, do not come near me.” — He asked me to keep a distance of at least four meters [13.1 feet] from him. — “Do not come to me. Stay with the horseman,” said he to me.

   (22) I did not move anymore, paralyzed, speechless. — “Stay away from me.”— These warnings were addressed to me personally. “Is it because of this horseman who is near me?” I obeyed him, blocked and speechless; I was trembling.

   (23) “Who is this man who is giving me orders? Who is he? I do not know him.” He asked me to keep this distance of about four meters [13.1 feet] from him.


   (24) While he was far from me, he cried aloud and swore by the God of heaven that he is a martyr for God, that he has been charged with a mission to destroy one-quarter of the earth, that he voluntarily and humanly chose to fulfill the prophecy of the green horse horseman of Revelation 6:8.

   (25) Not knowing this man, I realized that he knew the four horsemen of the Revelation of John.

   (26) He shouted to me again, “Stay where you are.
I am a living bomb
.”— I was trembling. “A bomb?” I thought, “a bomb?” I saw on him big purulent pustules, big white pimples with black crusts, which I could even see four meters [13.1 feet] away from his person. I still thought that I did not see a bomb, or a bomb arsenal on him. This can be seen. Why does he say he is a living bomb?

   (27) I feared for my life. I felt that he was not joking with his firm tone of voice, that he was very serious and determined to blow himself up.

   (28) I thought of the crowd of vacationers walking without a care in the world. The crowd did not care to know what was happening.


   (29) In this vision, I was paralyzed. I wanted to shout to the crowd to draw their attention to this man. It was
impossible for me to say anything. My voice was not coming out. I had become dumb.

   (30) He shouted again: “I am a living bomb, a martyr for God. I have a mission,” said this man, “a mission to fulfill the prophecy of the greenish horse of the Revelation of John 6:8.” — Then he came back and placed himself beside me; I do not know for what reason.

   (31) I noticed that this man was in various places on this earth. He was everywhere to fulfill the prophecy of the green horse horseman.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 539, Vision No. 4


   (1) In another vision, the weather was very beautiful, a beautiful sun. This day seemed beautiful to me. Then I had the visit of the horseman of the greenish horse. Where I was, there were many people. It was a passenger train station.

   (2) The horseman of the greenish horse had noticed the presence of this man in this place. He came to me and said, “Do not come near that man. Do not talk to him. You will be contaminated.” —
I did not understand this warning.

   (3) This horseman left me. He cried aloud — his voice echoed on the earth. On a beautiful sunny day, I heard, mixed with the echo of his voice, the thunders, and the sound of great waters; and I saw that the rays of the sun turned white. The sun turned pale; it became white. I was trembling. — He cried aloud:

   He is a living bomb!

   One-quarter of the earth will die

           by this man.

   He is a kamikaze, a kamikaze!15

   (4)His act is voluntary. A nuclear bomb of violent viruses has been prepared and put into the body of this man to kill men, women, children, and even animals, prepared for the prophecy of the green horse horseman. This man is death and the abode of the dead.”16

   (5) I was trembling. This horseman let me know that he was where I was in vision.

   (6) He cried out again with a loud voice:

      There is a kamikaze on the earth,

     carrying death with him,

     It is a demon of flesh.

   (7) It is a nuclear bomb that this kamikaze bears in his body and not on his body. The nuclear is in his body. He is bearing in himself a violent virus similar to the nuclear, worse than AIDS.”

   (8) This virus has been voluntarily inoculated into him; it is like the nuclear, as a weapon of mass destruction.”

   (9) This kamikaze is among you:

        in the crowds,

        public gardens,

        the restaurants,

        train stations, and

        in the airplanes.

   He is everywhere. He is a tourist like any other tourist. He goes unnoticed and hides his face under a hat.”

   (10) The horseman of the greenish horse came and said to me:Do not come near this man. You are in vision. Fear nothing. I have been called to protect you and to distance you from this man for the whole time of the duration of the visions. The message must go through you to reveal it in Dreams and Visions to the whole world.

   (11) The warning will be revealed to the whole world concerning the prophecy
which is on the way to be fulfilled

   (12) This message is that there is in this world a nuclear and human bomb. It is a kamikaze. He is among the peoples. It is a living bomb, a bomb of flesh with a power similar to the nuclear: Two-
billion will die
, that is, one quarter of the earth.”

   (13) The rider of the greenish horse revealed to me:
This bomb is in the blood of this man
, invisible to human eyes. It is in him, in his body. It is a living bomb like AIDS.”

   (14) He entreated me in the vision not to stand too close to this man because of these purulent pustules filled with the deadly virus. He is a kamikaze. This design is voluntary to kill one fourth of the earth. He bears in him a deadly, violent virus, causing a rapid death, like the nuclear, fast, killing a man within 3 to 4 days.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 539, Vision No. 5


   (1) The horseman of the greenish horse got down from his horse and went to this man and said severely to him:

Jeanine has the seal of God

on her forehead.

She is blameless, and,

like her, the 144,000 sealed

with the seal of God.

She is part of the living ones.

   (2) After having had this conversation with this horseman, this man received this order: “You do not touch her. Jeanine has received the gift of prophecy.”

   (3) The order was given to him not to harm me, and to recognize those who have the seal of the Eternal on their foreheads.

   (4) Looking at me in the eyes, he said to me: “I will do no harm to you; you have the seal of God on your forehead.”

   (5) Happy to hear that, I wondered how he could see that I have the seal of God on my forehead. By the spirit of God I realized that it is not to this man that the order was given; this order was given to this deadly virus, to this monster which is in his body, to see and recognize those who have the seal of God on their foreheads, and to do no harm to them.

   (6) This devastating, demonic virus, a monster, received the order to see and recognize those who bear the seal of the Eternal, the saints of the Eternal.17 It becomes a divine weapon and placed under the control of the Most High.

    (7) Having received this order, he said to me, “I will do no harm to you.”

   (8) Having received this order, this man looked at me and said to me: “Distance yourself from me a few meters, of 3 meters [about 10 feet]; since you have the
seal of God
, distance yourself from me. I will not touch you. Distance yourself from me.”

   (9) After this order, the horseman threatened this man again: “You do not touch her” — because of these purulent pimples that filled his body. Then he left to join the three other horsemen who were waiting for him. [See Revelation 6:1-8.]

   (10)I will come back”, the horseman said to me, “hold on!” — He was leaving to be with the other three horsemen here on the earth.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 539, Vision No. 6


   (1) I am with this man again in this dense crowd, walking beside him.

   (2) He noticed a house. He asked me to go there. I did not understand why I had to go to this house.

   (3) I noticed that the water was running strongly down the kitchen sink. I noticed that vegetables of all kinds were in the sink tray.

   (4) I heard the owners arriving. In vision they did not see my presence in their home.

   (5) After turning the water off and storing their purchases, they noticed something strange that appeared on their faces, on their necks, and on their arms, which reddened their skin, like a kind of urticaria (hives) all over their bodies. They were afraid and found it strange. I saw their skin red with this itching.

   (6) I saw in this vision red pustules that were beginning to invade their bodies. They exclaimed: “It is the water, it is the water! We were contaminated by the water. Our vegetables are poisoned. We are contaminated.

   (7) I noticed that the epidemic was fulgurating [very quick like lightning] and rapid.


   (8) After what I had just seen, I was weakened. I was afraid. I saw this man of the vision, also contaminated by these purulent [infected] pustules on his body, calling me. I saw him outside.

   (9) He cried out to me:

         Do not touch the WATER!

        Do not touch the WATER!

        Do not touch the WATER!

   (10) It is deadly. It is a nuclear bomb. It is filled with dreadful, deadly viruses, like the nuclear: a rapid and dreadful contamination.”

   (11) He asked me to get out of this house. Once outside, he asked me to take a few steps with him while talking to me. He asked me to stay away from him, four meters [13.1 feet] away.

   (12) I walked away a little, and he said to me: “Stay two meters [6.6 feet] away from me; you will hear what I have to say to you while speaking to you, but always remain far from my person.”

   (13) This man drew my attention to the horseman of the greenish horse: “Look! He has followed us since the beginning of the vision, since the great crowd. He is here,” said this man to me; “it is you that he is following. He is always by your side.” — I saw this horseman approaching me.

   (14) He said to me, “Do you see what is written on his greenish horse?” —- I looked. It was written in big letters:


   (15) He passed by us and drawing my attention to this man, he said:

   Distance yourself from this man.

     Do not come near him.

He is as dangerous as

     a nuclear bomb.

     Hold on! I am with you.”

   (16) It is then that my mind opened, and I realized that I was in danger. My mind opened. I distanced myself. — He reassured me: “I will do no harm to you.”

   (17) I saw this horseman with his green horse of great beauty. Again he said to me: “Hold on!

   (18) I was in the company of a very dangerous, devastating and deadly virus bomb, because this man revealed to me that he is a living bomb.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 539, Vision No. 7


   (1) This man said to me: “The world will live a very great trial.”— I was trembling.—He said, “I will do no harm to you.”

   (2) He said to me,It is I; it is I who have poisoned the water voluntarily.”— I had this feeling that I was in the company of a human demon, a false human.

   (3) He revealed to me that the pandemic will come from the water. The water will be like a nuclear bomb. The humans will die; they will be contaminated by the contact with this viral water. He did not tell me how he poisoned the water.

   (4) This man asked me this question: “Do you know about AIDS?” — I had the impression that he wanted to reveal to me the nature of this virus: “Do you know about AIDS?” — Not having any knowledge about this HIV virus, he quickly went on:

   There is no antidote.

   There is no antidote for this new virus.

   (5) It was like something I should not know. But he said: “Do you know about AIDS?” — I thought that this virus was AIDS. – “No,” said this man to me, “This is neither the AIDS virus nor the bubonic one, the so-called Black Death. Well, no, it is neither the one nor the other.” — And yet, I had the impression that it is the same AIDS-like virus — “No,”
he said to me, “it is neither the one, nor the other.”


   (6) There is no antidote,” said this man to me, There is no antidote for this pestilence that resembles it.”

   (7) I felt faint. I did not feel my legs anymore.

   (8) It is a powerful, dreadful virus, a weapon like the nuclear, dreadful, of a massive destruction. This virus is a monster; it is a killer, said the horseman to me. Hold on!

   (9) This man from the Far East bearing voluntarily, voluntarily, this virus of mass destruction, said to me: No science will be able to destroy this virus. There is no antidote; it is too late, too late for the world. The prophecy of the horseman of the greenish horse is on the way. I am this prophecy.”

   (10) He revealed to me that he is the actor of this prophecy revealed in Revelation 6:8, that this prophecy must pass through him on this earth.

   (11) I realized that this man had something to do with the prophecy of the green horse rider of the Revelation of John 6:8. I further realized, that he knew perfectly the four colors of the four horses of this prophecy of Revelation 6:8.

   (12) He said to me:


will be the fatal weapon. Men, women, children, and even animals will pass away. The pestilence will cover the earth. All those who will be in contact with this viral water will die of a terrible death in a few days.”

   (13) I felt faint. I felt the ground giving way beneath
my feet.

   (14) The horseman of the greenish horse approached me and said: “The visions are not finished. Hold on! You have the seal of God. No hair will fall from the heads of all those who bear this divine seal. They are protected. Fear nothing.” I breathed and I retook my breath.

   (15) He said to me, “The vision continues; it is not finished.” — I lost sight of him.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 539, Vision No. 8


   (1) I am with this man. He said to me that he is carrying a deadly virus. The nations will be powerless before the magnitude of the epidemic.

   (2) He repeated often to me, It is neither AIDS nor the bubonic (called the Black Death). This virus is a monster, a fighter. There is no antidote to fight it.” He said this as if he were the only person to know its origin, its nature, the life of this virus, its power, its identity, and its provenance [place of its origin].

   (3) I had the impression that he was resigned to his fate. After all, his life was nothing. He will go all the way, determined to spread this monster virus on the earth:

      No one will escape!

      No one will escape!

   It will be a pandemic thrown upon the earth.

   (4) In this vision, the horseman of the greenish horse is sent from heaven, at the command of Jesus, to reveal to the world the accomplishment of the four horsemen of Revelation 6:8 on the earth.

   (5) Jesus sent the horseman of the greenish horse to reveal “death, the abode of the dead” in this man who has in his body the deadly pestilence.

   (6) Jesus revealed that the world will soon be faced with a pandemic of a disease that will surpass science.

   (7) It is a terrible disease: white pustules, purulent [infected], very painful, with black crusts, invading the whole body. This disease is deadly, very virulent, which is part of the greenish horse prophecy of Revelation 6:8.

   (8)There is no antidote,” this man who came from the Far East said to me:

There is no antidote.”


   (9) In this vision, the horseman cried out loudly, like an echo running through the earth. At his voice the sun turned pale; its rays became white. He cried out with all his strength:

He is a kamikaze,

a kamikaze,

a nuclear bomb of

dreadful viruses in

the body of this man!

   (10)On the way, he said to me, My act is voluntary. I regret nothing. This devastating virus that I have in my body will poison the water.”

   (11)Tell the homosexuals: The men

who married with men,

          that they are going to die.”

   (12)Tell the homosexual women

      who married with women,

         that they are going to die.”

   (13) Tell all the homosexuals,

         men and women.”

   (14) Fornicators, adulterers, thieves, and the men with the tuft of their hair combed on their heads like the back of camels (all these men and all these women) are going to die of this devastating pestilence:

      They will not escape!

        It is the prophecy.”

   This virus will recognize them well. It will be able to read on their foreheads the 666 mark of satan.

   (15)Two-and-a-half-billion human beings, that is, one-fourth of the earth, will die. It will be a weapon of mass destruction, of a terrible death, in just a few days:

            The pestilence

    will rise up to the sky!


   (16) Holding myself away from this man, a few meters away, on the advice of the horseman of the greenish horse, I could hear what he had to reveal to me.

   (17) Cars were passing in front of me. And this man at my side said to me: “Look at all these top-class cars. You see living beings in their cars. Soon you will no longer see these things. All these passengers with their drivers will be dead.”

   (18) He said to me, “I am going to die to scatter these deadly viruses upon the earth. I am the prophecy of Revelation 6:8.

   (19)Confess your faults and your offenses to those you have offended: your relatives, your friends, because you are going to die of the pestilence. This virus is a very devastating, atomic weapon, and a fighter. No one, no antidote resists it. It is a monster that man has fabricated, a weapon of mass destruction.”

   (20) Confess your offenses.

        It is imminent!

     Ask forgiveness for your offenses

        of those you have offended.”

   (21) He left me at this crossroads, and as he was leaving, he said to me: “I do not regret anything. I will not die alone. One-fourth of the earth will die with me, that is, two-and-a-half-billion.”

   (22) I lost sight of this man.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 539, Vision No. 9


   (1) This man left me.

   (2) Finding myself alone with this horseman of the greenish horse, he got down from his horse and said:
Look! Raise your eyes on high! The sky is at half-mast. The earth is at half-mast.

   (3) Big black clouds were piling up in the sky, revealing a red glow here and there. The earth was sad. The rays of the sun were spreading whitish gleams upon the nature. The canopy of the sky was at half-mast.

   (4) On the earth, the songs had ceased. It was sadness everywhere. The flowers were dying in the great parks. There was no longer anyone to water them, because the virus was put into the water, contaminating the men, in order to destroy two-billion men, women, children and animals on the earth.

   (5) The earth had become a corpse of pestilence, that was coming out everywhere. The houses were at half-mast; all the shutters were closed. This virus paralyzed the earth.

   (6) Jesus himself said to me, The sixth trumpet will be terrible!


   (7) This horseman came down from his horse. He drew my attention on this virus. The sky was at half-mast. Joy had ceased here on earth. It was sad.

   (8) He revealed to me, “It is a virus from the laboratories who produce viruses as weapons of mass destruction. It is a weapon of war created by humans.”

   (9)Now,” said he to me, “This deadly virus, without antidote, is no longer the business of men. It is divine.”

   (10) This virus is out.

        It is out

      in the body of this


      It is in incubation.”

   (11)When the Most High withdraws his hand from men, leaving them under the heat of this deadly virus, only then will the pandemic kill one-fourth of the earth.”

   (12) “This virus will no longer return where it came from. It is out in the body of this kamikaze man.”

   (13) This man, having on his body big purulent pustules, big pimples strewn with black crusts on his body, told me that he is returning home to his country:
I regret nothing. I am departing.”

   (14) He said to me, “I do not regret anything. I will die at home. I have fulfilled the prophecy. I will not die alone; one-fourth of the earth will die with me, that is, two and a half billion men, women, children, and animals on the earth. A kamikaze, a martyr for God, it was my mission. I have accomplished it”

   (15) “Now the prophecy is on the way. The contamination will be done through the water from the faucet. The water will be poisoned; it will be the carrier of this devastating virus, without antidote,” said the horseman of the greenish horse to me.

   (16) One drop of the blood of this man carrying this virus, one drop of his blood is enough to kill in mass a population. Not two or three drops,” said this horseman to me, “one drop of his blood will suffice to kill one- fourth of the earth:

      This virus is a monster.

      There is no antidote.”

   (17) This man is urging the world to wake up. He is appealing to:

      homosexuals, who have these unions:

      man with man, and

      woman with woman.

   The world is:

      Sodom and Gomorrah.

No one will escape!

   (18) It is too late!

        This man is

          in the world.

   (19) Who knows at what moment God will awaken this virus that is asleep in this body, in order to punish the crimes of the inhabitants of the earth?

   (20) It is wanted by God. This man is an actor of the prophecy. It is wanted by God. He will let this virus act, because the earth is corrupt in the universe of God. Its time is running out; it is of a short duration, very short:

Jesus has left the earth.

   (21) I was surprised at these words: Men having on their heads a tuft of hair like the back of camels, will die by this virus. They are human camels on the earth.”

   (22) The wrath of God

      will swoop down

        upon the earth.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 539, Vision No. 10


   (1) I went into vision.

   (2) Jesus shuddered in the most holy place at the cries of pain of the inhabitants of the earth.

   (3) I saw him before the propitiatory altar (mercy seat). These cries from the earth upset him. He quivered with pain, but he could no longer do anything for a depraved world, which has rejected his laws and his grace by his blood.

   (4) I was in vision in the universe of God. I saw Jesus coming to the door of the tabernacle and, opening the great door that opens to the earth and looking toward the earth, he said:

When I called, you have been deaf to my appeals.

When I cried to you, you did not answer me.

You called me insane, crazy.

The prophecies have been sent to you; I sent prophets to you. You have been deaf to my appeals.

Now, go and cry to the gods that you have chosen. Let them deliver you!

   (5) Then Jesus cast one last look toward the earth. Leaving these cries, he closed himself in by closing
the door of the tabernacle in heaven. And I lost that moment.

   (6) I looked. Heaven was sad. Heaven was at half-mast. I lost this vision in sadness.

Jeanine Sautron