Chapter 542–2

Dreams and Visions

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Holiness to the Eternal Creator!

Dreams and Visions


Jeanine Sautron

Church of Philadelphia,

the “Remnant,

who keep the Commandments

of God, including the Seventh-

Day Sabbath on Saturday,

and the FAITH of JESUS.



The Spirit of Prophecy.


















     (3)        JESUS SAID TO ME:





Dreams and Visions

Chapter 542-2, Vision No. 1


      (4) ARMAGEDDON

        is imminent!

     cried out Jesus toward the earth.

      There is no more time!

       It is the END.

      Woe to the earth!

     (5) In vision, I was in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel; and I arrived over there in this country, where the third temple was ready to be inaugurated.

     (6) I noticed that some men were preparing a pyre.1Large pieces of wood were brought in and piled up in the courtyard of the temple.

     (7) I saw a man who had brought a beautiful red cow, a very beautiful cow, and was waiting.

     (8) I lost sight of this scene. I saw before the great door of the temple the powerful ones of this world, all the kings of the earth; all the dignitaries of Jerusalem came and were waiting in front of the door of the third temple.

     (9) My vision momentarily rested for a short while on what was happening in the courtyard of the temple.
I saw that this beautiful red cow was put to death and placed on the wood to be burned. When I saw smoke coming out of the wood, I lost sight of this scene.


     (10) I looked. The temple was magnificent, with a beautiful closed door, in front of which all the kings of the earth were waiting.

     (11) Suddenly, the door opened; and I noticed that the religious leader, the false prophet, and the executioner of the Jews came to receive these kings of the earth. But I noticed that the religious leader with the false prophet required that they have the RFID in their flesh on their right hand. All answered: “We have this chip, and the day of rest of the religious leader: Sunday.”

     (12) My attention turned toward the false prophet,
this woman, I looked at her. She was shaking her head, and from her eyes came out flames of fire, which kindled in her eyes, flames of fire. I saw her black eyes, very black in their sockets. I was paralyzed when I saw fire, flames of red fire in her eyes. I was trembling.

     (13) I saw that all these kings entered into the temple and took their places there.

     (14) I noticed that it was the religious leader who required that everyone should have the RFID with its 666 number in their flesh. He gave this order to the false prophet: — and the false messiah, the satan himself — “that all the inhabitants of the earth should receive the RFID on their right hand.” — I saw him making this gesture with his right hand while saying, “all the inhabitants of the earth should have this chip in their flesh on their right hand.” — “All the kings, the great ones of the earth and of all the nations must be chipped; all the kings of the earth must be chipped in order to enter into the third temple.”

     (15) The religious leader required that the kings of the earth be chipped with their peoples, and that they be of this faith of the religious leader: Sunday.

     (16) I saw that all these persons entered and took their places in the third temple.

     (17) Each one spoke, and each one gave his impression of the temple and the welcome that was given them. I did not retain any of their words. After that, there was a wait. All were waiting to see the false messiah speak.

      (18) I looked and I saw that it is the executioner of the Jews, the false messiah, who was speaking, giving his speech. I said to myself, “I know this man. He is French.” It seemed to me that he knew all these kings of the earth.

     (19) I was paralyzed by this speech. This man was speaking against the Jews and the Jewish dignitaries before all the kings of the earth who were in this place. My mind opened to this speech.

     (20) He said: “The Jews are rats on the earth; they are nothing, rats that must be eliminated from the earth. The world would be more beautiful without the Jews, without the Jewish law, that is to say, the ten commandments. All the nations, all the peoples would be less tried and happier all over the earth without these Jewish ten commandments and Sabbath.

     (21) This man was speaking under the inspiration of satan within him and said: “The Jews are responsible for all the calamities, for all the plagues upon the earth.”— He invited the kings, the powerful ones who came into this temple to destroy them. This man was satan himself.

     (22) According to his words, “They must be eliminated to restore peace in the world and a single religion. They are our problems: problems of climate,
society, calamities. They are to be destroyed, that peace may come back on the earth, and that Sunday be the only day of rest.

     (23) Let them all come to kill and abolish the commandments of their God, the ten commandments, and their Sabbath of their God.

     (24) He said: “The Jews are rats, the rats of the earth. The world would be better without the Jews. All that is happening on the earth is the fault of the Jews, because of their law, the ten commandments established by their God, brought by Moses, and because of their day of rest, on Saturday, their Sabbath, which is contrary to our religious faith: Sunday.”

     (25) I saw that these persons present were indignant that they are treated as rats of the earth. This is how the executioner of the Jews considers this people of Israel, the Jewish people on the earth, that they are nothing, subhumans, on this earth; therefore, they must be annihilated; that they be eliminated forever, and that there no longer be a single Jew on the earth, on any continent of the earth. The world would be better without them.

     (26) He was in a trance. Jesus said to me: He is a Hitler. He is the satan himself.

      (27) I realized what Jesus, the son of God, had said to me: “This is the dragon, the satan himself. This is a Hitler. He will hate the Jews wherever they are on the earth.”

     (28) Jesus also said this to me of this man: He will be like Hitler. He speaks with his fist and makes signs with his fingers, presenting in these signs the symbol of the 666 number of the religious leader. The whole earth must receive the mark of the antichrist: 666.”

     (29) “This man is French and lives in France,” said Jesus to me. “It seems impossible for today’s world.” — But Jesus, the son of God, said to me:

     I know the end

     before the beginning.

I am the spirit

     of prophecy.”

     (30) Man cannot know the future. Only the great I AM, the Eternal, can reveal these prophecies, as he revealed them to John in Revelationthen the end will come.

     (31) You will not escape, said the executioner of the Jews, the false messiah, addressing the Jewish people:

      You will not escape it!

     (32) You will all go,

without exception.

      You will all go

     to the world order.

      You will all go

     to receive it:

      the RFID chip

       in your flesh,

      Rich and poor,

      free and slaves:

     you will not

         escape it!said this man.

     (33) This is the prophecy of the Revelation of John revealed by Jesus.

     (34) Only a “remnant” 2 will not participate in this great apostasy. A Jewish “remnant”. A little “remnant” will not take this mark.
They are sealed with the seal of God.

Dreams and Visions

Chapter 542-2, Vision No. 2


      (1) Listening to this man, he began to speak about a crucial topic for the Jews at home, in their country, in case they refuse to accept Sunday and to receive the RFID in their flesh:

     (2)If you do not agree to go to the world order and join all the nations, these two powers, Gog and Magog, will come to you, and are ready to destroy you, Israel. I will be forced to destroy Israel with an atomic bomb of power 10 over your country. All the kings of the earth will approve it. You will be forced to renounce the ten commandments and the Sabbath to ally yourselves with the world order with all the nations. Gog and Magog will come with their armies to annihilate the people of Israel. They are ready:

      One sole religion:

       on Sunday.

     (3) He said:It is a nuclear power of 10 upon the earth, a power that has never been used by the nations on the earth. I will use it against you, against Israel, against your religious faith, your seventh-day Sabbath, on Saturday, and the ten commandments of Moses. I will destroy this Jewish nation from off the surface of the earth, with all the laws of Moses,
the ten commandments

     (4) All the armies of the earth,” said this man, all the armies will surround your country and will war against you; all the nations will fight against you with knives:

      You will not escape it!”

      (5) Jesus said to me, This man is thirsty for the blood of the Jews. He will go and sit in the third temple, and proclaim himself God3 He is the false messiah.”

     (6) This false messiah will destroy Israel, but he will never be able to destroy the commandments of God and the Sabbath of the Eternal, the laws of Moses given by God,” said Jesus to me upon the canopy of the heaven.

     (7) To destroy the Jews wherever they are, the false messiah committed himself to using a nuclear bomb of power 10, ensuring that wherever they are on this earth, the Jews will be annihilated.

     (8) Prophecy revealed by Jesus:

     They will not escape!

     (9) The false messiah knows that the Sabbath of the Eternal comes from the Jews. By destroying the Jews of Israel, the false messiah thinks that he has won the victory by destroying the commandments of God and the seventh-day Sabbath, on Saturday, upon the earth. He has declared war on the Most High, in the person of his saints.

     (10) The false messiah will hurt the Jews at their home country in their religious faith, destroying the commandments and the Sabbath:

     You will all go

        to the world order,” said he.

     (11) He will do it,said Jesus.He will have his open war against me,
said Jesus.Satan is within this man. He will act under the inspiration of satan, the dragon, the devil himself.”

     (12) I heard the words of the religious leader with the false prophet, saying, “This man is in Jerusalem,
in the third temple; he will have his war
against God and his commandments. He is determined to destroy Israel with its capital, Jerusalem. Nothing will stop him. He will destroy Israel. He will die as a martyr. He is a martyr. He will do so that Israel will no longer be on the earth, nor the commandments of God with the seventh-day Sabbath of the Jews. He will have won. He is a martyr.

     (13) Hearing this nuclear threat of power 10, I was ill-at-ease. This nuclear threat will cause the Jews to deny their faith and go to the world order, unite with one religion on Sunday, and bear the RFID chip in their flesh, and will cause all the nations to bow before the false messiah, the religious leader, and the false prophet, abolishing the day of rest, the Sabbath, on Saturday, and the commandments of God. This false messiah will abolish this law on the earth.

     (14) On the canopy of the heaven, Jesus said to me, “It is this man, the satan. He will have his war against me, because I am Jewish, and with the Sabbath of the Jews on the earth. He is French and lives in France.

     (15) He is the satan himself in the third temple. He will not be able to destroy the 10 commandments and the Sabbath of the Eternal that I have given to Moses, to this people.

     (16) I heard clearly the words of the executioner of the Jews, the false messiah. He said,

     “You will all go to the world order,

     without exception of anyone.

     Sunday will become

     the only day of rest

     on the earth: Sunday.

     You will all go to the world order.

     You will not escape it!

     You will all go,

          without exception

          of anyone, all!

          You will not escape it!

        No exception of anyone.

     (17) This was addressed to the Jews in their temple.

     (18) This man, under the grip of satan, made it clear to the kings, to the great, to the powerful of the earth,
that a massive destruction by a drone carrying a nuclear pixel of the power of 10 would destroy Israel, and that he, the false messiah, would execute this threat:

     You will all go to

     the world order, all,

     without exception

     of anybody, all!

     You will not escape it!

     (19) I looked at this changed man, who appeared to me like the satan himself. I looked at him well, and I said to myself: “I know him. He is French.”

     (20) All the nations were concerned. This nuclear bomb of power 10 caused all the kings and the powerful ones of the earth to tremble.
All the nations consented to this initiative of the false messiah to destroy Israel.

     (21) Jesus said to me,

     When this antichrist comes:

     All the peoples will tremble!

     All the nations will tremble!

No one will escape!

     The earth will be

          under the threat

          of a power 10

           nuclear fire.

     It is a nuclear pixel

     that will come from a drone.

     It will be hell on the earth,

    And it will be

          the END of the world.

     (22) At this time, in this vision, Jesus, standing on the canopy of the heaven, drew near to me upon the earth, and said to me, “This man is French; he is the false messiah. He is here in this territory which has the blue, white, and red flag; he is here;
he is French and lives in France


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 542-2, Vision No. 3


      (1) After this terrible vision of the false messiah in the country of Israel with its people, I saw outside, in front of the door of the temple, a group of Jewish people who were waiting. They were like Mordecai, waiting for their death decree, the death decree of the Jewish people.

     (2) I noticed that these Jewish dignitaries lost their power. They could no longer react to the threat of the nuclear power 10. They succumbed to the threats of the false prophet, of the religious leader and of the false messiah.

     (3) I saw that the door of the temple opened, and the Jewish executioner presented himself to this group of faithful Jews, who were waiting outside, and told them that their place was not in this temple because they did not have the RFID in their flesh.

     (4) They said, “This is him. We recognize him. This is him, this Frenchman; this is him, the executioner of the Jews; this is this Frenchman.”

     (5) I realized that the people of Israel have allied themselves to the world order and accepted the false day of rest: Sunday, and the pixel in their flesh.

     (6) But this group, as a “remnant” faithful to Yahweh, survived this apostasy. They were driven out of Israel and threatened with death because they were faithful to their God, to Yahweh. They kept the Sabbath of the Eternal.

     (7) I saw that they were driven out, rejected, considered as rats. — “You are the rats of the earth,” said the false messiah.

     (8) There were Jewish men and Jewish women in this “remnant”. I was looking at them. They went away from there, and resigned themselves to their fate.

     (9) They said, We will not take the RFID in our flesh. We will not go and have ourselves chipped. We are not beasts. We are creatures made in the image of God. We are not beasts.”

     (10) I understood that all those who have received the RFID were beasts without intelligence, similar to beasts that are slaughtered, human sheep.

     (11) They cried out, “We will not take this chip. We are creatures of God, created in the image of God.”

      (12) They departed from there, resigned. I heard their determination:No! we will not have ourselves chipped.”

     (13) They said, “We are travelers here below on this earth, let us leave everything here below, let us wait for our Lord, let us remain faithful to him.”

     (14) They said, He is already on the cloud!

     (15) They were strengthened by prayers,
psalms and praises to God
. They had lost everything on this earth.


Dreams and Visions

Chapter 542-2, Vision No. 4


      (1) As for one last time, Jesus again offered me a vision of the earth in all its beauty.

     (2) I discovered magnificent islands surrounded by a blue sea, the color of the azure of the sky. I saw a lagoon, magnificent islands, others still further away,
continents whose ground was red and ochre.

     (3) I was traveling in the vision. The sea was beautiful; as if the rays of the sun were sending silver gleams toward her. I saw verdant, beautiful groves, the seas that surround the islands of beauty, a magnificent sunshine.

     (4) I discovered the beauty, the grandeur of the creation. I cried out:

     “She is alive!

     She is alive!

     She is breathing!

     (5) It was so beautiful! I remained in ecstasy before so much beauty. Turquoise waters surrounded the islands of beauty. Everything was beautiful. Jesus
and I were looking at this magnificent view in the vision. He was near to me.

     (6) I had the impression of seeing beautiful countries still further away, flowers in the verdant valleys,
filled with flowers; everywhere were butterflies and bees. It was beautiful! It was for me.

     (7) On the very earth where I was in vision, I raised my eyes and I saw a surge, a pyroclastic flow of the deflagration 4 of the nuclear that was coming toward me, a thick, bubbling smoke of a vertiginous height was advancing toward me.

     (8) And I saw in vision this nuclear flow passing over the islands that I had just seen, over the seas, and was advancing toward me. I was stunned, paralyzed. My heart was beating very fast. I was no longer breathing. I was waiting for it to pass over me when I lost the vision. I was going to die.

     (9) What a fire power!

     (10) Almost weakened, I saw Jesus near me. He looked at me and said, “I brought you back from the vision. Your heart was going to stop beating. You would be dead in this vision.”

     (11) I was weak. I regained my strength near Jesus. And he said to me,

My grace is sufficient for you.

     (12) This nuclear pyroclastic flow was coming toward me, similar to a huge tsunami. I will always have that vision engraved in my memory: and also the beauty of the earth.

     (13) Jesus reassured me. How sweet! I regained my strength. Then I looked at Jesus. I saw him in vision. I realized that he was looking in a vision at the destruction of the earth by the huge nuclear tsunami. What a vision!

     (14) Jesus came back from the vision and said to me, It is the work of this false messiah, the satan himself. It is the work of the executioner of the Jews. He is French.

      (15) At this very moment, Jesus revealed his name to me. Jesus said his name to me. I was still in the vision. I heard the name of this man, and I forgot it.

     (16) It is then that Jesus said to me: “It is not yet the moment to make it known to you.” — I forgot this name.

     (17) Jesus said to me:

     I am God,

     the God of the universe;

     I know the end before

     the beginning.

     The earth will pass away.

     (18) Write the prophecy.

     Publish it to the whole world,

     in all the languages:

     The earth will pass away.

       It is near at hand,


     (19) This vision will remain forever in my memory.

      It is the END

       of all things.

      It is imminent

     and near!

     (20) There is no more time.

     (21) Jesus himself said to me, If we still have a few years left, it is really nothing at all. Even those years that are left are no more.”

     (22) What Jesus said to me is, “There are no more years. We have hours left, and it is imminent!

     (23) This is why he said to me,

      Woe to the earth!

     (24) Prepare yourself.

       Be faithful.

         Keep your crown.

     (25) Message delivered by:

The Church of Philadelphia,

the “Remnant,”

prophetic church,

who keep the commandments

of God and the faith of Jesus.

     The faith of Jesus:

     The spirit of prophecy:

     The counsels of Jesus.


Jeanine Sautron